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  1. [quote name='LukeFRC' timestamp='1329854169' post='1548641'] yeah, but I would be more concerned with 20 year old basses in pristine condition. as long as the neck is in good nick [/quote] Point taken. Talking of nicks in the neck. That would annoy me too.
  2. [quote name='LukeFRC' timestamp='1329852026' post='1548589'] it's been played, nout wrong with that [/quote] I would take me more time than I've got left to "play" a bass into that condition!
  3. Would they do that? It would have to be a complete refinish though wouldn't it or it would look even worse than it does now.
  4. Some of these 4001CS's have had really hard lives. The owner of this particular example clearly thought it had been fitted with wheels as it appears to have been dragged a fair distance on it's back edge! Love the pick holder. A nice touch I think. [url="http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/200715586823?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649"]http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/200715586823?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649[/url]
  5. I've dropped the price on this wee beasty, but welcome any PM's to discuss your closest offer. I have also re-listed it on eBay. If there is no interest after the auction ends I'll probably pull it from here as well. My current bout of GAS has been sated with the acquisition of the Rickenbacker, so unless anything else comes along, I'm sorted.
  6. [quote name='Oopsdabassist' timestamp='1329061038' post='1536604'] UGH! what a waste of a 4001CS [/quote] Quite. Don't get me wrong, The Bee Gees have written some classics, but I don't love 'em enough to do that to a CS.
  7. [url="http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1991-Rickenbacker-4001CS-bass-guitar-custom-white-/320847083808?pt=UK_Musical_Instruments_Guitars_CV&hash=item4ab3f9f920"]http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1991-Rickenbacker-4001CS-bass-guitar-custom-white-/320847083808?pt=UK_Musical_Instruments_Guitars_CV&hash=item4ab3f9f920[/url]
  8. Just a thought which sprang to mind whilst browsing the Bass Direct website. The second hand basses that they have for sale have recently been streamed into three sections i.e. four string, five string and six+ string intruments. I think it makes it so much easier to browse. Is there any chance that we could do split the current for sale thread into three to reflect the above?
  9. Yes, I've also had two, an early 4001 and a post millennium 4003 and they were both fine. I also have another one incoming and the bridge on that seems tip top as well.
  10. Agreed that a Badass could be an improvement over the manufacturers, but it's the way it's been done. The nut looks like its on wonky and what is that under the bridge? It looks like its a similar shape to the Ric bridge footprint, but is that part of the original? I presume the plastic is their to give the Badass a bit of height?
  11. I love the fact that the auction mentions one of the latches on the OHSC doesn't work. As if it doesn't have enough problems already!
  12. [url="http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1980-Rickenbacker-Model-4001-Electric-Bass-Guitar-w-Non-Original-Bridge-192953-/260934987819?pt=Guitar&hash=item3cc0eff02b"]http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1980-Rickenbacker-Model-4001-Electric-Bass-Guitar-w-Non-Original-Bridge-192953-/260934987819?pt=Guitar&hash=item3cc0eff02b[/url] With a replacement bridge and a replacement nut, one can only wonder what it's like between the two!
  13. [i]Further price drop and photos enhanced due to finally being able to get to grips with the photobucket thing![/i]
  14. [quote name='billyapple' timestamp='1327997952' post='1519941'] The Lemmy Bass? Congratulations! [/quote] Yes, that's the one!
  15. Decisions have now been made regarding both basses. I went for both in the end, despite the financial implications, but sadly I missed out on #2, which was the Alembic SC that "lozbass" was selling (hope you don't mind me saying mate) as I was just too slow in making a decision. All credit to Lawrence who is an extremely funny and knowledgeable guy. Thank you very much for all the information you provided for me and the advice you gave. I hope it's new owner is as happy with it as I would have been Also to 4000. Thank you for advice Shaun and I am happy to say that I have now sealed the deal on a brand new 4004LK. I'll post some pictures as soon as I have it. "Phone's ringing Dude!"
  16. [quote name='Paul S' timestamp='1327419232' post='1510907'] Warren - you know better than most on here that you should make hay while the sun shines - if you can afford it, have the space, the necessary permissions and would enjoy them then there really is no question as far as I can see. [/quote] Thanks for your kind words Paul. Must meet up soon. In case anyone gets the wrong idea about me, every bass I buy gets gigged, period. I might not leave them out between the soundcheck and the gig iteslf, but they will get used publicly as the manufacturer intended. In fact, I think the only true way you can decide whether it's a keeper or not is if you actually do gig it. GAS#1 & GAS#2 (if they happen) will be no exception as they are neither vintage Fender's or investments.
