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  1. You can have my Participation Trophy too if you fancy it, freight collect. 😎
  2. Same here actually. If you happen to make your way to the upcoming Seattle GTG please introduce yourself to the old bald guy that is Passinwind...oh, wait!
  3. I owned four of them at one time, they were about the best thing going for monitor EQ for many many years. All four are still in the monitor rack of the club I used to mix in, going strong several days a week a good 15+ years later. The first one lived in my bass guitar rack for quite a while before that and was great for that purpose.
  4. Peavey quoted 1100 watts at 1% THD+ noise, it's entirely possible that it makes 1200 watts at some higher but still usable distortion figure. Play feel is a whole other thing, not all of like the feel of "all" AB amps unreservedly. 😎
  5. Frets? Ewww...☣️☣️☣️ 😎
  6. Today I rebuilt this four year old preamp with all the appropriate new innards I've been working on, including the board in the last post before this one.: It's working better than expected, if anything.
  7. Yep, and all this stuff is just Oldies now. Self included! 😎
  8. I think I may have hit "definitely" by mistake rather than "definitely not."
  9. It was Acid Rock at time of conception, at least to everyone around my social scene.
  10. Looking good there! It's a pretty simple circuit, shouldn't take too long to scope things out. We are finally getting a short break from the oppressive heat here (112F one day last week and over 100 for several days in a row) and I'm hoping to finally finish my new one up in the next few days. But of course our wonky Italian espresso machine chose last week as a good time to die, and the last round of replacement parts showed up in my mailbox this morning. Priorities...😎
  11. And here the new one with through-hole caps is, tested and working right off the bat as designed and modeled: At this point I have five working boards to sort through in order to decide on the open source release spec, but this latest one looks to be the likely front runner. The Tayda pots have turned out to work fine so this needn't be a terribly expensive DIY build.
  12. IIRC even EBS have called that phantom power at some point, no worries. My current daily driver bass actually has a 4 pin XLR output and could use +/- 15V external power if I needed it to. Right now I still just have a 9V battery in the breakout box and plan to do a quasi Ric-O thing as soon as my DIY tube amp finally gets finished.
  13. In the case of EBS that's not actually phantom power in the classic sense, just outboard power on a dedicated conductor. It works fine in my experience, but it still has the same potential issue with switch-on transients blowing stuff up.
  14. Yep, an unamplified upright bass is clearly what the OP wants and needs.😎 As @itu advised, a soft start feature is going to be a really good idea in any case.
  15. Another day, another janky filter preamp. This one is testing the cheap Tayda C taper dual pots, which so far are "working" but seemingly limiting my preferred tuning options a bit. But in any case the board will go on free share at OSHpark very soon and I also have done a more DIY friendly layout with all through-hole caps that will likely take a month or two to vet thoroughly.
  16. Yep, and that's my running total for four basses and one guitar. I prefer food grade pure orange oil (it's killer in brownies too), but those with plastic bits in the line of fire may not want to go that route.
  17. I use it in one form or another a few times a decade as a cleaner, whether I need to or not.
  18. And here the new one is, somehow only four days from ordering the PCBs to having a working unit on my test bench:
  19. There’s a very long thread on Talkbass with prior art, frequency response graphs, a schematic link, board share info and bill of materials, and many many tangents: https://www.talkbass.com/threads/the-passinwind-open-source-preamp.1259692/ . At the moment I only have the original Bass/Mid/LPF three band design on offer as a board share, but the standalone filter ones should be coming online in the next month or so. I’ll probably start with the SMD version and then look at doing a through hole one eventually too. This is all an open source non-commercial labor of love BTW.
  20. Still keeping pretty busy, this week I revisited my variable resonance low pass filter design and worked out the glitches: I've now ported the design to all SMD format and plan to add it to my open source onboard preamp collection, so anyone who wants to and can deal with SMDs can build their own.
  21. I pretty much always just use DC heaters for preamp level circuits these days. It's been a long time since I owned my B-15, but I dont remember it being nearly as quiet as the stuff I've built myself over the last decade or so. That amp was always a bit of a problem child though, unfortunately. It's very cool seeing a hand drawn layout, I've been CAD-only for several years now. πŸ˜‰
  22. The ones I've known and played with all made their peace with it many years ago and mostly seem to keep their mouths shut and have a great time. As a long time professional sound mixer I've certainly had to come to grips with lousy mixes in bands I've worked in, but we all have issues. 😎
  23. I found time to try test onboard preamp builds with a couple of new DigiKey DKRed boards this week: The bottom one, a three bander, is now living in my fretless Marco Bass. I also tested my little mini-mix board yesterday, it works just as expected.
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