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  1. [quote name='Beer of the Bass' timestamp='1418923325' post='2634944'] That's true. I'd been a bit stumped trying to figure out a way to do it with speakons, but using jacks wouldn't be a big deal. Are switched jacks trustworthy with speaker level signals? I've never checked whether they have a current rating. [/quote] Switched Speakons exist, never seen one in the flesh though.
  2. [quote name='davehux' timestamp='1418659008' post='2632052'] Xmas - Excursion limit before wallet empty [/quote] Xlim: point at which credit card is declined
  3. [quote name='BetaFunk' timestamp='1418606958' post='2631715'] ECM were good at promoting artists back then as well. I would imagine that artists on ECM reached a wider audience that they probably would through smaller labels. I've just been thinking of some of the leaders/groups i've seen live when they were on ECM at the time of the concert: Jan Garbarek, Dave Holland, Terje Rypdal, Keith Jarrett, Ralph Towner, Glen Moore, Eberhard Weber, John Abercrombie, Steve Swallow, Bill Connors, Arild Andersen, Colin Walcott, Kenny Wheeler, Gary Burton, Pat Metheny, John Taylor, Paul Motian, Gary Peacock, Don Cherry, Nana Vasconcelos, Mick Goodrick, Miroslav Vitous, Charlie Haden, Ed Blackwell, Egberto Gismonti, Chick Corea, Shankar, Lester Bowie, James Newton, Oregon, David Torn, Marc Johnson. I've lost touch with what ECM do now but that was an impressive roster back then. [/quote] Yep, I saw most of those guys at one time or another in the 70s or early 80s. ECM promoted a few all star tours in the US and the one I saw had both Eberhard and Steve Swallow in Gary Burton's band, along with Metheny, Goodrick and Bob Moses. Always really loved Eberhard's work on Metheny's [i]Watercolors[/i]. EW has worked with Kate Bush too, and you can hear him play "real upright" with Joe Pass on [i]Intercontinental[/i].
  4. Totally goofing on my wife at the end of a winery gig a few years back:
  5. Second one down: [url="http://www.class-dmodule.com/#!amplifier-modules/ccy0"]http://www.class-dmo...er-modules/ccy0[/url]
  6. [quote name='Chienmortbb' timestamp='1418378067' post='2629642'] Thanks to passinwind for keeping this thread going. My wife has picked up a post op infection and we have both had Man Flu (her words not mine). The PCBs are superb quality and although there are cheaper suppliers, OSH Park really have a quality product.[/quote] OSH Park works on a cooperative arrangement where you share space on a big slab and they cut out the pieces and send you your bits. This happens quite quickly (currently ~12 days from order to mailbox), and shipping is included to more or less anywhere. You do have to buy in multiples of 3 boards at a $5 per square inch flat rate. These particular boards are just about 2 1/2" x 4", so around 50 bucks for three of them. The price goes down a bit if you commit to 150 square inches total, but their thing is supporting hobbyists and prototyping for small businesses. Happy to see some forward movement, that power amp module looks very promising. "Man flu?" Has your wife been talking with mine? --CE
  7. [quote name='blue' timestamp='1418331820' post='2629337'] That's cool and I know some pub owners are cool and have the right intentions. However, I also think that some pub owners don't know a good band from a bad band nor do they distinguish the bands they book from one another. They're just bands. I do think they know when they are not selling alcohol. [/quote] Agreed on all counts. There can be plenty of good reasons to avoid open mike nights too.The one I played at last night is in a tiny new venue and playing to 3-4 punters was not looking too sweet, until one of the top local keyboard players showed up and the pub owner offered us a NYE gig that would be really low maintenance, and all of 5 blocks from my home.
  8. [quote name='LukeFRC' timestamp='1418327857' post='2629303'] Pretty [/quote] Thanks. Lots of people seem to dig the purple color, but that's actually the only option from this vendor.On my most recent tube preamp build I used [url="http://passinwind.com/Tech/PW6B_PCBs.JPG"]red audiophool resistors[/url], but they proved to be a little fragile during rework and are also far too expensive to use routinely as far as I'm concerned.
