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  1. LEJ 33" scale 24 frett 6 string 19mm broidge reverse headstock, maple board w/ black blocks and binding ash body LE pre with 2/3 band LE Custom pickups Weight 9.4lbs
  2. 2004 American Deluxe Plays great, fairly low action. Has a couple of dings shown in the pics. Weighs 7.9lbs.Price shipped from USA with neck off the body due to size constraints.
  3. 2018 American Fender Elite Alder body Maple neck Macassar Ebony Fretboard Aguilar Dual Coil Pickups (I do not have original pups) Fender 18 volt preamp 34” scale 19mm string spacing 10.2lbs Original Price Shipped from US world wide with neck off the body due to size constraints
  4. Ken Smith BJ-HFSB Hadrien Feraud Signature Burner 5 String Fretted Bass featuring an absolutely stunning Buckeye Burl Top over a solid Walnut Body with a Quartersawn Macassar Ebony Finger Board atop a three piece graphite inlaid maple neck, an 18 Volt circuit featuring the Smith Pre-Amp and black hardware. This is simply one of the most breath taking tops I have ever seen on a musical instrument period. This is the elusive Hadrien Feraud Signature Model which is usually only released to Japanese Markets Complete with Ken Smith J-Style single coils
  5. 1996 Ken Smith BT5 Maple Body Maple 5 piece neck Morado fretboard Smith Pickups Bartolini preamp (Installed by previous owner, I do not have original pre) Ken Smith hardshell beater case
  6. Body: ash Color: black Fret: Jescar 6150 Silver Nickel Pickups: Xotic Original Pickups Tuner: HipShot Ultra Light Bridge: HipShot A-Style Bass Bridge (Brass) Control: volume, balance, tone & 3-band EQ Push/Pull Volume for Active/Passive Preamp: EWS Tri-logic Hardware: chrome Strap Button: Gotoh HRI hum-cancelling system 34" Scale 19mm string spacing
  7. Lakland 5594 Alder Body Maple neck Maple Fretboard Original Bartolini Pickups and preamp (the Previous Owner swapped out) 35" Scale 19mm string spacing Original Hardshell case Weight 8.5lbs Ships from US
  8. Atelier 6 String Bass Guitar Flamed Maple Top Ash body Maple neck Maple fretboard Atelier humcancelling pickups Bartolini NTB918 Active preamp Weight 10.4lbs 19mm string spacing 34” scale Action low and bass plays great. Not really looking for trades Ships from US
  9. Fodera Monarch Elite 5 Bubinga Back with Mahogany Body Wings Ash Tone Block Full quilted Maple Top with Matching Quilted Maple Headstock 3 Piece Maple Neck with Birdseye Maple Fretboard Beautiful Abalone Blocks and Matching Abalone Butterfly Birdseye Maple pickup covers Fodera Pope custom 3-band preamp Fodera Duncan Custom Dual Coil Pickups 35" scale/ 19mm spacing Fodera Teardrop Case Bass was autographed on the headstock by famous bass players Wooten, Wellington and a few others. Bass is warm sounding but has an awesome slap sound! You can get a nice 70's jazz bass sound or a really articulate/ percussive fingertone!
  10. Ash body 19mm string spacing 34” scale Maple neck Maple fretboard Active Preamp Ships from US Very versatile with humbucker in bridge location.
  11. Recently got a couple of basses in trade so I have posted most of them to downsize. Strap lock relocated to inside but original hole is still there. This bass has a fast neck with Amazing Slap tone. Here are the specs. Hipshot tuners, bridge, zero fret design 35” scale Weight is mid 9’s Swamp ash body, no top wenge neck wenge fretboard. The finish was done by a guy that wanted to have some of his finish work on display at NAMM and was never a standard feature/option. Bartolini linear hum cancelling J-coil pickups and 3-band pre-amp with active defeat and switchable mid-frequency (3 frequency centers, 250 / 500 / 800).” Ships from US
  12. You're looking at a very nice USA built MTD 635. This bass plays and sound excellent. Upgraded Nordstrand pickups and 3 band preamp. Push pull active/passive and push-pull mids Parallel/Single coil switch for the pickups. This is an earlier built model. #495 Bass has been professionally refinished. When I say professionally, I mean that with no exaggeration at all. The pictures don't lie. Plays like butter. Sounds better than your average MTD with the stock Bart system if you ask me. Comes with Original electronics as well
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