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  1. Nope sorry 😂 too long ago
  2. Haven’t been here for a while! yeah this was my bass for couple of months from june 2012 it was a great bass as I remember, a bit heavy but with great personality, and one of the first custom level basses I’ve had enjoy!
  3. its just an annoying feeling that i have to pair a mesa sound to the cab, amp or preamp (O.C.D)
  4. Hi! ive just bought a Mesa Boogie Subway 1x12 cab and i have a Markbass big bang. im thinking or to change my amp to a D800 or buy a subway preamp and keep the markbass what do you think?
  5. Doesn’t get better than this!!
  6. trade for a kidney? a custom shop 1986 1 of 2 ever made, in great condition, no dings or stones ( i hope)
  7. had one, and its a great bass for the bass, takes on a lot bigger and more expensive basses
  8. Thats beautiful, Precisions are not my thing, but in this case, if i had the cash, i would grab it instantly!
  9. [color=#1D2129]Selling my amazing seraphim reverb pedal, works amazing with bass, has a great shimmer option[/color] [color=#1D2129]New condition![/color] [color=#1D2129][/color]
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