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  1. Bought a TC BH550 head from Soledad. Great communications, very reasonable postage cost and the amp arrived very well wrapped the day after he sent it! 5* transaction, deal with confidence.
  2. Stand well back when you play anything through that Trace Elliot Head and the 6x10 cab! GLWTS.
  3. These amps work really well with 4x10 cabs. Used one at an outdoor festival recently and all the bass players were singing it's praises after using it. Loads of mid range punch!
  4. Whereabouts in York are you?
  5. Lovely looking bass, I wish I could justify the 6th string but it just won't get used in my classic rock covers band. 😭
  6. Would have loved this if postage was an option. ☹️
  7. Now that IS in mint condition! GLWTS.
  8. I know, it's really annoying and I'll probably get too impatient and end up buying something else before then.
  9. Ah so a little while away yet then perhaps. Thanks for the info.
  10. Does anyone know when the Sire P5 range is due to be released in the UK? I see on Anderton's website that you can order but there are no dates yet for their arrival. They look great and so hard to choose between the colours...
  11. Thanks for that Stew, yes there is a difference but it's pretty close. I'm going to listen to some online demos to hear some of the other presets.
  12. Do you know if the MS-60B has a patch resembling patch no. 11(MX Clean) on the Zoom B1 Four? Failing that, is it possible to download that patch on the MS-60B?
  13. Sorry to hear about your back, I had similar trouble a year or so ago and you are literally scared to move once you've experienced the pain so I can appreciate you wanting to downsize. Looks like a good quality cab, GLWTS.
  14. Thanks, I don't have the original speaker sadly as I bought it this way. I wanted a single speaker set up to get the full power out of my amp but I appreciate that some people will be looking for an 8ohm speaker to use with another 8ohm cab. It sounds great though and is a good upgrade IMO if you only need one cab.
  15. I'll never get tired of looking at a Trace with the UV lights. I still get a buzz when I get the amp out for a gig and see the green paintwork. GLWTS.
  16. I didn't ever think that an amp could be pretty but I stand corrected.
  17. Ah this takes me back. Looks to be in great condition for the age too, unlike me! GLWTS
  18. The best colour for this bass IMO. GLWTS.
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