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SOLD, Mods please close. Limelight PJ Precision, faded Fiesta Red, J profile neck.

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Posted (edited)

This one is really going to hurt - But The "cull" must continue, sadly - I need to reduce the amount of "stuff" I own, and thin my collection (although this need has lessened a little lately).

For sale only is my Limelight medium relic Precision, in faded Fiesta Red. This really is a superbly built bass, as anyone who knows Mark's work really is.
NOTE: This bass has a Jazz width neck (which is what I asked Mark for)

I don't know what pickups Mark uses in his Limelight range - but they sound superb.... the bass has a lovely warm vintage tone. It weighs around 4kg, according to my digital scales. Currently strung with Round wounds, which are in great shape (I put flats on it for a while, but have recently put the supplied round-wounds back on it).

I don't have a case or spare gigbag, so you will need to bring your own. Collection only - or we can meet somewhere mutually convenient -  I have an excellent Bose Battery powered amp, or Vox Amp Headphones for you to listen to the bass. 






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3 hours ago, jbu09 said:

Looks like he winds his own pickups.. Info in the thread here and other links.



That could indeed be the case. As a matter of interest (well, to someone maybe lol) I bought a pickup from him, to fit to another bass.
The improvement in the sound from that bass was really noticeable too. Cheers

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1 hour ago, RaNoFuNkY said:

So tempted. Do you think that's a rosewood board (not ebony)? Looks really dark (which is ace)

It's definitely rosewood - that's what I asked Mark for. Yes, it's dark and it's lovely :) perhaps the darkest rosewood I've ever seen.

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Homer Simpson indeed. That's exactly the sort of For Sale listing that get all us grown-ups acting like 7-year olds in a sweet shop (or donut shop) :)

Beautiful bass, one of those rare instruments that just works visually. I've a fretless back that would sit wonderfully on that body. Mmmmm


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Posted (edited)
12 hours ago, Ander87 said:

Why’d you not do shipping 😭

such a nice bass!!

I hate posting expensive instruments, and it usually takes me forever to find suitable strong boxes & packing.
Also, it's expensive - and due to a sad past experience, I found the "insurance" wasn't worth the paper it was printed on.....

Last time I posted a bass went well - but the buyer sent me a suitable box and pre-paid the courier
I'd be open to that again, but I'd still prefer to know the buyer is happy anyway.

EDIT: Yes it really is a nice bass. If I didn't need to reduce the collection, and have a good old "life laundry" - I'd be keeping this one
But I recently acquired another bass, and I'm currently smitten with that new one.

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23 minutes ago, Ander87 said:

Thank you Marc! What's the weight on this beauty?

It's pretty much spot on 4kg. I weighed it on my digital scales, and they seem to be accurate.

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