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  1. [quote name='[email protected]' timestamp='1401101783' post='2459983'] Why didn't the retailer check it out before passing it on, or have I missed that bit after skim reading the thread? Surely if you're spending that sort of money they ask you how you like your set up, or at least give it the once over? [/quote] You missed a bit. It came directly from Fender to the distributors UK warehouse and then it was couriered to me. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. By doing so I have taken possession of it in the same condition it left the USA without anyone else tinkering about with it, which could be anything from a quick noodle around, to messing with the factory setup. Granted the neck, I believe, moved slightly in transit, but I don't believe that is wholly avoidable given the journey it made. As far as the set-up is concerned, I think that would be something that would have to be done with me being present and I wouldn't have been able to get to the supplier. Talking of which, I would like to reiterate the suppliers have been fantastic from the first moment I raised the issue.
  2. [quote name='leroydiamond' timestamp='1400849696' post='2457511'] A Pino and a Geddy!!. Congrats dude and enjoy. Any idea what these babies weigh? [/quote] The Geddy weighs 9.4lb and the Pino weighs 8.4lb. It's my first gig tonight with the Pino and I'm more than just a little bit excited.
  3. [quote name='Roland Rock' timestamp='1400826597' post='2457249'] :-O Now you're just showing off ;-) [/quote] Sorry man, that wasn't my intention. I had always admired the Pino and had hoped to get one some day if it ever came up on BC. As you know, they just don't that often. Completely unexpectedly and right in the middle of my wait time for the Geddy, I became aware of the Pino for sale. Literally as new, but less than the new price. I knew I couldn't let that pass and was lucky enough to be able to play before pay. I fell in love with it straight away and the rest is history. Damn thing still had the hang tag on it!
  4. [quote name='leroydiamond' timestamp='1400769707' post='2456822'] How much £ did it set you back? [/quote] The Gedster was just under £3.5k. [quote name='molan' timestamp='1400789222' post='2457123'] We had a Pino in the shop recently priced at £3,050 and it sold in under 2 weeks. It was a great bass, much nicer than the '64 P original I used to have. [/quote] I believe that particular Pino was the other CS I picked up last Sunday. It is indeed awesome.
  5. [quote name='miles'tone' timestamp='1400756754' post='2456648'] Awesome stuff! Glad it was nothing major. Now, let's see some piccys of the whole bass! The little we have seen looks gorgeous. [/quote] Here's a couple of quickies.... [center][/center]
  6. [quote name='Diablo' timestamp='1400752379' post='2456582'] Looks pretty much spot on now, how does it play? [/quote] I'll have to do a couple of tweaks. Having looked at it post re-assembly the E does look low, so I'll bring that up a fraction tomorrow.
  7. [quote name='miles'tone' timestamp='1400756754' post='2456648'] Awesome stuff! Glad it was nothing major. Now, let's see some piccys of the whole bass! The little we have seen looks gorgeous. [/quote] I will post some decent pictures later. I've got to go to work now :-(
  8. [quote name='leroydiamond' timestamp='1400686819' post='2456114'] Go with your gut. With the money they are asking for CS basses, everything should be perfect IMO and the dealer should insure that is the case before it gets into the hands of the customer IMO. [/quote] In the dealers defence, the box came straight off the boat to their warehouse and then straight to me. It never saw the light of day in the UK until I opened it. Personally I'm quite happy with it that way. At least I know it hadn't been handled since it left Fender.
  9. [quote name='Roland Rock' timestamp='1400751577' post='2456574'] Great news. Has it alleviated the E string buzz? [/quote] It's nowhere near as bad and I'm sure that can be fully sorted with a tweak he and there.
  10. Thank you everyone for your time and helpful advice. Basschat comes up trumps again
  11. I have to say I was [b]really [/b]hesitant about this after resigning myself to it going back to the shop. I had even packed it away and come to terms with the fact that I wouldn't lay my eyes on it again until it came back from wherever it was going. After reading your comments, curiosity got the better of me. So I de-tensioned the strings and undid the neck bolts. I can confirm they are reliced all the way down to the tip! How do they do that? I had a look in the pocket, more to check that there weren't any shims in there than anything else and there aren't. I have to say that pocket is super snug, but has been pointed out by others, on these Jazz basses there isn't an awful lot on the G string side supporting that side of the neck. Anyway, I put it back together and this is the result.
