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  1. Sure was and it's a beaut design Think the whole single cut thing is a bit like marmite, which I also like
  2. [attachment=102906:Japanese_car_accident.jpg] bump
  3. This is a bit of a feeler as I've only recently picked this up from Manu Berdin in a trade. Unfortunately I'm looking for something to string E-C and whilst this is an amazing bass in all respects it's not working for me tonally in the upper register despite a few different string types and set ups. I've restrung it back B-G and it works much better but I'm just not getting a warm glow that this will work for me in the longer term. Open minded regarding where this goes. Sale wise I'm after £1,200 as this is what I put into the trade with Manu, trade wise it needs to be a 6 or 5 that will work with the tuning I've described - I'm already good for old school so looking for something modern. It's also possible that I might just need to hold onto the Stam as it's a true beaut in all respects - perhaps the tone will grow on me. I've added some quick pics taken today plus here is a link to Manu's post (hope you don't mind Manu) which contains the detailed spec for the bass as well as some additional pictures. The bass is also featured on the Stam website if you're interested. TKL hardcase is included. [attachment=102876:20120318_155326.jpg][attachment=102877:20120318_155358.jpg][attachment=102875:20120318_155422.jpg][attachment=102879:20120318_155343.jpg][attachment=102878:20120318_155318.jpg] [url="http://basschat.co.uk/topic/167699-5-strings-stambaugh-singlecut/page__p__1535918__hl__stambaugh__fromsearch__1#entry1535918"]http://basschat.co.u..._1#entry1535918[/url] Bass is in Norwich if you fancy a twang
  4. 100% endorse this muff - wouldn't be without mine
  5. Arpi sent me a couple of clips of this - looks and sounds great. Unfortunately I can't move on it right now or I would but someone is going to be very happy with this. Mustard bridge pickup sound - maple and aguilar.... nice
  6. Keep it keep it keep it keep it Seriously, keep it Can you not get anywhere close to the tone you need....? We've all been here
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Best cab ever i really would like two but my wife will leave me
  9. Bump for a 'peg superduperbarg its a cottenpickingninnymuggins price guys!
  10. Great bass, the early ones are really nice. Very close to the JP tone with little fiddling. Not many around in this colour and it looks in great nick, super start to the year for someone (with groats to spare)
  11. Still a nice bass. One of the few signatures that comes pretty close to the artists sound without having to faff a lot. Bebop licks not included in either model though..... Brrrrmp
  12. Bump for a great bass and top guy. Turns out this is not for me but it'll make a fantastic Xmas prezzie for someone BARMP
  13. Think there's a functional bit and an aesthetic bit. in my experience 2k lets you cover the first really well, the rest is icing on the cake. All subjective though....
  14. Haha, i like it mate you just need to learn to love it too! Rum stingray!
  15. bump as amended - last go before the evil bay......
  16. Beauty Beauty need some EUR.... back in a bit
  17. IF you did it, which seems unlikely, what would you actually gain. It must be easier to simply switch the neck or the bass? Don't close any doors you don't have to close etc... ??
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