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  1. Since buying a Dingwall I've been GAS free; not even remotely interested in looking at anything else. I was quite happy getting on with the business of learning new material as well as getting to grips with fan frets and my first 5'er for about 20 years. Coupled with the gig/rehearsal madness that is usually accompanied with the last few months of my year, I guess it was that I just didn't have time for GAS. The lull in my musical year that is January and February has caused me to start feeling GAS-sy, this time in an unexpectedly Fender Custom Shop type direction. I've seen a few in the flesh and they're shiny an' all (except the relics obviously), but I have never played one and I can't exactly pop down the road and try one. Does the price justify the goods? Would I really be getting the best that Fender can achieve or would I be better off going somewhere like Nash or Jospeh Kaye or a.n.other? I know some will say just get a Standard or Deluxe and save myself a packet, but I have a certain itch that can't be scratched with an off the peg number.
  2. FFS! I'm not asking someone to copy the whole book for me.
  3. [quote name='EBS_freak' timestamp='1386149650' post='2296314'] You are aware that that is Stu's book...? So basically, you want to rip Stu off? [/quote] Oh, I love comments like that. They really make my day! I am aware that it's "Stu's book". I am also aware that it's also dots on paper representing the bass line of a song not written by Stu, but by Mark King, Wally Badarou and Phil Gould! If Stu is that worried about being "ripped off", then I suggest he removes the free pages/samples of his "work" on the website to which your link points. As stated in the original post, it's a couple of bars at the end of the chorus of one song. I don't think Mark King would mind and I'm not sure Stu would be that bothered either.
  4. [quote name='Stuart Clayton' timestamp='1385891697' post='2293137'] Or this: http://www.basslinepublishing.com/tab-books/the-level-42-bass-book.html ;-) Stu [/quote] I was hoping someone might be able to send me this one without weighing out for the whole book ;-))
  5. [quote name='Thunderbird' timestamp='1385834075' post='2292700'] Try this me old bean [url="http://www.bigbasstabs.com/level_42_bass_tabs/running_in_the_family.html"]http://www.bigbasstabs.com/level_42_bass_tabs/running_in_the_family.html[/url] [/quote] Yeah, I tried that one and wasn't particularly happy with the way it sounded. Thanks anyway.
  6. Can anyone help with the tab or score to the above please. It's only the mid to end of the chorus I need help with, but if anyone has the whole song I would be grateful. There are a few videos on You Tube only one of which is any great help, but I can't really get to grips with what he's doing.
  7. Just followed it up with PE @ Glastonbury. Great stuff. An interesting gig as a bass player I would I imagine!
  8. Just watched this on iPlayer and thoroughly enjoyed it. A fascinating insight into the history of PE. I think even Chuck D is mystified as to how Flavor Flav managed to stay in the group, especially with Prof Griff around!
  9. Sorry. Just noticed the guff. The topic line was correct and the text below was not. Amended. They are the Ernie Ball 1699 Nickel Wound Slinky bass guitar strings.
  10. I have a brand new set of Ernie Ball custom gauge Roundwound strings. No outer box, but the strings are still in their individual sleeves. Sizes 55, 75, 90, 110. Long scale. £10 plus £2 shipping.
  11. Does anyone here use the On Song app? It scrolls through lyrics in real time as you play the song, that part I have seen, but I'm lead to believe there may be an add on for bass lines? If so, can anyone give me an idea how the add on works. Thank you.
  12. [url="http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/221105082615?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649"]One[/url] of the 60 that I never thought I would see for sale. The seller is also on Rick Resource where he explains the reasons for sale.
  13. I can't see MK arguing that Mr.G is The Godfather of slap.
  14. More photo's [url="http://basschat.co.uk/topic/112692-rickenbacker-porn/page__st__80"]here[/url].
  15. [quote name='billyapple' timestamp='1338315833' post='1672674'] Congratulations! and very nice indeed. I can spot 3 pups, but only two knobs and one switch. How do the electrics work? [/quote] Thank you. I've had some time to have a little play now. The switch is a three-way. The down position is the bridge pick-up, middle is all three pick-up's and up is the middle and neck pick-up's together. The knobs are volume and tone, but I have to say that tone selector has a huge sweep on it. Because of the way the pick-up's are mounted, you also get three comfortable thumb rests to vary the tone again. I'm quite chuffed.
  16. After a long long wait, I finally took possession of the 4004LK today. I think I may have to dust off the cobwebs from the old V8 and put this through it's paces. I'll put some more photo's up in the Rickenbacker Porn thread later. I'm off to make some noise. [center] [/center]
  17. Now [url="http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RICKENBACKER-4080-DOUBLENECK-1980-WHITE-EXCELLENT-CONDITION-OHSC-RARE-/140762089213?pt=Guitar&hash=item20c61306fd"]these[/url], you do not see very often.
  18. [quote name='Rick's Fine '52' timestamp='1338071945' post='1669395'] They have a letter from Larry Taylor, and videos are available on youtube etc for all to see. I've seen those videos though, and I think its a different bass, there is a distinctive mark on the one at Woody, and it ain't on the bass listed?? [/quote] Good enough for me. Rick smells a rat. 'nuff said.
  19. I'm sure others more knowledgable than I will correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems to me, for it's condition, this seems quite reasonably priced. However, surely the seller would stand to get more for it if they actually revealed who the celebrity owner was whilst the auction was live? Unless the seller has no provenance, then the information is worthless, so why mention it. Link posted by bassicinstinct below.
  20. If memory serves correctly, I think this particular bass was one of a trio 4004LK's that were ordered by PM Blues in the USA. I believe it is the one on the left in this photo. PM Blues were asking $12,500 per bass, although I think the one in the middle may have been more as it was one of the first in the series and has different pick-up placement.
  21. Yes, quite. I've seen quite a few of these and the darkness of the oiling varies quite widely across their numbers. I'm not so keen on those as heavy as this. It kind of ruins the shadow effect of the relief.
  22. [quote name='Rick's Fine '52' timestamp='1336926120' post='1652823'] Thank God for that!! [/quote] I expect quite a few similar comments. The ultimate Marmite bass perhaps?
  23. [url="http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/230790211682?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649"]These[/url] don't come around too often.
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