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  1. [b][u][color="#ff0000"]SOLD[/color][/u][/b] I'm sure the majority of readers won't need me to type endless plaudits and spec regarding this. Essentially an extension cab for Phil Jones Pure Sound Combo's. Phil Jones sums them up thusly: [center]"With four 5" drivers, 2 channels, 5 band EQ and 200 watts at 8 ohms, the Suitcase is perfect for most gigs. However, some gigs just require more. Simply add the 4B and you've transformed the Suitcase into the Bitchcase with eight 5" drivers and 300 watts at 4 ohms. The same low end high fidelity, but in a portable stack that moves, grooves and proves…that Phil Jones defines Pure Sound for bass".[/center] That's all you need to know really. Condition: Excellent. Hardly used and never abused. Included: Phil Jones Piranha cabinet cover and 2m Speakon connector. Shipped in: Original box which is very well padded. Shipping cost: UK shipping: Free. International shipping: Let me know where you are and I will get a quote. Payment: Bank transfer please. Price new: They seem to be going for around £459 Questions: Feel free to PM me [center] [/center]
  2. [quote name='mikegatward' timestamp='1395323200' post='2401096'] I've gone for a PT3 softcase (still to land) with the Decibel Eleven Hotstone Deluxe (arrived today). Looks like a good bit of kit and hopefully will let me power anything I fancy trying out. Will see how the installation goes [/quote] Wow, those PT3's are huge! I was tempted, but managed to reign myself in.
  3. I went to Strings Direct in Rochford today and picked up a Pedaltrain 2 Hardcase and a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 Plus. Pedaltrain make the bracket that carries the Voodoo, which I also picked up for a couple of quid. Thoroughly impressed by the staff at Strings Direct. Very helpful and knowledgable.
  4. I kind of bumbled along for years with a multi effects unit, not really having much knowledge of what the patches were or did. That went a bit wibble and I ended up replacing it with a GT10-B. It didn't take me long to realise I had bitten off more than I could chew with that one. It's a seriously complicated (for me) piece of kit and I would never had used it to its full potential. So I sold it and decided to go the individual pedal route. I've been doing my homework, finding out what I like the sound of and would use, trying a few, buying a few, gassing for others. So then it comes to something to put them on and to power them with. Our guitarist has a Pedaltrain and I really like the look and functionalilty of it. The Pedaltrain 2 is advertised as having a bracket to mount the Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 unit on it. It also says "drilling maybe required". I've worked out my current draw/power requirements and the Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 Plus unit ticks all boxes. Does anyone else have this combination or board and supply? If so, where/how does the Voodoo Labs bracket attach to it? Does anyone have any pictures? What is the extent of the drilling? How easily could I bugger it up? The blurb for the Pedaltrain doesn't actually say bracket for Pedal Power 2 [color=#ff0000]Plus[/color], it just says Pedal Power 2. Are they one and the same? Your thoughts would be most welcome.
  5. Sorry, I've only just noticed that the second photo has failed to transfer correctly. That photo did show the plate on the back which rates this cab at 300w.
