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  1. This is a beautiful set up.. I wish I had some post Xmas money.. these things never come up when I have! GLWTS
  2. Apologies for arriving at this thread a bit late.. Are you suggesting the Fission as a replacement for the Pitchfork only or both that and the POG? I have no experience with the Fission but have been using a POG and was considering a Pitchfork to generate a 5th as you describe (power chord type feel).. would you suggest the Fission a better buy? The EHC stuff isn’t cheap and I want to do my homework before committing..
  3. Hi guys.. advice please. Bought this Cabronita bass super super cheap as a project but need advice on this neck damage (between 2nd and 3rd fret) please. No idea of the original cause of it but it’s basically a sharp splinter sticking up that needs bonding down and sanding flat somehow.. what should I use, do I need to open the crack wider to get glue/bond in deeper..? Anybody tackled something similar? All and any advice gratefully received with thanks.
  4. Apologies that this is only 50% bass related but we all occasionally pick up a six string too right...? I’m currently needing to play my 6 string (Tele) through one of my bass amps as a) I don’t have enough pennies yet to get a new guitar amp.. needs must.. and b) also because I’ve been wondering about this since reading that Josh Homme (QOTSA) uses Ampeg amps for guitar. Anybody used a bass amp for guitar..? I have a Bassman 500 head into NEO 4x10 cab, Portaflex 500 into PF1x15 cab and Ampeg B200 Rocket combo as my options.. which would be better? I’m guessing they’ll all sound super clean so will need pedals for drive and some reverb?? Anybody any experience with doing this..? How did it workout..? Any help and advice appreciated.
  5. I’m sure.. I looked at it when it was at Bass Direct and was tempted.. may have to look at selling something and then seeing if you still have it.. I don’t have a Lull (sadly)..
  6. This is a stunner.. if only I had cash right now..
  7. Oh yes.. that’s bloody lovely..
  8. Actually I think I may have posted two pics of Frosty there.. very hard to spot the differences on my phone screen!! 😬
  9. The Olympic white one came from another BC’er Brian.. the Black one and the Charcoal Frost one I ordered to my spec and the White over Candy Apple Red one Mark had made as a ‘stock’ bass and I snapped it up.. All play differently although the black and Frost ones are my main basses and were intentionally made to feel almost identical so I could swap between them (Frosty is tuned BEAD).
  10. I would recommend the lightweight tuner option but even the standard build is superb with no upgrades. You get full choice of colour and can decide on the level of relic’ing included in the base price. I now own four of them and each is superb and unique.
  11. Oh my goodness...! And it’s in Eastbourne where I live..!! *Buys lottery ticket..
  12. No fives but P or J bodies with either P or J width neck and many pickup configurations.. P, J or MM or combinations of..
  13. Give Mark a shout and you’ll be pleasantly surprised... if you’ve been drooling over Fender custom shop stuff at £3-5,000 or even Bill Nash stuff at £2-2,500 you’ll be really really pleasantly surprised. His stuff if top notch and lovely to play. Obviously you can spec things up with lightweight tuners etc but honestly the basic spec from him is excellent and of course the colour and level of relic and neck width etc is all down to you, so it’s custom built.. drop him a line, he’s very happy to discuss.
  14. Not a matched headstock on this one... but I do like those..
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