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  1. Pete is a great guy to deal with. Very flexible and keeps his gear in A1 condition. Just drove over 100 miles to meet and help me out. Deal with confidence! Cheers Pete
  2. SVT6 sold bump, HLF down to 375 I'm mad, I am - get it before an adult comes along and stops me
  3. Sorry mate, not right now but thanks for the offer
  4. F1 withdrawn I'm afraid - not sure if the prev mentioned fault is 100% fixed. Got to be kosherbump
  5. Hello there, Stag - SVT6 is great, less complex than the 5 and a bit more tubey (the voltage control is very good). No doubt I will end up buying another one 18 months after this is sold. Wicked amp, just looking to go lightweight. Mwoit - yes, can look at shipping the F1 at your cost mate. Plenty of interest in this at the mo so it might disappear soon! BTW - it's not a contradiction that I'm moving the F1 whilst wanting a lightweight solution, I'd like to go with one amp so it needs to be something with a bit more power than the F1. A
  6. Cheers mate - best thing about it is the high pass filter - lots of nice reverbs on the top and no muddy bass wouldn't be without it
  7. pics added bump - F1 pics to follow - lost the file DOHBUMP!
  8. Dear all, Updated - F1 withdrawn, SVT6 Sold After much soul searching, investigation etc I've decided to move a few amplification device/utility/type-things on. No doubt shortly afterwards I will regret this and attempt to re-acquire them, however this is what we do I guess so here goes. Ampeg 610hlf (cringing on this one as I type). Probably the best cab I have ever owned but looking for something lighter/more portable. 6x10 plus tweeter with the usual variable control on the rear. 600w 4 ohms, ported so nice and deep. Excellent working order - but TATTY condition, lots of dinks and tears on the tolex, it has done some miles. On the plus side I've replaced the wheels with some larger rear ones and casters on the front - helps with the movement a lot and very slightly angles the cab up on stage. £400 'cause it's tatty - no hold on, more price drop madness - £375 of money for this beauty!!!!! [attachment=110827:20120618_193156.jpg][attachment=110828:20120618_193207.jpg] Hartke 4.5XL. Great 410 cab - just too heavy. Again I've added casters to this which helps. This is an older model with jack only inputs but still sounds great. Very good condition. £100 please. 400W 8ohms - sounds much bigger than this. [attachment=110829:20120618_193221.jpg] Markbass F1 now withdrawn I'm afraid - not sure if the fault was fixed! All are in Norwich where a warm low end welcome and cup of tea awaits anyone interested in trying any of this stuff. I will travel a bit to handover for petrol costs etc. Trades are possible but it would need to be for something quality, portable but still big enough to cover reasonable stage work. Cheers, Andy
  9. Yes, not a winning proposition cost wise. I recently sold one of these for £much less, however it is a great pedal. Better than the big boy Q-tron+ that I replaced it with.
  10. I bought this a few months back not really as a compressor but more as a kind of valve preamp to warm things up a little. Works great in this capacity but due to some other changes I've made I'm kind of covered on the valve pre side of things. It's a great compressor too I think but I'm not really into compression and with it's fairly large footprint on the board I'm afraid it's now in the departure lounge.... [attachment=109504:20120605_122711.jpg][attachment=109505:20120605_122635.jpg] It's in great condition with the original EHX power supply, box and leaflets/instructions etc. Looking for £60 posted in UK please.
  11. Twas my bass, excellent instrument but didn't work for me with a high c. Sorry you didn't like it David, someone will end up with a great bass here. Btw, the rim 6 is working out great!
  12. I used to use one of these. Great fretless emulator. Barg for 200 with the pickup....
  13. I've never really seen a dolphin that looked like it had any neck. Some pics would help!
  14. Nice subtle pic of the proton in the back Bigwan - incumbent and pretender! How you finding the 3leaf, I like yourself, am on the quest for the holy filter. Although from talking with Shep recently I think my problem is more pilot error.....
  15. Nope, I'm going to try it with a blender to see it this will help integrate it.
  16. A beauty, bummer to hear you can't play it. I would need help from someone else!
  17. Sorry - my mistake - it's the Qtron plus I'm looking to move...! Doh
  18. Just bought an earlier version of this from Horrorshowbass and it's excellent. I would imagine this is even better as it's been painted orange. A true box of filth.
  19. Great stuff, even the bits I don't get. BC is without a doubt a force for good. Thanks for this.
  20. Just bought an EHX ring mod from Ted. Mint condition, well packed and shipped and good coms throughout. I wholeheartedly recommend the Ted Manzie experience!!!
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