  6. [quote name='ambient' timestamp='1392688981' post='2371708'] I take it you're a Peter Gabriel fan ? [/quote] What makes you say that? :-)
  7. I don't know if there is any interest here for these shows, but I have been collecting them for years and have ended up with quite a few duplicates along the way. They are all double CD's in cardboard sleeves and most of them are deleted now. All recorded straight from the desk and officially released through the Encore web site in the USA. Discs and sleeves in tip top condition. I'm looking for £15 each including UK shipping payable by bank transfer. Reduced to £11.50 including UK shipping. (01) SOLD - Mountain View, CA, Shoreline Ampitheater (02) SOLD - Irvine, CA, Verizon (03) SOLD - Dallas, TX, Smirnoff (04) SOLD - Houston, TX, Woodlands Pavillion) (05) SOLD - West Palm Beach, FL, Sound Advice Amphitheater. The first show in the series. This is also the first show "Biko" was performed on this leg of the tour. "Red Rain" suffers a complete false start when Peter's monitoring equipment fails. After addressing the audience humorously the show is restarted. (06) ]SOLD - Atlanta, GA Chastain, Park Amphitheater. "Animal Nation" performed instead of "Shock The Monkey". PG makes a nice introduction of the song and how it relates to some people in the audience. (07) SOLD - Mansfield, MA, Tweeter Center. Tony Levin's parents celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary at this show and Peter congratulates them from the stage. On "Solsbury Hill" PG flubs a line ("open doors would *mumble mumble*, open doors would still be shut"), then he misses the cue after the second chorus and the whole band ends up messing up (totally out of sync) the big finale. (08) SOLD - Holmdel, NJ, P.N.C Bank Arts Center. This is the first show of the series where "Come Talk To Me" and "Father, Son" were performed for the encore. These had been performed earlier in the tour, but this show is the first Encore Series CD containing these songs. (09) SOLD - Camden, NJ, Tweeter Center At The Waterfront. "No Way Out" performed in addition to usual setlist. (10) SOLD - Bristow, VA, Nissan Pavilion. (11) SOLD - Wantagh, NY, Tommy Hilfiger at Jones Beach Theater. PG refers to the band members on several occasions as "Hilfiger models" poking fun at the venue sponsor name. A call for "Back in NYC" from the crowd is greeted by PG with "We have a request for a return engagement!" 228 copies were initially distributed with misprinted CD labels (disc one carries the disc two label and v.v.), and quickly replaced with a corrected set of CDs. The covers were unaffected. (12) SOLD - Milwaukee, WI, Marcus Amphitheater. PG is joined by The Blind Boys of Alabama to perform "Sky Blue" in the encore. The fireworks might have interferred with PG's performance of "Father, Son" but instead adds a percussive element that's unique to this version. PG sneezes during "Darkness" (13) SOLD - Tinley Park, IL, Tweeter Center. (14) SOLD - Clarkston, MI, DTE Energy Music Theater. When Solsbury Hill was aborted due to monitor problems Peter called it "Solsbury Interruptus" and then performed an acoustic version of "Here Comes The Flood". (15) SOLD - Columbus, OH, Germain Amphitheater. "Animal Nation" was performed for the second time on this leg of the tour. (16) SOLD - Noblesville, IN, Verizon Wireless Music Center. The "Zorb" had a flat during "Growing Up" and the song was restarted after the Orange Men fixed it. Then "San Jacinto" was performed for the first time on this leg of the tour. (17) SOLD - Toronto, ON, Molson Amphitheatre. (18) SOLD - London, ON, John Labatt Centre. (19) SOLD - Montreal, QC, Bell Centre. Mislabelled back cover for disc 2; all tracks listed, but numbering of tracks skips "2)" and does not list "Growing Up" which appears on the CD as track 10. 2004 Tour (01) SOLD - Ischgl, Austria (02) SOLD - Dortmund, DE, Wesfallenhalle. Live premier of the vocal version of "White Ashes" (03) SOLD - Rotterdam, NL, Ahoy (04) SOLD - Berlin, DE, Arena. Major mistake in "Jetzt Kommt Die Flut" requires a re-start. (05) SOLD - Frankfurt, DE, Festhalle (06) SOLD - Milan, IT, Fila Forum (07) SOLD - Pesaro, IT, Pesaro Forum (08) SOLD - Vienna, AT, Stadthalle (09) SOLD - Budapest, HU, Budapest Arena (10) SOLD - Prague, CZ, T-Mobile Arena. Peter introduced "San Jacinto" one track too early and forgot the lyrics during "The Tower..." and hit the wrongs keys during Father, Son. (11) SOLD - Nurmeberg, DE, Arena. Live premier of "Baby Man" (12) SOLD - Hannover, DE, Preussag