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  2. I use the most basic, cheap USB to MIDI cable and have no problems with connections. https://www.amazon.com/VicTsing-Cable-Converter-Keyboard-Adapter/dp/B00ACGMOA6
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  4. My advice is listen to several 'bass only' or 'bass and drums' multitracks from your favourite bands on youtube etc. You'll be amazed at how awful (even amateurish) they sound isolated, but brilliant in the mix. For recording a beautiful loud thumping live bass tone isnt always the way to go. I've had best results with quite a messy, over driven, basic sound which picks up all kinds of clank and fret noise.
  5. I just purchased that replacement PCB. So grateful for both of your help, you’ve saved me so much hassle.
  6. I didn’t even consider this... thank you so much for that link.
  7. Apologies, the pots are marked B100K and thank you for your suggestions!
  8. I remember these sounding quite nice and louder than a really loud thing twice its size. Its got to be a bargain too. GLWTS.
  9. Fair enough but the Elite has only been out 3 years, can't imagine they've changed the pups yet but they're stock from first year of production. I know it won't damage them but I want to know if it's going to affect the sound negatively as they're plug ins and I don't fancy cutting the wires to find I've screwed the pooch. Hence my appeal to anyone with 1st hand experience of this particular issue.
  10. Yes I did read your post but manufacturers change pups during production runs. Also some pickups are low impedance, some are high impedance, so m I are designed specifically for use with pre amp and do not work well passively. The only thing I can say is that you will not damage the pups running them passively.
  11. Hmmm, curious to try this. Whereabouts in East London are you?
  12. I see you've not read any of my original post then... 😬 Or the title, or any of the bits where I've mentioned it's a Fender Elite 😅
  13. I can’t say as I don’t know what pups they’re fitted with.
  14. Nah - you're very welcome here! (I'll amend the thread title to be inclusive of both the AO900 and the M900 Mk2) And congrats on the new amp - looks great!! What cab are you pairing it with?
  15. I know he does a decent, tidy job. I also know I could do/have done a good enough albeit messier job, but what I'm trying to figure out is if bypassing the preamp will clear up the sound of the pups in the Elite or if I should change them completely. Can anyone speak to that?
  16. Done that. My sonic port is going on eBay
  17. If it’s any help I’ve just used Eurosender to ship a bass to Itu in Helsinki. Here’s my experience. I found, like others above, it was initially difficult to get a price so that one could quote and charge the buyer beforehand. It’s easy to start an order and get a price for a package with the sizes and the weight, but insurance wasn’t quoted without going through the whole process. However, there is a pop up thingamy offering chat and I got a quote straight away. It’s €12.99 up to €1,000, and €17.99 up to €2,000, which includes VAT of 17%. The package was €56.99 up to 20 kilos again including VAT. Collected from my door and delivered to Helsinki in the three working days they quoted. Tracking information was detailed and accurate throughout. I would have no hesitation in recommending Eurosender, which seems to be a company which uses several different transport agencies, in my case it was an English carrier who collected my bass, tracking information and actual carriage to Finland was provided by GLS Group. The invoice was provided by Eurosender. My only slight gripe was that I could not find anywhere to note the Basschat10 discount key to claim the discount, although I did put it in the comments box. I thought that the price paid was very competitive anyway. Hope this is useful. Graham
  18. Here you go https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fender-Am-Dlx-Dimension-Bass-V-Hh-Control-Assy-Board-PCB-Pots-2HK-Blue-IV-V/323933269665?hash=item4b6bed6ea1:g:aXIAAOSwfPFbRe2A
  19. No disrespect to @KiOgon but the wiring will have little effect on the sound. His pre-wired systems are very neat and easy to install but to claim anything else is misleading.
  20. Sounds like pickup height to me too. Adjust for string balance not a fixed distance to the strings,
  21. Fender will find it difficult to help as they don't list parts for the pots separately. The part number 770019100 is for the PCB and the pots. That's the HH version..... You will probably be better off sourcing the complete PCB - there was one on eBay just the other week. I have two Dimension Vs and keep an eye out for parts as Fender really struggle for supply of some of the more unique items.
  22. Just purchased a Sandberg from Colin. Was very friendly and easy to deal with, he even travelled an hour to meet me half way Another fine example of a basschatter! Cheers!
  23. I wonder if that was one of my old Wals (sold both in 2010) – one of which had a wood shim, although there must be loads with that type of adjustment – might be easier than fitting a mechanism, along with drilling through the neck plate
  24. It depends what kind of angle you are looking at but you could always add a full area wedge of ply, maple or similar hardness of wood to the bottom of the otherwise flat heel - either glued or unglued ( it's not going to be able to go anywhere). I worked on a beautiful (and valuable) Wal a couple of years ago and noted that was done like that (glued on in that particular case) so it shouldn't be regarded at all as a 'cheap' fix.
  25. Good video Pawel, I enjoyed that, nice one ☝️
  26. Thanks @Andyjr1515 – sounds about right – will have a think about it before committing Cheers!
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