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  1. steve_p

    STRAY - UK Tour

    Is it too late to say that when Stray supported the Groundhogs at the Caird Hall, Dundee, during the early 1970s they blew the headliners off the stage?
  2. Does anyone have any experience of this book written by Mathew Rybicki? I'm currently using the Friedland bass method also published by Hal Leonard, plus the Friedland walking bass book, but am wondering if I am missing anything by not having this book?
  3. Hi, Could anyone suggest a book that has contains exercises to build good technique? I'm pretty new to the bass and am trying to avoid picking up bad habits that become difficult to fix over time. Cheers
  4. Hi everyone from a new bassist -I bought my first one a couple of months ago- living in North eastern Scotland. I have been playing guitar since the year dot, so the bass is not a totally new instrument to me. Cheers.
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