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  1. Show us yer fretlesses!

    Nice bass, but that string spacing...
  2. SOLD WARWICK Streamer Stage 2 NT 2006

    Yup! That´s a JANI
  3. Recommend a reverb?

    Take a look at the mxr.
  4. Ibanez SR jack plug problem

    Another vote on the lead upgrade. Never had that problem with my SR. Neutrik user too
  5. Recommend a reverb?

    The Marshall reflector is also a nice budget option. It can be used mono or stereo, controled with a expression pedal, and When you turn it off it still let the reverb fading (Spill Over).
  6. ON HOLDWarwick Streamer LX

    ohhh my... i can´t find my wallet. This is almost a giveaway.
  7. Musicman Bongo finally arrived today!

    That´s a beauty!! I´m jealous congrats!
  8. Price hike? G&L Tribute

    Thanks @pineweasel . 240€ circuitry?
  9. Price hike? G&L Tribute

    Well, now that you mention it. Excluding de £ factor, i can´t see any diference besides the price.
  10. Change String Spacing - Impact?

    I can't see any problem with that. If you wanted to increase the string spacing, that could lead you to a problem like runing out of fretboard. There are several brands out there with adjustable bridges. I think it's just a matter of personal preference. Edit: i Just remembered that depending on what kind of pickups you have, changing string spacing can generate some misalignments between strings and pole pieces.
  11. Neck Shim - best options

    I've shimed a bass before with relative sucess. And i say relative because the shim let a litle, barely noticeble gap between the neck and the pocket. In result, playability got better but it lost some attack and sustain. Any bit of Wood or plastic that not beeing in full contact Will have some side effects. Some might ear it some might not.
  12. Original work

    I´ve allways seen music as form of self expression. I love to hear others songs and compositions, but when it comes to play them, even dough it´s fun, they never felt the same way as creating something. So, originals for me
  13. 6 String Warwick £400

    Looks like a carolena body rockbass.