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  1. Having owned 2 Steinberger XL2s in my time, a subject close to my heart. I’d prefer to have too much than too little tbh as I can always damp it out if needed via foam, or my preference, I side-palm mute at the bridge while playing with a pick. My current ‘Ray Classic has mutes which I deploy more often than not, as it has amazing sustain for a wooden bass. Its like talking about space with cars and houses, too much is mostly never a problem, too little can be,
  2. When I first got a chance to try a Stingray in 1985 in Sound Control in Glasgow, , it immediately said “yes” to me - sound, neck, build, looks everything. Couldn’t afford one at the time as I was a poor student from a single parent family. However now fortunate enough to have owned a few in my time, with an ‘88 2EQ and my current Classic being favourites, Still get *that* feeling every time I pick it up and my 13yo son loves it too. Chuffed that he can get the chance to play what, for me, was an unaffordable dream for years.
  3. Guy famously owned a Steinberger L2 which got nicked and he revealed on here he still hadn’t got it back, thinks it’s in France somewhere.
  4. Yep, £500 and upwards a pop on eBay. Even resellers like Headless USA acknowledge they’re almost always missing from L2s. Having owned (and still miss) a couple of XL2s in my time, the latter flip rest works well and is, of course, impossible to lose,
  5. I’ve had 2EQ Sub and Stingrays, my current squeeze being a Classic, and I always have bass up full, and use the treble like you would a passive tone. Start with it fully off, then bring it in until you get the bite you need. Or leave it off and go full-on dub/reggae...
  6. “The MusicMan Stingray’s a one-trick pony”
  7. It’s reassured me that my almost fanatical 35 year affection for 2EQ Stingrays is not unusual, that Precisions *need* to be beaten-up sunburst, with flats and a rosewood board, and that the Steinberger XL2 is a bona-fide design classic which I was lucky enough to own for the first time thanks to Basschat.
  8. I’m a Stingray guy. For years, my ‘88 maple 2EQ was definitely the best I’d played and that included post-2000 2EQ and 3EQs. 88 had a great neck, loads of mojo and a brilliant sound. Had to sell for financial reasons. My current Classic betters even the 88. Neck as playable but looks amazing with Birdseye, sound is incredible - as good as 88 but with more sustain owing to through stringing, mutes needed to damp it down. Only other options would be an HH (don’t like the 3EQ though - albeit it does decent P and J tones) or maybe a Sabre Classic (2EQ but with two pickups and as rare as rocking horse droppings)
  9. Some of Duran Durans stuff back in the day was decent albeit a bit octavey, as picked up by the great Guy Pratt in one of his skits.
  10. Love a genuinely beaten-up sunburst/rosewood P. First one is a YOB late 60s I spotted on the ‘Bay but couldn’t afford, second is the great Martyn Casey’s of the Bad Seeds which is an early 60s I believe.
  11. Sell it and get a Stingray HH. You can get decent P andJ approximations plus original Ray goodness. Jobs a good un’
  12. Fortunate enough to have had both lined and unlined Stingrays in my time, and much prefer unlined as I tended to overthink/over rely on watching my playing with lined rather than just intonating from muscle memory. Spookily enough sold my last 2EQ Pino-inspired one to the previous poster, Mr Old Horse of this parish many moons ago...
  13. Wow. Literally the best naturally mojo-ed sunburst finish I’ve ever seen on a Fender. GLWTS/T dude
  14. The 2014 will also have rolled edges on the fingerboard, graphite-reinforced neck plus string-through body (high mass bridge can accommodate both conventional back-of-bridge stringing and through body). Probably a technically better bass, but if you’re into the vintage vibe, you’re into the vintage vibe... A worn sunburst nitrocellulose vintage P is a thing of beauty.
  15. I had a 2008 USA P with an identical profile neck, known as a modern C profile. 41mm nut, fairly shallow, rolled edges. Very, very comfy to play, probably the best P neck I’ve used.
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