  17. [quote name='jackers' timestamp='1327356453' post='1510019'] haha we aren't saying it doesn't need serious and careful thought. Only that the figure each of us says would be the upper before we say 'no, that's too much', irrespective of how nice the bass may look or sound etc. [/quote] That's it. That's what I meant to say!
  18. [quote name='LukeFRC' timestamp='1327356277' post='1510007'] what's it for. if you earn your living by it the answer is different than if it is just for fun. If you earn from it: as much as you need, but not more than you can afford if you don't earn from it: Who knows? what are your other outgoings, you earn the money, you decide. for me I bought a few basses in the £700-1000 range and sold them on again as I couldn't justify having such nice expensive and new things. I think the most I spent was £550-£600 or however much my JV cost. The wick was much less than that I've been very very lucky though. If some guy on hear earns £200,000 a year on what ground would I say that his ritter was 'too much'? [/quote] I guess you could argue that if I have one bass, that's surely all I need: the rest is superfluous. The two I'm looking at are by no means a necessity and no one will suffer as a result of me shelling out for them. But seriously, five figures for just two basses, I think I'm going mad - or is it the red wine?
  19. [quote name='leftybassman392' timestamp='1327355720' post='1509988'] Wasn't it Dweezil Zappa who used to gig with a cheapie Squier Strat? The instrument is a tool - it's the person using it that's the really important component. It's nice to have cool gear (and I've had plenty through my hands over the years), but at the end of the day your skill and/or talent as a player is what matters most; nice gear just makes your job a little bit easier. [/quote] Not sure about the DZ info. I hadn't heard that and I'm heavily into the Zappa thang Agreed regarding talent over gear, but there are some expensive pieces of kit that just have a tone that you can't get anywhere else!
  20. [quote name='billyapple' timestamp='1327349555' post='1509843'] Spill the beans? What you got your eye on? [/quote] That would be telling! I will when the time is right
  21. [quote name='uncle psychosis' timestamp='1327348077' post='1509795'] I don't think I could ever spend more than £1k. And even then, it would have to be *really* special. The only things I can see myself buying in the future are a nice jazz and a nice precision- excellent of examples of both can be had new (never mind second hand) for less than £1k too [/quote] At the risk of being classed as a bass snob, I still think when you get up to the £1.5K mark the attention to details starts to shine through. Having said that, RRP are absolute garbage and you can get some really good deals if you look around.
  22. [quote name='flyfisher' timestamp='1327348015' post='1509792'] This^ People pay £20k+ for a pair of shotgun stocks and there's probably less wood in those than a bass. OK, the shotguns will generally receive finer workmanship, but even so . . . [/quote] Shotguns Schmotguns. Give me a Benelli with a plastic stock any day. A wooden stock don't make the hole any bigger :-))
  23. [quote name='Muzz' timestamp='1327347217' post='1509770'] I've had a few boutique basses which I've subsequently moved on, some sooner, some later. I find that after the sting of spending the money has faded, you can fall out of love with them just as easily as a £200 bass. The only difference is the hit you'll take financially if you've bought new, or unwisely. I'm digging my bitsas these days, mostly because they do what I want them to, partly because they do this for so little money. Having said that, I do have a Shuker still, and it's very very nice. I wouldn't have paid what it cost new, though - I picked it up for a third of that. [/quote] I've only ever had one "boutique bass" which was second or third hand and I subsequently sold, but didn't lose out of. I have to say that wasn't the plan, I bought it to keep, it's just it that was too bloody heavy! It was an Alembic Mark King. A truly lovely instrument with an awesome tone, but we didn't get on physically :-((
  24. [quote name='discreet' timestamp='1327347024' post='1509766'] Tend to agree with this, particularly with vintage instruments... there's a crossover point where a bass becomes desirable as an 'antique' [i]and[/i] a playable instrument, and you have to decide if you're a player or a collector... or both. [/quote] Neither of the two I am looking at are antique, although I do get the vintage vibe thing. I'm always on the look out for a year of birth Jazz, but I have managed to resist all the ones I have seen as they neck stamp never has my actual DOB on it. Hey, that's the way I deal with it!
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