Arena (13) SOLD - Hamburg, DE, Color Line Arena (14) SOLD - Karlsruhe, DE (15) SOLD - Zurich, CH, Hallenstadion Zurich (16) SOLD - Brussels, BE, Forest National. Audience sings "Happy Birthday" to Richard Evans on the occasion of his 40th birthday. (17) SOLD - Paris, FR, Palais Omnisports (18) SOLD - Lisbon, PT, Bella Vista Park (19) SOLD - Birmingham, GB, National Indoor Arena (20) SOLD - Sheffield, GB, Hallam FM Arena (21) SOLD - Newcastle, GB, Metro Radio Arena. Peter blew the intro to "Red Rain", blaming a new set of ear-pieces and how different they sounded for distracting him. He also stopped during the section in the show where he introduces the band to the audience to do up his shoe laces, claiming that at sheffield they'd nearly killed him and explained it as "what is known in the trade as a technical f*ck up." He continued to say that if you want to see a show where everything goes right, you're in the wrong place... . During a bit of banter with the crowd, someone shouted something that made the immediate area laugh out loud. Peter said "I didn't hear that one, but I felt the sting." (22) SOLD - Glasgow, UK, S.E.C.C. (23) SOLD - London, GB, Wembley Arena. Peter misses cue on "Solsbury Hill" and it took 2 laps on the bike to get the band in the right place again. When Peter introduced his daughter, he told a story of how he gave is (then 4 year old) daughter a very early and rudimentary sex education lesson. When he asked his daughter what she understood from the lesson Melanie replied "Daddy puts his thingy into mummies thingy and then Daddy has a willy party". Peter then went on to explain that Melanie had some of her friends in for the night and he was taking the opportunity to embarrass her. When Peter came to introduce David Rhodes, David had been below the stage for most of the band intros, and stepped up just in time for Peter to introduce him. Peter then explained to everyone that David often goes below for a drink or for a toilet break. David must have told him that there wasn't a toilet down there. "Oh" said Peter, "Well you should have told me that at the beginning of the tour" he laughed... (24) SOLD - London, GB, Wembley Arena. Peter fluffed the words to the first verse of the first song (flood), with his typical humour he said during a short instrumental break between the first and second verse "I'll try and get this verse right". He had problems at the beginning of Father, Son when he couldn't find the right keyboard voice for the song. The first time he tried the song he played one chord with the wrong Keyboard voice and then stopped ... "That was the short version" he told the crowd.. he then tried again, getting the same incorrect keyboard voice. His Keyboard roadie made a guest appeance on stage to get things sorted and received an intro from Peter and a round of applause from the audience for his trouble.Peter commented on the presence of the "orange men" around Rachel during their introduction by likening them to "bees to a honeypot". 2004 Festival Tour (01) SOLD - Bregenz, AT, Seebuhn (Floating Stage) (02) SOLD - Cagliari, IT, Fiera Campionaria (03) SOLD - Genoa, IT, Piazza Del Mare (04) SOLD - Athens, GR, Rock Wave Festival (05) SOLD - Istanbul, Turkey, One Love Festival (06) SOLD - Sofia, Bulgaria, Akademik Stadium (07) SOLD - Liverpool, GB, Liverpool Pops. During the band introductions, PG announces Rachel Z's recent marriage. (08) SOLD - Aiz les Bains, FR, Festival Nuisilac (09) SOLD - Taormina, IT, Teatro Greco (10) SOLD - Cavallino, IT, (11) SOLD - Naples, IT, Neapolis Festival (12) SOLD - Rome, IT, Fiesta (13) SOLD - Locarno, CH, Piazza Grande (14) SOLD - Caminha, PT, Vilar De Muoros Festvial (00) 07/18/04 - Kaisers-Lautern, DE, Stifztplatz (Note: Show was cancelled due to PG's illness Re-scheduled to 07/25/04) (15) SOLD - Lucca, IT, Piazza Festival (16) SOLD - Nyon, CH, Paleo Festival (17) SOLD - Nice Jazz Festival, Nice Jazz Festival (18) SOLD - Nimes, FR, Festival de Nimes (19) SOLD - Kaisers Lautern, DE, Stifztplatz 2009 Tour (01) SOLD - Campo Futbol, Caracas (02) SOLD - Explanada Del Monumenta, Lima (03) SOLD - Estadio Velez Sarsfield, Buenos Aires (04) SOLD - Arena Santiago, Santiago (05) SOLD - Distrito Federal, Mexico City (06) SOLD - Jalisco, Guadalajara (07) SOLD - Nuevo Leon, Monterrey
  8. [quote name='Coilte' timestamp='1391528123' post='2358170'] "Scott had a stent put in his left anterior descending artery, which was 95 percent blocked" [/quote] That's not a good percentage to have! Bit of a wake up call right there.
