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  1. You have so many nice basses on here for sale.. I need a lottery win!
  2. Yes the Charcoal Frost on the left.. the camera doesn’t really show how different it is.. it’s the colour of the Sean Hurley P.. here’s a few closer pics when they came out of the cases earlier..
  3. Thanks mate… From the left… 1. Charcoal frost paint.. jazz neck.. strung BEAD for down tuning. 2. Black paint, jazz neck.. regular tune.. a straight ‘63 spec (my no.1) 3. Olympic white.. jazz neck.. (backup bass) ‘63 spec again 4. Olympic white over Candy Apple Red.. P neck with matched headstock and.. standard tune.. 70’s black scratchplate for when I’m in a punk mood! All medium to heavy relics.. I just need a stack nob Jazz to go with them now..! 🤔
  4. Just moving these into my new studio space and couldn’t resist a pic.. four of the best basses I have ever been lucky enough to own.
  5. Oof… you’ve gotta be quick when a Limelight comes up..
  6. Ooh! This gorgeous beast again! (Checks bank account)…
  7. Thanks guys.. need to do some investigating of AC’s.. it is a brick built garden room with two tiny non opening windows.. great for security and soundproofing but can get hot!
  8. Has anyone got any good tips or ways of controlling the temperature in a home studio? I have a plug in heater for the winter but nothing to reduce heat in the summer. It’s not so much my comfort but to stop the necks needing constant truss adjustments from temperature changes. I’m not there during the day as I work and can’t just leave a window open and this time of year it can get ‘oven’ hot. Has anybody else had this issue and solved it?
  9. Would you consider offering postage? I’m on the Sussex coast so no chance of collecting.
  10. Black pick guard is a massive improvement visually.. these play great too.. whereabouts in Kent are you?
  11. That looks really nice… sadly not got that sort of cash flow at the moment but it’s a beauty.. GLWTS 👍🏻
  12. Oh that’s a stunner.. watching the pennies this month or I’d be tempted... GLWTS..
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