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  1. Laibach - Zmagoslavje Volje Just got Revisited, so goin' thru the discs that came with it.
  2. Banjo. I've had a tenor for a few years now, and the neck is just so short and thin I can't get fingering correct.
  3. At home and work I've pretty much always got music on. I mostly leave it on a local jazz and blues station at work, and then just go through my cd's at home cause a lot of them aren't really appropriate for a work environment.
  4. Bluegrass trio actually. Well, it's good looking. Dunno if I'd actually want to gig with it since it weighs right around 15 pounds if memory serves.
  5. Yep it is. Here's some info on it from the builders site: 5 string , 35" scale, 5 piece laminate neck through contruction, hollow chambered body, jumbo frets, 2 way adjustable truss rod, adjustable heavy alloy bridge, passive soapbar humbucking pickup, volume and tone controls, side position markers. The Mothman Bass is constructed of several different woods to achieve an extremely solid instrument with superior tone qualities and an appearance like no other instrument. The body is built on a foundation of two layers of Black Walnut. On top of the Walnut is a layer of red Bloodwood. The dark layer on the top is Wenge. The neck is a 5 layer laminate of Walnut and Purpleheart. The fingerboard is made from Bocote and nut is made of Ebony. In order to lighten the bass, the body was hollowed out from the back. The "Suit of Armor" plates on the back of the bass conceal the hollow chambers in the body. Even after this lightening process, this bass is still very heavy. All plates are permantly attached except the small elliptical plate for access to the controls.
  6. Right here, resting in the case I had built for it.
  7. One at a times a good way to do it. One is, and the necks are back to front instead of side by each, so it kinda throws off the count in my mind. The other one that messes with the count is cause it's been torn apart for parts to build some custom nightmare that I dreamed up.
  8. Left to right: Raven 5 string, Blue Rock 8 string, The Mothman, ESP LTD B-206SM, Busuyi double neck Back row Left to right: Unknown make, Epiphone Viola, ESP LTD B-55 with Hipshot tremolo bridge, Dean EAB. Front row: Fender Ashbory (the strings just broke on it, and I don't have a spare set).
  9. My headless, fretless unknown make. It's a real pain to tune it if I forget a hex key.
  10. Been playing on and off for 20-some years now. Never been in a band. Currently I've got 10 or 12 basses depending on how you count them.
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