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Do I need a compressor?


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3 hours ago, Osiris said:


The Aguilar TLC is a very transparent compressor, which isn't a bad thing if that's what you're looking for. However, if you're looking for a compressor that adds some punch, character or tonal magic to your sound it's definitely one to avoid. If you're looking for those qualities the Cali is the obvious choice. But there's plenty of options available depending on the style of compression that the player wants. 

Actually I've found the TLC is quite transparent until you get to the more extreme settings. It does a great 'crush the sh*t out of it' 80s style tone when it's cranked up.

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2 hours ago, Bunion said:

Buy a spectra comp one knob compressor to start with.
They sound great and secondhand are great value for the quality.

They appear regularly on the market place.

Run through a few of the settings and see where your at, many people stick with them though.

There’s some really good presets in the App and they take seconds to change.

The other bonus is they have a tiny footprint for the pedal board.

if you love what it does you can look at more expensive all singing and dancing models and get your money back on the spectra comp if you decide to sell.






The 'Captain East' toneprint is great. A tri band comp that tightens things up nicely and makes the bass nice and punchy without being squished. They're so cheap I've got 3, one for each bass with different settings to suit.

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