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  2. This thread is making me wonder about swapping my pair of One10 for a pair of SC. Anyone done that swap? I play old big band so to hear the SC works with an old RnB sound seems a good fit.
  3. That's really interesting, as a sometime designer of speakers I'm always really interested in people's experiences with new gear. The real problem with designing stuff people will like is that the language of engineers is so different from the language used by musicians and the words we use generally to describe sound mean different things to each of us. Ask a hundred bassists what they mean by heft for example...... Anyway we've done some blind shoot outs of a collection of cabs at a couple of the South West Bass Bashes. The last one involved a mix of 12" cabs including a Mark Bass. Technically it was the least impressive of the speakers (partly because it was modestly priced to be fair) The bass response was peaking by about 4dBat 100Hz and there was very little deep bass, the horn was poor quality and the crossover not very well worked out. Bassically it was all boom and tizz with all sorts of distortions. This was compared with @stevie high end FRFR design a Fearless and a couple of other high end FRFR designs. The Mark Bass was the speaker liked by the biggest section of the bassists present. Interestingly people scored it as the best or the worst speaker on display. It was Marmite. Interestingly for a speaker with a poor response below 100Hz it was described as being very bassy. It was easily the loudest of the cabs we tested, but on the sound level meter it measured no louder than the others. It had a shouty frequency response that made it subjectively loud. The thing is that we could all hear the differences and they were measurable, we just didn't agree which sounded best. So maybe you are like the majority, you aren't looking for a clean neutral sound but want grit, growl, bite and heft. Nothing wrong with the Mark Bass approach if you like their 'sound'. I loved my old Hartke HA3500 and my Peavey MkIII with a 2x15 before it. Rationally I know I ought to like FRFR with tone shaping to get the best tone but in practice on a live gig with 20min to set up you can't beat a bit of baked in tone. Just before the lockdown I bought a Peavey minimax, absolutely loved it in the few gigs I squeezed in with it. It was a stopgap for my MBTube which I dropped off the stack and broke. It's going to be my go-to for a while I think, love the little thing. There's one on sale in the ads here, bargain.
  4. @yorks5stringer @sammybee I’ve seen clips of Leland Sklar before, good shout! But thank you both, will check them both out properly.
  5. It's not actually the colour - I prefer the CV style poly necks for some reason and they don't gloss the unfinished ones unfortunately. Think it's just familiarity from starting learning on an old Jazz with a gloss neck.
  6. My favourite (because he plays a lot of 70's/80's soul/boogie/disco) is a guy called BelgaBass. A man of few words, but his playing is on point. Often playing very tasty pieces of vintage gear too.
  7. Leland Sklar is who I've been watching. He's played on more tracks than anyone else and whilst not every episode has him playing, he knows virtually everyone and has an anecdote from almost every session he has done.
  8. Likewise. My voice broke, and it really did break. If I've a sore throat or have slept with my mouth open, I sound like Darth Vader/Barry White's mutant offspring. There's a reason I play an instrument 🤣 Edit- and I look stupid wearing a guitar. They're just too small against me, even though I'm only of average size...
  9. It might be pure coincidence. Nice basses though - not many seen in caramel.
  10. Does it sound even remotely like a stick? I love the Stick's ringing, resonant low-end. Less so, it's twangy melody strings. I always liked the look of the NS. And the SB8, too.
  11. I think the 5ers have significantly flatter necks than the 4 string Yammys, so I'm not sure we can do a straightforward read across from the 4s to the 5s? I did have both a 425 and 735A but not at the same time and I don't currently have either in my herd, so I'd be hard pressed to give an accurate comparison; but I've found all the necks on my Yammy 5ers very comfortable indeed to play. Might be worth sharing that the BB425 is the only bass I've ever had sufficient seller's regret to replace!
  12. I am self taught, my friend, so I am liable to poor practices when transcribing. Will revisit in line with your comments. Just bought Gould's Behind Bars to try and improve. I wanted to do the Trio version, the first one I heard, but I couldn't find it and tried the OMO version instead.
  13. Nice! Thanks mate, instant subscribe.
  14. Ed Friedland (The Bass Whisperer), is a favourite of mine. He is a pro bassist, who also writes books on how to play bass. His bass reviews are to the point and articulate. He also tours and records with The Mavericks, a US Mexican/Americana type band.
  15. It’s a 473k which should be ok 🤔
  16. Hello people! I’m keen to follow more bass stuff on YouTube. Who do you recommend? I’m big into ‘all about the bass’ on Andertons, Scott’s Devine of Scott’s Bass Lessons is interesting to watch too, not just on the Bass Lessons front but with the interviews he does and the brand history sort of stuff - I love all that kinda thing. Adam Aarts does pretty cool gear demos, particularly of pedals to give you an idea of how it sounds on bass, which is what pushed me to buy my Walrus Audio Slö Reverb (which is nuts by the way - might do a review of that soon) I’d quite like to find some more interview sort of stuff cause that’s always cool to watch or stuff that engages the audience somehow, like jam tracks, posting in photos whatever! If anyone’s got any recommendations - put them on me! Cheers 😁
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  18. Not quite the answer your after but from the 4 string equivalent i find the 424x is definitely thicker front to back but in a good way. You know its there but its not thick or bulky, just right really. The 734a is definitely shallower front to back. Feels slimmer in the hand. Although its bigger it has more in common with a Jazz neck than the 424x. Hopefully the 5 string equivalents will follow suite. Either way they are definitely different. Depends on what type of neck you prefer
  19. Man, I just checked out your videos in Youtube... You have a new subscriber. Wonderful! The bass is really nice too.
  20. The Delano pickups should have plenty of top end. What are the pot values? If they're 250k you could try changing them to 500k which would brighten up the sound.
  21. That would be pretty cool to own everything from a 414 right up to a P34. I have managed to get to 56 years of age and have never even held a Fender bass let alone played or owned one. I think its time i finally ticked that box. Suspect they would have a hell of a lot to go to match my BB's
  22. So are you going to buy my bass or not? 😝
  23. Today
  24. I got my Carmel off @itsmeDunc quite some time ago. Love the 424x got that from @Mojo. I've got my on something on here so i may have to let one off my BBs go to raise some funds. Not sure what would sell quickest.
  25. That's a seriously nice collection. Back in the day, before lockdown was a thing and bands played live music, we would have described your four Yammys as "a full Trav". But he's since been seduced by Sadowskys... You just need a BB P34 to round that collection off. And when you do, let us know. I can put you in touch with a chap who is definitely going to sell his. We'll at some point. Or maybe not. But get him on the right day...
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