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  1. I would be crazy enough to make my own tuning pegs with epoxy paste. 😅
  2. A few things Come to my mind. The breaking angle at the nut. Try to press the string between the post and the nut to see if solves. The string winding also can cause some resonance especially when Overlapping. Truss rod. If by any means the truss rod is completely loosen it can also vibrate
  3. Junior is a top player. Love is work with Virgil Donati
  4. I once bought a a few different models. Good quality and variety http://rapidonline.com
  5. I have this same opinion and tried both strings on different basses
  6. Assuming neck and frets are OK, before adding a bit of curve to the neck, I would make shures all the strings are following de radius of the fretboard at the same height. You might have your E string lower than the others. Then I would check the neck relief.
  7. Like @DarkHeartsaid Switchcraf are great. I think those are stereo barrel output jacks.
  8. That looks a bit of (cheap) plastic, and the work dosen`t look very professional. I know the image is a bit magnified but.. i don`t know if you can call that señor a luthier. I think that depends on the context. Was this charged as low cost and fast solution or as premium service? Nonetheless, that might be a perfectly funcional nut.
  9. Looking great! So much better now! The previous finish looked like alder but after the oil the wood grain looks more like ash. 🤔
  10. well they still have the tonePump JR but i have no ideia how these barts compare to the emg ssd ,they used do have in the legend classic. I realy like the looks but i´m having second thoughts i realy have no idea what to expect soundwise. I tried an older version with ssd inc pu´s and thought they were ok. I Read something about the barts sounding scooped and that´s not good news for me.
  11. Dear Spector lovers, i might be joining the club one of these days i got my eye on one of the newest legend classic 5 with bartolinini soapbar PU´s. anyone tried one of those? if so what´s your opinion.
  12. Even the alloy are very heavy bridges . A 5 string bridge, plate and screws included, should weights about 380g, while the brass one should be arround 650g
  13. Can´t be shure about your`s , but both my 93 thumb Bo and the 96 streamer BO, had the alloy version. Anyway, you can tell one from another by the casting marks of the alloy version.
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