  12. Apart from the obvious questions this video raises, like Why? Why? and WHY?, it appears that Dan "The Man" Hildebrand's Geddy seems to suffering from the same characteristic. In fact, apart from the one on the Sweetwater web site, I haven't seen a picture of one where the strings look properly central. http://youtu.be/-ZXqRtH3-xw
  13. Believe me, it took a few attempts to get this one. My left hand is out of shot near the bridge pulling the E, A and D strings left whilst trying to take a photo one handed with my other hand. But this is what it should look like. Still not bang on, but I could almost live with that.
  14. [quote name='Dad3353' timestamp='1400712776' post='2456424'] I'm not sure (I'm a drummer..!) how important it is to have strings symmetrical on the neck. Does it play right, that's the test. Is the nut equally asymmetrical..? [/quote] In terms of playing it, apart from the buzz on the E string (the fat string in drummer speak) it's OK. I've seen the problem so severe in others that you can't see the edge of the fretboard and they actually go over the edge on fretting the string. So not hideous, but now I know it's there, it's like one of the those paintings that seem to look at you wherever you are in the room. The nut seems tickety-boo to me.
  15. I'm finally back home. I appreciate some may not see this as the worst example of this problem ever. I know as I've seen some shockers myself, but here it is. [center][/center]
  16. [quote name='Dingus' timestamp='1400690112' post='2456158'] Can I ask you Warren, this problem not withstanding, what is your impression of the bass overall? Does it seem like a potentially great bass ruined by this flaw ? [/quote] In a word, yes. It's not what I would describe as a heavy relic, more of a medium to light. The thing is it's been done so well that I think that's what tore me in two when I realised it would have to go back.
  17. [quote name='UglyDog' timestamp='1400688352' post='2456133'] So -- it's looking very much like the answer to the original question "Fender Custom Shop - worth the tag?" is a pretty resounding 'nope'. [/quote] Well you say that, but early last week I became aware of another Fender CS that was about to become available. I picked it up on Sunday and it is just the loveliest thing. An absolute joy to play and georgeous to look at. I am completely and utterly blown away by it. I was expecting to be blown away by this one as well, but, well you know the rest.
  18. The strings are evenly spaced, just all closer to the G side of the fretboard than the E. I can't post any pictures until later.
  19. I'm glad I posted the update now as I had reached the point where I was questioning whether it was worth making a fuss about. Thanks for you comments guys. As a side note, the E string also buzzes like crazy. Nothing from the others, just the E all the way up. I accept a set up might make that disappear, but I'm not going to tinker with it. So, the billion dollar question, if it is either a misaligned bridge or the neck pointing in the wrong direction, do I really want anyone prodding, poking and sawing at it trying it to make right? My gut says no. I would prefer to have one without issues or any history of same.
  20. [quote name='UglyDog' timestamp='1400675487' post='2455983'] Do the strings line up with the polepieces properly or are they out too? It a bit sounds like a misplaced bridge. [/quote] Not an easy question to answer that one. I'll try and answer it better with pictures later.
  21. [quote name='Musicman20' timestamp='1400675382' post='2455980'] I've seen loads of Jazz basses like that. Either the bridge has been drilled wrong or the neck has moved...either way not good enough. [/quote] Yes, either the bridge has been drilled incorrectly or perhaps the neck pocket has been made slightly out or as you suggest the neck has moved. It's not a three bolt by the way, it's a four bolt.
  22. My CS arrived yesterday. It's going back. I'm not posting this to flame the supplier as they have been great, it's just that I am hugely disappointed when I should be over the moon. I can't post pictures from here, but essentially there is a noticeable difference in the distance between the E string and the edge of the fretboard and the G string and the other edge. The E side is far wider. Strings are pretty much evenly spaced and they are fine as they go over the nut. Saddles are not adjustable laterally. I keep asking myself, am I being too picky, but I know it will drive me nuts. Anyone else had similar problems?
  23. Another handful of CD sets sold and the list has been updated. There are some really interesting shows still available, especially from the first leg of the 2004 tour. If anyone is curious as to the content of the shows, please head over to [url="http://www.setlist.fm/search?query=peter+gabriel&artist=5bd6b794"]here[/url] for details.
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