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  1. I love my sunburst P bass. However, when I got a little bored of the look I just do a little bit of redecorating. I swap the pickguards from black to tortoiseshell and the hardware from chrome to gold and the strings from rounds to flats to black tape wounds.
  2. Thank god for that!!! I was so close to pushing the button on buying the amp but not really the right time yet.
  3. I am now the proud owner of the bass synth wah. Super fast delivery and the pedal was brilliantly packed. Deal with mxm with confidence!
  4. Fantastic looking rig. The Handbox WB 100 is probably my next amp purchase. Shhh, please don’t tell the missus!!!
  5. I used a similar one at a jam night recently. Surprising quite loud with some great bass settings.
  6. If you get a compact you’ll probably have to turn it on its side as it believe it is 19” wide on top but 24” on its side so should fit/make the v4b look better. Plus you can always add another at a later date. Would look and sound incredibly!
  7. Hope this helps. Pf50 on top of a Supercompact and a compact.
  8. I think if you are wanting to squeeze every ounce of wattage out of the PF50 or a V4B then the Compacts are very sensitive (Loud) and light. If you get one with a cloth grill it will match up ok with an Ampeg quite nicely (ish)
  9. If you really want a 15. Can’t go wrong with a Barefaced Compact. Pick them up for around £250-£300 s/h. They are light and very loud. I A/B’d a friends one against my old Super Compact and personally preferred the sound of the Compact. It was also noticeably louder than the SC.
  10. This is lovely. I’m a die hard P bass fan but now I’m not so sure. I’m confused. Think I might be buy-curious? 😀
  11. I know you want a 15 but there’s a 212av for sale on here that seems good value. Might be worth considering too.
  12. I had the pleasure of seeing this bass in the flesh at a local jam night last week. It’s a real beauty. Matt’s a great guy too. Buy with confidence.
  13. Or the Handbox WB100. 120w all valve but quite light. 16-18k?
  14. Snap. Both Lozz and I posted at the same time.
  15. Ashdown ABM600 definitely worth considering.
  16. I have one. They have excellent microphones. Sound quality is superb.
  17. I had the first one. Regretted selling it as soon as it left the house. Great amps.
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