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  1. Bump for a great bass and top guy. Turns out this is not for me but it'll make a fantastic Xmas prezzie for someone BARMP
  2. Think there's a functional bit and an aesthetic bit. in my experience 2k lets you cover the first really well, the rest is icing on the cake. All subjective though....
  3. Haha, i like it mate you just need to learn to love it too! Rum stingray!
  4. bump as amended - last go before the evil bay......
  5. Beauty Beauty need some EUR.... back in a bit
  6. IF you did it, which seems unlikely, what would you actually gain. It must be easier to simply switch the neck or the bass? Don't close any doors you don't have to close etc... ??
  7. ....and spacing is 18mm All pms replied to I think, let me know if any more info needed
  8. Had a few PMs on the scale lenth of the Skjold - it's 35
  9. Recently picked one of these up from Moos3h - great basses. A very good way to go for the money if you're looking for a modern J. Hardware and spec very good indeed with some really nice sounds. I just don't need two Bob! Bump for your sale, someone will snap this up soon
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  13. Totally agree with the comments about technique, damage etc. Be warned!! Coming from bass guitar if you go for your finger ends you can expect them to quickly blister and the ends to drop off. You need to get some meat behind those strings! For me the upright is just a completely different instrument. If feels different, responds differently and makes you think about what to play in completely different ways to bass guitar. Gear is a real red herring, the sound is ultimately in your hands far more so that bass guitar and it can be really difficult working out how to get a good stage sound. DB seems to be more vunerable to poor rooms, positioning etc so it's aways worth keeping that in mind. Slam dunk it's great to try before you commit but in my experience you will need to invest a fair bit of yourself in DB before you can really work out if it's for you. It's also worth considering that it's a difficult bugger to play at first, not helped by the fact that a cheap starter instrument will demand far more from you to make it work. The physical relationship between you and the bass is massive in comparison to DB. A better quality bass will sing better and do more for you however this could run you some serious folding by which time you've probably worked a lot of this out for yourself.... Bottom line whatever your motivation it's well worth a look. DB opens up loads of musical opportunities for you and it's a massively fulfilling instrument once you've aligned yourself with it. Best of luck
  14. I used to have a 6 string version of this bass, different body woods though. The LP pickups were fantastic and I regret letting it go. Nice bass Black Eyes, sure someone will want to give it a good home.
  15. Thanks chaps, yes it's a 6 (or it might be a 6.5 - I think that's what they use on them now). My mistake. Could I just point out that I'm not the kind of guys that makes a habit of exagerating the size of things by 4 inches. It's a pretty effective set up, especially with the controls on the side. Good stand alone cab.
  16. Just collected a very nice Epifani s2 UL310 from Jamie. Badge to follow however the cab itself is tip top and makes great bass noises when connected to other bass things. Good guy to deal with and I very much needed and enjoyed the wee I had in his loo. It's a long way to Canterbury.
  17. Bought a Cort Elrick from Mick a month or so ago. Nice bass but arrived damaged. Mick was very good at staying in touch intially and pledged to cover a reasonable amount of the repair cost. Unfortunately after an albiet slightly lengthy period to get the bass fixed he has gone dark. Seems to be a stand up guy from the rest of the BC feedback and from our initial dealings - I don't know what has happened to him so can't comment. Just wanted to leave something reasonable. Bass was great!
  18. Following a trip to Dood's house last night I'm down one cab and a bass but up one Spector LX. Dood, you are a very bad man but thank you for the bass! This leaves the Skjold FS only but the good news is I can take a little haircut on the price thanks to Dood's generosity - now £1,200. Bought from Claude through BC a while back, I've put it back to standard tuning (it was at E-F) plus replaced the pickup selector switch with a standard pan. East pre, BEM top and headstock facing, black hardware. Bolt-on. What else can I tell you? I think that in the future I'll regret letting this go but the reality is I'm just more at home on a 5 and this does not get the air-time it deserves with me. Comes with a soft hardcase. [attachment=94058:IMG_3967.JPG][attachment=94057:IMG_3968.JPG][attachment=94056:IMG_3969.JPG][attachment=94055:IMG_3970.JPG][attachment=94054:IMG_3971.JPG] Of course any questions on any of this please get in touch. I'm in Norwich and you are very welcome to try before you buy etc. Thanks, Andy
  19. Bought a G&L Tribute from Tom a short while ago - taken me a few weeks to get around to feedback - excellent deal throughout, good communication, prompt and safe shipping and a tip top bass. A reliable and honest guy to deal with. Thanks Tom.
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