  9. I don't know if any of you follow Mr.Thunes, but he's been admitted to MGH. He'd been having (and ignoring) pains in his arm which were initially dismissed by one doctor. Fortunately his wife Georgia happened to relate the tale to a cardiologist friend and Scott has been laid up in MGH ever since having all sorts of tests. Get well soon clonemeister. It's not your time yet buddy!
  10. [font=Verdana]I bought this 1 x 15" new, along with a 4 x 10" (now sold) quite a few years ago and it has had little use since. I[/font][font=Verdana]t has never been abused and still performs as brilliantly today as it did back then.[/font] [font=Verdana]They were both powered by my V6, then my V8 and latterly by my AH-300 12 GP-12.[/font] [font=Verdana]I don't think any of them went past three in the period I was using the Trace stack.[/font] [font=Verdana]It's rated at 8ohms and has one 15" Celestion speaker with two front ports and a steel grille. It has the early green carpet finish, but no cover. [/font][font=Verdana]It can be connected to an amp and/or linked to another cab via a standard jack or XLR.[/font] [font=Verdana]I think this is going to have to be collection only I'm afraid due to it's weight. That said, I'm quite happy to help out by meeting half way or delivering if reasonably close. Located in South Essex.[/font] [center][font=Verdana][/font][/center] [center][font=Verdana][/font][/center]
  11. [quote name='Jazzjames' timestamp='1389737443' post='2337456'] My opinion is that if you find one and play it and like it, then go for it. I have a Custom Shop 1960 Jazz relic and whilst I am not into the whole relic thing, I played it second hand in a music shop in Edinburgh in the summer just out of curiosity and just loved it, and bought it as a result. It's a really good instrument in every respect, and one that I will keep for good. However, I played a similar bass to mine, same sort of spec, just different colour, on Denmark street the other day, and it was heavier and nowhere near as resonant as mine. I think this shows that there's a fair bit of variation even in the top fenders, nothing to do with craftsmanship, but wood is wood and sometimes a neck and a body work better together than others. [/quote] Absolutely right. Play before you pay. I have that option on the one I've ordered.
  12. [quote name='Muzz' timestamp='1389205364' post='2331379'] My Dingwall has, while not completely curing my GAS, raised the bar very very very high indeed. Having said that, I'm 50 in April, so thoughts turn again to binning any party arrangements and costs, and to start looking for a YOB Precision. I'd want a maple board, though, so that raises the search level from Hen's Teeth to Rocking Horse Cr*p...probably just as well... [/quote] Exactly. I'm not far behind you. A maple board was also on my check list along with blocks, binding, relic and a couple of other things of which only one didn't get fulfilled. So guess what I put a deposit down on today? Dingus - you're not allowed to play as you know already!
  13. [quote name='Legion' timestamp='1389086851' post='2329625'] If you cross the border into Suffolk you are welcome to pop round and test out the Fender CS goods. [/quote] A very kind offer thank you. I may well take you up on that!
  14. [quote name='Gazza 2905' timestamp='1389081044' post='2329569'] Oh dear, that's a bit of a worry........I've just bought a Dingwall, - and so assumed my GAS was cured. Maybe it's not after all. Too soon to tell yet though.... [/quote] Ha ha. If nothing else, I think I've learnt that I can never be cured of GAS! It can be abated for a short while, but that's about as good as it's going to get.