  9. [quote name='blue' timestamp='1418324417' post='2629235'] Some bar/pub owner don't make the distinction from hiring a band to the open mic host. All he knows is "[i]I can pay these guys $100.00 for the night why would I pay you guys $500.00"[/i] Am I right ?[/quote] Yep, but arguably so is the pub owner. Around here you can get decent weekend gigs at those venues if they like what they hear at their open mikes though.
  10. Not the best video, but nice sound and performance from my buddy Damian Erskine: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26Ad2iqgMLA"[/url][/media]
  11. [quote name='Chienmortbb' timestamp='1415402080' post='2600106'] I will post a few more pictures of the case innards and the preamp PCBs tomorrow and I am close to choosing my power amp. [/quote] Do you hate me yet? Procuring parts has proven to be much more challenging for you than I ever would have expected, especially given that Wima is a German company and that getting most of their caps in the US couldn't be much easier. I'm currently working through a test build of the new preamp circuit boards myself. Should be making noise within a few days. These boards cost me around $20 apiece for just the raw boards, but I have to buy three at a time from the vendor I'm using, who is more or less local to me: The opamps going into in the top board are pretty expensive and won't get installed until the last minute, no point in roughing them up as things get shuffled around. I have set things up so stacking is easy, and also made a modular arrangement that allows reordering stages if desired. That allows options like having the high pass filter affect the EFX send, or not.
  12. [quote name='Thor' timestamp='1418241479' post='2628405'] I've been playing bass for around 20 years and love playing all different styles of music, the funny thing is I get more nervous at the thought of attending an open mic/jam session, than I do about gigging with my regular bands or depping for another? I guess it's down to the unknown and being outside of one's comfort zone? [/quote] I love that aspect, but I also think a little nervousness can be great for creativity. Train wrecks aren't always the most fun though, have to admit.
  13. [quote name='icastle' timestamp='1418225752' post='2628152'] From a totally different perspective, I'm involved in running one of these nights. I've read some people saying that these places are 'cliquey' but that's really dependant on everyone involved - our club certainly isn't and of all the others around this area I've only found one that is. Find a club, give it a couple of tries and, if you think it's 'cliquey', find another one. I see people tentatively get to grips with playing with other musicians and, slowly but surely, start to relax and become performers. [/quote] Yep. I ran a few different ones for many years and watching the transition from shy newbie to working pro was always one of the most satisfying aspects. I get gig calls occasionally from several of my contacts from playing at and running them, which is a pretty common scenario too, especially for bassists.
  14. [quote name='spacey' timestamp='1417869024' post='2624683'] Ha Ha, ruddy phone, thats it, I give in, how do you turn autocorrect off [/quote] By getting rid of your iWish-I-Was-Smart phone?
  15. [quote name='stingrayPete1977' timestamp='1418074335' post='2626686'] How will the band know they have annoyed a bassist if they dont see them walk in and right out again then though, mind you if the band dont look up they wont have noticed, maybe we should email the venue and tell them to pass the message on to the band? [/quote] You're doing it wrong. Hack their iPads and send them Ariana Grande charts, or pRon, or a nastygram.
  16. I have run stereo rigs on and off for many many years, in quite a few different configs. Lots of people don't get it, just give it a shot for yourself. The localization issue is a complete red herring to me -- I want and embrace a moving soundstage and have never found that to be lost on the audience at all, regardless of venue size. Yes, there are many potential pitfalls, and cutting low bass on one side is often a really good start for circumventing them. Biamping and leaving either highs or lows dry can be very effective as well. Vertical stacking rather than a spread arrangement works surprising well sometimes too. I generally have used a pro sound power amp, sometimes with stereo preamp a la Alembic F2B, more often through a mixer a la Mackie 1202, etc. though. I'm on to a fully DIY solution these days; it's reasonably compact and tailored to exactly what I need. I use guitar synth in my band too (through the same rig), and many samples sound immeasurably better to me in stereo. Then there are the clean/dirty possibilities, a whole other can 'o worms and a whole lot of fun when done well. I have a whole separate noise toy rack and a digital switcher/mixer/EQ/compressor widget utilizing one or two expression pedals for blend and/or panning. Here's one older implementation: [url="http://passinwind.com/RaneRPM26zBassRig.html"]http://passinwind.co...26zBassRig.html[/url]
  17. [quote name='quimbymeat' timestamp='1415911548' post='2605250'] Nice Travis Bean, Is it in the data base? [/quote] Yep, serial # 573. It was originally white but eventually became rather pink from the case lining.
