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Is it on? Can’t see the lights.

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Playing outside gigs in the sunshine is great. But if you’ve got pedals at your feet it’s often impossible to see the power lights. 
So any creative ideas to overcome this or do we just have to stand on one foot and use the other to try and shade the pedal to see if its on?

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Depending on the brightness of the LED and the sun it might be just enough to surround the LED with black tape. I know this is not enough for some LED eg Samsamp BDDI deluxe which is already black, so it's a bit of a longshot but lots of  LED are painfully bright indoors so maybe you get lucky.


Otherwise you'll have to rig some shade. If a general hood over the board doesn't give you enough darkness you'll have to shade individual LED with little tunnels to view down. Line the bottom cm with aluminium foil and the rest black for a boost in the effective viewable angle.

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Should be easy to design a simple doohickey with a light sensitive resistor on the led which has a small circuit attached which controls a stepper motor to move a small flag into an up or down position.

Or just make a shade like suggested above.

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116ed458-def9-437a-9d6d-3708c32c4173_1.1A simple beach shelter will keep the sun off your pedals.










The lady can easily tell you whether they're on or not.


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3 hours ago, Jean-Luc Pickguard said:

 . . .   the bass will sound like a flatulent elephant—but in a good way. I hope this helps.

My bandmates often tell me something about a break wind - it all makes scents now . . .



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28 minutes ago, Doctor J said:

You could replace the LEDs in your pedals with higher intensity versions which would be easier to see in daylight. It's fairly straightforward if you can wield a soldering iron.

Yes. Probably the best solution. 

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