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Shuker Precision Bass Build Diary

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Flushed with the success of my Jazz Bass Build, I thought I would set about trying to put a Precision together.

I have a chequered history with Precisions. I love the sound, but typically don't like the necks. I do have one P bass that has a jazz neck, but it has a single coil rather than a split.

After a lot of internet trawling for the elements required, I became a bit weary of finding the exact pieces for the puzzle and kind of drifted off looking at off the shelf P's with J necks, then on to custom builds - as you do 🙄.

Again, lots of reading and watching videos and after chatting with @Dood and then Jon Shuker himself, I decided that was the way I wanted to go.

Jon and I have been bouncing ideas back and forth for a couple of weeks and we've now settled on the spec. In fact, I've just paid the deposit, so now the wait begins!

The estimated completion date is around 6 months, so I'll be looking at late September/early October for delivery.

It's only the second bass I've ever had built to my spec and I had a quite narrow set of options with the first one.

All very exciting.

There will be updates aplenty in due course.

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I just realised I should have probably listed the spec. D'oh!

It's going to be a variation on the existing 'JJ Burnel Lite' model.

The top of the range 'Carbonlite' models were a limited run and are all spoken for now anyway as I understand it.

So, this is what Jon and I have agreed:

'The Raven' Custom Precision Bass
34” scale
20 frets
38.5mm nut width
21.5mm neck depth at 1st fret
23mm at 12th
19mm string spacing
Master grade flamed rosted maple neck
Fretboard cut from the same blank
2mm black side dots
6mm black face dots
Brass nut
Two way truss rod
Carbon fibre reinforcement
Large medium stainless steel fretwire
Satin neck lacquer
Black Schaller BM lite tuners
Black triple string tree
'The Raven' logo on the headstock
JJ Burnel Signature Lite body
Chambered alder and white ash
Usual carves
Reduced heel with recessed fixings
Polyester basecoat
Polyurethane wet look black lacquer top coat
B/W/B scratchplate
Black plate screws
Volume and tone
Black knobs 
Chrome Schaller s-locks
Chrome ABM bridge (3704mkII)
Chrome hardware (other than input jack nut, black)
JJ Burnel 'Armstrong Custom Wound' pickup under closed cover
Rotosound 45-105 swing bass stainless strings
Shuker hardcase


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Given that they are not identical but very similar, how do you choose one?

I'd go for the one on the left. The knot in No. 2 looks like a belly button and the tiger stripes on No. 3 are a bit regular to my eye.

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