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  1. So I did a big event for trans awareness in September and got a few good things done - I had a huge team of people helping me so I thought I'd do something fun. Never done any recording before (or not for 20 years) definitely never edited a video before and learnt to play drums and guitar to do the track. Everything on it is me (so I can't hide from any bum notes :D) I know the bass video is out of sync but after I'd spent hours on everything else I ran out of time Anyway - be gentle but happy to have constructive criticism - and if nothing else its started my writing my own songs again after a long long hiatus
  2. Hi Rich, I'm from Brighton and its grey horrible and rainy so let me know where you are and I'll go there instead Welcome
  3. So many interesting replies, it's really made me think about what I like about gigging and what I don't - I'm in a three piece and they're both really lovely, in ten years we've barely had a minor disagreement, we're booked up for a gig every fortnight for eighteen months or we were. Playing with people so long and so often is fabulous - we know what we're thinking and do have a great laugh. I make a nice but of pocket money from it too. The setting up, taking down, travel is an utter PIA and that used to be completely put in the shade by the enjoyment of performing which was just brilliant. I guess that changed a couple of years ago when I started to transition - I went through a year of utter hell - whizzed blokes at working men's clubs etc, not being able to use the loo for six hours etc - performing became nothing but stress and even though I kind of got out the other side of all that crap I think it's taken the shine off things. I don't want to throw the baby out with the bath water and I know it's actually useful for people to meet their first trans person but I play to escape the rubbish not just get a load more. I guess there's no rush to decide.
  4. I do "Elsie" - the only way she be leaving me is by prising her from my cold dead (and perfectly manicured) hands
  5. yes I've been playing loads of guitar recording and just messing about and really remembering the love of playing in general. I used to love the performance side of things but I just feel "meh" about it now - I do loads of public speaking these days so I was wondering whether that was having an effect as well - weird though
  6. haha yes - nice to see you're still around as well
  7. So I've been gigging for 35 years pretty constantly at least once or twice a month, its always been a huge part of my life and I've always missed it. I carried on playing working men's clubs despite a whole lot of abuse when I first transitioned because I loved it so much but now I've not played a gig for 6 months, probably won't before the year is out and I'm not missing it at all. I've been doing some home recording and just playing for fun and really enjoying it - its doesn't feel like my second job anymore - and I really don't know if I'll go back to gigging. I don't know whether its because I'm an old bag these days or what but anyone else feel the same?
  8. Hi I've been hanging round basschat for bloody years but I've not been here for a while so I thought I'd say hello again
  9. Trans band? - been there, done that 😄 Counterfeit Dolls...
  10. @PunkPonyPrincess I'm afraid you don't get chocolates because you story doesn't fulfill the criteria sorry. It is fabulous though and congratulations on your transition hope everything carries on brilliantly - most of all Thanks for sharing it xx
  11. haha - well that's easy - I was telling them that I finally decided to transition after something happened and I found myself at the curbside on a blind bend/humpback bridge where huge lorries from the landfill always screamed along and very nearly took the final easy step - it was either transition or finally give in - and they asked what the "something" was. I didn't want to tell them as it was to do with my family. More gory details here is you're bored or suffering from insomnia https://www.transknowledge.co.uk/suicide.html and no you don't get chocolates for asking that one again
  12. Sorry, I'm really slow getting to this thread. So cards on the table here - I'm transgender, currently transitioning & I run the Transgender group for a large oil multinational & do global training on trans awareness. I'm also the person that did the Vickibass thread about transgender however many years ago it was if anyone else was around then. So few bits - I have never come across a single trans (short for transgender) person that would be offended by the term gender neutral - its normally used to describe toilets etc that anyone can use, for instance, rather than a person though. I can't honestly see any thing to worry about here or why the person got offended - if you've got the band's facebook please ping me I'd love to have a look in context. Despite all the BS in the press about how easy it is to offend transgender people, its really not, we're the same as everyone else. Sure 1% of transactivists will make a sh*t load of noise about something but that's no different to the 1% or anti trans activists (except a few of those are editors for big publications so more easily get an audience) - the 98% of people are entirely reasonable, just want to get on with their lives without hassle and are more than tolerant if someone calls them a he instead of she. Frankly I couldn't give a toss, I don't need anyone to validate me thanks The extremely low level of education around transgender is frankly the thing that causes almost all the issues to be honest as people jump to conclusions that are completely untrue - its the same as transvestism -"Tranny" - or it's a lifestyle choice are the two most common; both completely incorrect along with all the other rubbish that gets bandied about about shared spaces with women, self declaration of gender, trans people in sports etc. I have a hastily put together website of debranded material http://www.transknowledge.co.uk that I've created for work - feel free to have a look or not whatever you feel like. Likewise I'm more than happy to discuss anything about it and believe me, I won't be offended, I give away a box of chocolates on my courses to anyone that can ask a question so politically incorrect and offensive that I won't answer it - I've given away one in 2 years, so have a go if you like Bobbi PS - Hung Like Hanratty?? - amateurs -spend a morning reading through the trans posts on mumsnet if you want to be offended
  13. Hi are you willing to post the head?
  14. I was there too - 8 rows from the front Lee awesome I think, really great performance
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