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  1. I've owned a few Stingrays (2 and 3 band) plus a SUB (2 band) in my time, and have to say my current Stingray Classic is by some measure the best of the bunch. What really stands out for me is the exceptional sustain (due to the through body bridge) which is so good, I'm having to resort to the mutes a lot of the time just to avoid having to side hand-damp to control it and get my usual licks down (nice problem to have though) I used to own a Steinberger XL2 graphite and sustain is in the same ballpark its that good. Finish is outstanding - more traditional than the new Specials obviously and the birdseye neck is an object of beauty. I've been playing for about 34 years and used to say my old '88 2EQ 'Ray was the best wooden bass I'd owned, the XL2 was the best bass I'd owned. The Classic surpasses them both, cannot recommend highly enough.
  2. Great deal with Gary for his Classic ‘Ray. Great price, great communcation, patient when an unexpected courier hitch happened, and the bottom line being the bass is utterly amazing. Deal with confidence folks.
  3. Smooth deal with Luke for my Precision. Fast payment, good comms, patient when an unforeseen courier delay occurred and top bloke all round. Enjoy the bass mate.
  4. Now sold and on its way to new owner. Thanks for all the interest folks.
  5. Wee bump and a price reduction to £725 owing to incoming. Had a few trade offers, just to confirm its sale only to fund new Bass. Cheers
  6. For sale, 2008 USA Standard Fender Precision in the classic sunburst/rosewood combo. Bass features rolled fingerboard edges, graphite-reinforced neck rods, through-strung Fender bridge. It doesn’t come with the 2012-2016 1962 Custom Shop pickups, however sounds absolutely brilliant without (I did swither about retrofitting, but decided if it ain’t broke…) Some minor wear and tear – few small dings and scratches on back/top bout, however this makes it giggable straight out he box if you’re not bothered about a pristine bass. Fitted with well-aged roundwounds which sound almost flatwound-esque with tone rolled off fingerstyle, and classically middly with pick and tone wound up. Brilliant, middly, thumpy fundamental P tone, and nice variation available via tone pot as with all good P basses. 41mm nut and ultra-comfy modern C neck profile. Weight is around 8.5-9lbs mark which makes it very giggable. Great, great bass, only selling as my dream 2EQ ‘Ray came up in this forum, and I’ve always been a Stingray guy for decades. NOW REDUCED TO £725 with Fender gigbag or £775 with Gator hardshell case, plus postage. Bass is located in Central Scotland (just south of Glasgow), handy for all major motorway networks, and shipping is do-able in UK. Happy to meet up within reasonable distance for handover if needed. Please feel free to check my feedback from several years/transactions on here. Cheers.
  7. Don’t discount a slightly earlier than 2012 USA standard P. Mines a 2008 sunburst/rosewood, and this era still has rolled fingerboard edges, graphite-reinforced neck, through strung body. Only thing missing is the 62 Custom Shop pickup, but mine still sounds *damn* good. You can always go down pickup replacement route if needs be...
  8. The quality that makes you want to pick it up and play it again and again. Few dings so you’re not too precious about getting stuck in, nice comfy neck, great sound. Had both basses with real mojo plus decent relics like Limelight, both kinda do it for me. My current USA P has just the right amount of dings and playwear, plus a nice rolled edge neck, so it’s great to pick up whenever.
  9. My old Limelight P had a great range of tones, brilliant both for tone rolled off muted Motown fingerstyle, and tone full up rock and indie picking. My USA Fender P probably has a better fundamental tone which sounds great whatever, but doesn’t have the variation of the Limelight. Plus, of course, you can beat the utter crap outa the Limelight without worrying about dings and scratches...
  10. My old 88 2EQ is still the best wooden bass I’ve ever owned (and the one I regret selling the most)
  11. Probably the only bass I’ve had I’ve hated was an early 2000s MIM Precision, which I had to buy at short notice. Played OK, but sound was poor, tinny, clanky, one-dimensional. Put me off Ps for years until a Squier Matt Freeman got me back onside.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. It’s the law of diminishing returns, you see if for high end pieces in any market cars, watches,hifi etc. You to pay an incrementally huge premium for not the same amount of increased performance and quality. If you can afford it and it matters to you, great. Personally I’d get a used US standard P, a Ray and a fretless Ray for that kinda money and I’d have all my Pino basses covered, so to speak.
  14. They’re not overrated, but those (like me) who love them, really love them. I’ve owned 2 and 3EQ variants, and much prefer the 2EQ for its simplicity and beefier (to me) tone. Never had any G issues either, I find that people who don’t know them that well tend to max all the controls, giving you a trebly, scooped slap tone, and think that’s all they can do, hence the one trick pony perception. With the 2EQ, I tend to max the bass, have the treble almost all the way off, and just fine tune the treble until you get just the bite you need. The Ray, more so than any bass I’ve owned (e.g. Precision’s, Jazzes) is incredibly sensitive to hand position, play next to the neck and you get almost double-bass like tone, towards or over pickup really sharpens it up. Pick tones are great, and we all know what a good slap tone it has. One trick pony my a**e. Id also state that the quality on Rays is incredibly consistent, I’ve had bad Fender Precisions in my time, but never a bad Ray, I’d also include a USA Sub I owned in this statement also. The active argument is interesting, I remember taking over from a P player at a band rehearsal (thrashy indie type outfit) and the drummer saying to me “god, I can actually hear you” so some guys do prefer active for that reason. I accept however that for some other gigs and/or sound requirements, a P would be ideal.
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