  15. [quote name='Lozz196' timestamp='1389023849' post='2328921'] I`ve owned many Fenders, played a whole heap more, and the best of the bunch was a Pino Palladino Sig Precision (one of the ones I`ve played but not owned, sadly). [/quote] Yes, I haven't heard a bad word about them. [quote name='Legion' timestamp='1389025572' post='2328964'] And never shall (famous last words eh!) [/quote] Lucky man.
  16. [quote name='Geek99' timestamp='1388996258' post='2328445'] Totally agree Safe investment [/quote] As above, I wouldn't disagree with you. [url="http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1969-FENDER-JAZZ-BASS-SUNBURST-MAPLE-CAP-NECK-/181284181797?pt=UK_Musical_Instruments_Guitars_CV&hash=item2a35611725#ht_1031wt_932"]This[/url] almost fits the bill, but it's been around the block a bit. Getting something a [i]little[/i] cleaner will almost certainly involve a considerable price hike from £4.5k.
  17. [quote name='chris_b' timestamp='1388966348' post='2328344'] I'd spend that amount of money on the best vintage Fender I could find. [/quote] Yes, I get that completely. What I really wanted was a YOB. Tricky year though '66. Early '66 is close enough to Leo chucking the towel in that you could argue it would still be a [i]Fender[/i] Fender, but good examples to my desired spec are quite scarce and a lot dearer than a CS.
  18. [font=Calibri][size=3][color=#000000][size="3"][quote name='Jellyfish' timestamp='1388953764' post='2328134'][/size][/color][/size][/font] [font=Calibri][size=3][color=#000000][size="3"]I think you'll find solace in other makers if you want a traditional bass, unless you're really desperate for that Fender headstock logo.. [/size][/color][/size][/font] [font=Calibri][size=3][color=#000000][size="3"][/quote][/size][/color][/size][/font] [font=Calibri][size=3][color=#000000][size="3"]I think if I'm going to get another Jazz, I can't think of a good reason why it shouldn't be a Fender. I know what I want and I know they can make it, so... [/size][/color][/size][/font] [font=Calibri][size=3][color=#000000][size="3"][quote name='NJE' timestamp='1388954370' post='2328144'][/size][/color][/size][/font] [font=Calibri][size=3][color=#000000][size="3"]This question is going to no doubt open a massive can of worms and bring out all the fender haters. I also believe that Fender hold their value better than a lot of custom brands so if you ever decide to move it on you won't take a huge hit. Coda music, bass gear, and guitar guitar have custom shop basses, well worth a drive to one of them to try some out. I am desperately saving for a Fender Relic after playing a couple, it was like a lightening bolt moment, I just have to own one.[/size][/color][/size][/font] [font=Calibri][size=3][color=#000000][size="3"][/quote][/size][/color][/size][/font] [font=Calibri][size=3][color=#000000][size="3"]Yeah, I was kind of hoping to avoid the can of worms thing![/size][/color][/size][/font] [font=Calibri][size=3][color=#000000][size="3"]I usually resign myself to taking the hit at the point of sale. It saves any pain later on.[/size][/color][/size][/font] [font=Calibri][size=3][color=#000000][size="3"]Which Relic are you after? I think they’re doing a ’55 and a ’64 at the moment?[/size][/color][/size][/font] [font=Calibri][size=3][color=#000000][size="3"] [quote name='Dingus' timestamp='1388957474' post='2328205'][/size][/color][/size][/font] [font=Calibri][size=3][color=#000000][size="3"]I think a lot of Fender CS basses are great instruments and I would love one myself, but competition in that area of the market is pretty fierce - who doesn't make a Fender-style bass nowadays? - and I see equally enticing basses of similar styles from a whole host of manufacturers. I have played most if not all of the main contenders in the uber-Fender arena (and owned a fair few over the years) , and I think that , overall, if you don't want a fancy onboard preamp , the best are Fender CS and USA- made Lakland , and I couldn't really say one was better than the other[/size][/color][/size][/font] [font=Calibri][size=3][color=#000000][size="3"]Lakland are a bit easier to deal with as a company than the bureaucracy of the Fender Custom Shop dealer network , but Fender CS have upped their game as a direct result of such competition by introducing quartersawn necks as standard nowadays ect , and they can make you an authentic Fender to your dream spec if you are specific enough in your mandate to them ( and have the necessary cash). If I wwere you, I would decide what I really wanted from the Custom Shop and then contact a dealer to get a rough idea of the cash price, and then you would at least know what you are dealing with as a proposition.