  18. Bound to be in here: http://wiki.talkbass.com/index.php?title=Category:Ampeg_Portaflex_wiki
  19. [quote name='Grissle' timestamp='1415479450' post='2600844'] Any more info on that Mid/High Cabinet? [/quote] I'll do a thread on all my DIY cabs soon -- that's an old pic and the top box looks a bit less janky these days. This one is kind of a fEARful tangent, using many of the bits that Dave Green rejected due to general parts unavailability in the US and/or excessive expense. The woofer and tweeter are BMS, mid is 18Sound 6ND410 loaded on a JBL horn as used in the PRX powered cabs. I did my own passive crossover. There's a second 115 as well, and I guess I would biamp or triamp if using that.
  20. [quote name='eude' timestamp='1415475969' post='2600805'] Not heard a peep since the launch, its been a bit too long I reckon, I think they've probably put these heads to bed [/quote] Nope, the designer has posted regularly on TB and last I heard they are at pre-production sample stage, meaning field trials to confirm final build spec are happening, or about to very shortly. Sounds likes a realistic release date around NAMM (late Jan.) is in the works.
  21. [quote name='Bass-Driver' timestamp='1415476100' post='2600807'] Instant early Mick Karn sound! [/quote] Can do, but it also excels at rude noises of many other flavors.
  22. Crescent Moon Fretless, Q-Tuner pickups: '77 Travis Bean Fretless:
  23. [quote name='6v6' timestamp='1415351689' post='2599415'] Aww man, I feel bad now. [size=4]Apologies if my demands appear unreasonable - it wasn't my intention to derail this thread [/size] [size=4]H[/size][size=4]onestly, I thought my original request for details would result in a "sure, here's a link to the thread with the preamp schematic on TB", but if that's not the way this is going down, (again) fair enough.[/size] [size=4]In my defence, I'm an engineer, and thus immediately want to discuss implementation specifics. That's my affliction though, I can't help it! [/size] [/quote] No hard feelings here, and I don't think your request is unreasonable at all. I first met Chienmort online when he wanted to know about exactly how I added a midrange control circuit to an older bass preamp build I did using Rod Elliot's Project 94 as a jump-off. Since there are really not a whole lot of good dedicated bass preamp DIY projects detailed online, my M.O. has often been to just steal circuit bits off commercial schematics, albeit usually with mods by the time I get something I'm happy with. That just might have something to do with my reluctance to post schematics of some of my builds... I was schooled as a electronics technician actually, but a number of my day jobs over the years have made me hit the books pretty hard to go a little beyond that. It's often a fine line anyway, in my experience.
  24. [quote name='LukeFRC' timestamp='1415308287' post='2599159'] some of the moduals are cheaper to get I think if you buy a PA amp based around them and cannibalise it! [/quote] Yep, especially if there is an OEM version and a separate DIY-friendly one, as is the case with Hypex. Someone on TB gutted a Genz amp and put in an older Eden front end, and I did consider just buying a G-K or Kustom and using the power module. It cost me around $300USD to get the 500ASP and all the needed wiring harnesses, back end inductive filters, etc. There's an old designer's manual for the ASP series that one can find online, which was hugely helpful. I used to do sanctioned warranty service for many brands of pro audio and musical instrument electronics, so I often at least know who to ask when something's clearly over my head, which happens fairly often.
  25. [quote name='Chienmortbb' timestamp='1415285458' post='2598773'] The case for the defence?[/quote] Looks roomy enough to work in easily, I like that. I'm currently doing a 1/2 rack size preamp-only build in this case:
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