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  1. Trans band? - been there, done that 😄 Counterfeit Dolls...
  2. @PunkPonyPrincess I'm afraid you don't get chocolates because you story doesn't fulfill the criteria sorry. It is fabulous though and congratulations on your transition hope everything carries on brilliantly - most of all Thanks for sharing it xx
  3. haha - well that's easy - I was telling them that I finally decided to transition after something happened and I found myself at the curbside on a blind bend/humpback bridge where huge lorries from the landfill always screamed along and very nearly took the final easy step - it was either transition or finally give in - and they asked what the "something" was. I didn't want to tell them as it was to do with my family. More gory details here is you're bored or suffering from insomnia https://www.transknowledge.co.uk/suicide.html and no you don't get chocolates for asking that one again
  4. Sorry, I'm really slow getting to this thread. So cards on the table here - I'm transgender, currently transitioning & I run the Transgender group for a large oil multinational & do global training on trans awareness. I'm also the person that did the Vickibass thread about transgender however many years ago it was if anyone else was around then. So few bits - I have never come across a single trans (short for transgender) person that would be offended by the term gender neutral - its normally used to describe toilets etc that anyone can use, for instance, rather than a person though. I can't honestly see any thing to worry about here or why the person got offended - if you've got the band's facebook please ping me I'd love to have a look in context. Despite all the BS in the press about how easy it is to offend transgender people, its really not, we're the same as everyone else. Sure 1% of transactivists will make a sh*t load of noise about something but that's no different to the 1% or anti trans activists (except a few of those are editors for big publications so more easily get an audience) - the 98% of people are entirely reasonable, just want to get on with their lives without hassle and are more than tolerant if someone calls them a he instead of she. Frankly I couldn't give a toss, I don't need anyone to validate me thanks The extremely low level of education around transgender is frankly the thing that causes almost all the issues to be honest as people jump to conclusions that are completely untrue - its the same as transvestism -"Tranny" - or it's a lifestyle choice are the two most common; both completely incorrect along with all the other rubbish that gets bandied about about shared spaces with women, self declaration of gender, trans people in sports etc. I have a hastily put together website of debranded material http://www.transknowledge.co.uk that I've created for work - feel free to have a look or not whatever you feel like. Likewise I'm more than happy to discuss anything about it and believe me, I won't be offended, I give away a box of chocolates on my courses to anyone that can ask a question so politically incorrect and offensive that I won't answer it - I've given away one in 2 years, so have a go if you like Bobbi PS - Hung Like Hanratty?? - amateurs -spend a morning reading through the trans posts on mumsnet if you want to be offended
  5. Hi are you willing to post the head?
  6. I was there too - 8 rows from the front Lee awesome I think, really great performance
  7. I always look back at Whitesnake with such mixed feelings - They were such a great - different - band when they started, smokey blues rock with a hint of soul and such musical depth with Murray, Marsden, Lord and Moody then they just turned into this generic american see how fast you can play it rubbish with Vandenberg and Vai - all inside a few years. I saw them on the Slide it In tour and they were superb (despite everything that was happening in the background) - saw them on the 1987 tour and I don't think I've ever been more disappointed - all the soul sucked out and just frizzy hair and arpeggios left. FFYL when you listen to the two versions sums this up better than anything.
  8. that's' one guitar and a bigger amp and cab than I regularly use - I get all my stuff in the boot of a mini
  9. This all day long - I've been playing P basses for 35 years and have had loads, copies, squiers, jap, mexican US you name it (and still have a few) - the best one by a long way is my Lakland Skyline Duck Dunn special edition
  10. Yes - pick, music stand (well iPad on my mic stand) and 16 year old strings. The perfect combination. they don't even give you a Rotosound sticker in the packet anymore, and it's plastic! What the hell has happened? You turn your back for a little time and the world goes mad.
  11. I maintained them religiously - every other Saturday night they got a coating of finger grease! They were almost broken in as well
  12. Hi I just had to vent my disappointment and frustration at the obvious lack of quality and care that occurred in 2002 when Rotosound produced the batch of RS66 strings that have been on my bass for the last 16 years. The A string broke on new year's eve!!! You can imagine how shocked I was at the obvious lack of longevity of the things these days. Its also meant I've had to clean the fret board eradicating a small but very important ecosystem that showed promising signs of world domination.
  13. Great laugh last night, played a social club in Coulsdon, 3 1/2 hour set with two breaks. 5 songs in the lead vocalist/guitarists voice packs up entirely due to his cold. We manage to make it through another half hour with me singing some of the songs I do. Then in the fifteen minute break I transposed the entire rest of the set into my best guess keys for me (thanks on song!) and I sang and played the rest by sight - pretty nerve wracking especially as I'm so used to doing harmonies on auto pilot in almost of them. Then to add insult to injury about 45 minutes before the end I have my first string break in 30 years so I had to play the rest on just the E string. Went down really well though- everyone loved it, everyone on their feet dancing and they paid us a bonus as they liked it so much. Bit pleased with myself today
  14. Nurse, nurse!! Mr SH73 is out of bed again..... 😀
  15. No we haven't got anything on you tube and our websites is about 4 years out of date - I really must update it as its a bit crap not to really - we should get some decent recordings and videos as well - but we're already booked out until this time next year so it's hard to convince the other two that we need to when we haven't got any spare slots if it generates any new business.
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