[/size][/color][/size][/font] [font=Calibri][size=3][color=#000000][size="3"][/quote][/size][/color][/size][/font] [font=Calibri][size=3][color=#000000][size="3"]Ain't gonna be nuthin' fancy. Requirement #1 = no batteries.[/size][/color][/size][/font] [font=Calibri][size=3][color=#000000][size="3"]I've been in touch with a Fender Custom Shop rep already and have a tentative price and delivery estimate. I gave myself the weekend to think about it before e-mailing back tomorrow.[/size][/color][/size][/font] [font=Calibri][size=3][color=#000000][size="3"][quote name='Noisyjon' timestamp='1388958507' post='2328218'][/size][/color][/size][/font] [font=Calibri][size=3][color=#000000][size="3"]I have 2 Fender CS basses and they are just sublime to play and hear. They are also immaculately made from the best woods, etc.[/size][/color][/size][/font] [font=Calibri][size=3][color=#000000][size="3"]My perspective and opinion on them is try and buy a good used one and you won't lose out financially if you happen to not like it and want to shift it on.[/size][/color][/size][/font] [font=Calibri][size=3][color=#000000][size="3"]They're quite rare in terms of coming up for sale 2nd hand but that to me is a testament to how good they are![/size][/color][/size][/font] [font=Calibri][size=3][color=#000000][size="3"]Good luck and I know you're dilemma well. Look where it got me [/size][/color][/size][/font] [font=Calibri][size=3][color=#000000][size="3"][/quote][/size][/color][/size][/font] [font=Calibri][size=3][color=#000000][size="3"]So good you had to buy another one. I don’t have a comeback for that! Thanks everyone.[/size][/color][/size][/font]
  19. Since buying a Dingwall I've been GAS free; not even remotely interested in looking at anything else. I was quite happy getting on with the business of learning new material as well as getting to grips with fan frets and my first 5'er for about 20 years. Coupled with the gig/rehearsal madness that is usually accompanied with the last few months of my year, I guess it was that I just didn't have time for GAS. The lull in my musical year that is January and February has caused me to start feeling GAS-sy, this time in an unexpectedly Fender Custom Shop type direction. I've seen a few in the flesh and they're shiny an' all (except the relics obviously), but I have never played one and I can't exactly pop down the road and try one. Does the price justify the goods? Would I really be getting the best that Fender can achieve or would I be better off going somewhere like Nash or Jospeh Kaye or a.n.other? I know some will say just get a Standard or Deluxe and save myself a packet, but I have a certain itch that can't be scratched with an off the peg number.
  20. FFS! I'm not asking someone to copy the whole book for me.
  21. [quote name='EBS_freak' timestamp='1386149650' post='2296314'] You are aware that that is Stu's book...? So basically, you want to rip Stu off? [/quote] Oh, I love comments like that. They really make my day! I am aware that it's "Stu's book". I am also aware that it's also dots on paper representing the bass line of a song not written by Stu, but by Mark King, Wally Badarou and Phil Gould! If Stu is that worried about being "ripped off", then I suggest he removes the free pages/samples of his "work" on the website to which your link points. As stated in the original post, it's a couple of bars at the end of the chorus of one song. I don't think Mark King would mind and I'm not sure Stu would be that bothered either.
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