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  1. I preferred the power delivery from the 800, and never found it wanting on a gig. I did manage to push the 500 to its limit though. If there’s not much in it, I’d always get the one with a (tiny) bit more headroom.
  2. I’m with @bagsieblue on this. I loved the Super Compact, it’s a bloody marvellous cab. But the Tens… there’s something about them which means my rig is now a pair of One10s and it slays all in its wake. Plenty of punch, low end thump, enough top end sparkle for my rock tastes. I now have. Glockenklang Blue Rock and its main EQ is set completely flat, just add the drive to suit, plus a tweak of the Voice control. Perfection.
  3. This one? https://www.musik-produktiv.com/gb/ashdown-amp-600h.html That’s just the old MAG series
  4. There’s a separate thread somewhere on here I think; price includes everything. Utter madness. And screws me up when I’m contemplating selling my RM800 EVO 🤣
  5. Cheers! I should have read your words more than looking at the pretty picture in your previous post 😅
  6. Love that tiny tuner! Is it good? My Polytune Mini is starting to fall apart and makes horrible pops when switching it on and off… (to be fair it an normally out of my main signal and “always on” but it’s for those times I want it to be in the signal chain I need it to be silent….)
  7. Sounds to me like it is a bit dodgy then! Good luck
  8. I’m not sure it’s a problem, it’s just the design. The volume control on my RM800 is very similar - too quiet then all the noise ever. If I compare the setting I have used on that head (1.5) with that on my new Glockenklang for the same volume output (5.5), I’d be convinced the Glock is underpowered for its rating. But they use different types of taper and the Ashdown feels to me much like the old Trace heads where all the volume came in by the time you got to 4, and after that you got nothing more. The Glock in comparison keeps getting louder all the way to 10.
  9. Bloody marvellous! Though I have actually just upgraded the head to a Glockenklang Blue Rock. But this rig is plenty unless you’re very loud and don’t have PA support
  10. Possibly mine (albeit the EVO rather than EVO II head) 🤓😆
  11. Are you sure you’re looking at the RM800 EVO II on the Ashdown site? Pics are identical as far as I can see… https://ashdownmusic.com/collections/heads/products/rm-800-evo-ii-head https://www.musik-produktiv.com/gb/ashdown-rootmaster-rm-800-evo-ii.html
  12. I’ve used the line in as an aux input from my phone no problem. I can’t remember if it creates a stereo image in the headphones though
  13. It has both on the back!
  14. Yeah that’s probably the best plan tbh. I was considering getting a tiny head as a backup again (had an Elf previously) as it would fit in the front pocket of the Glock gigbag but in the short term at least I don’t have any pressing need to spend more money. Except maybe on that Two10 at Bass Direct 🤪 Keep it simple, and keep it for now.
  15. I’ve just joined the Glockenklang club and it’s a glorious place to be. Bet this head slams!
  16. No I know. Makes it quite difficult to price. Pain in the donkey. But then it’s hardly massive and taking up loads of room…
  17. TBH I did get annoyed with it at first 😄 Dare I say it, but since the arrival of the Glock earlier this week (see my other thread) there’s a huge chance my RM800 may not survive much longer 😲
  18. Mind you at yesterday’s gig the notched options were “not loud enough” to “deafeningly OTT” in a single click 😅 Had to tweak the gain level to tame it, oh the hardship 🤓
  19. I agree with Chris. Or, get a second One10 and make a mini rig of doom 😎
  20. John’s just bought an Ashdown RM210T cab from me. Very easy to deal with, immensely patient with my inability to get a shipping box quickly. Absolute pleasure
  21. Couldn’t agree more. Incredible thing. The flat tone is perfect; warm but clean crisp and clear. There’s no electronic noise, no fan noise, nothing. It just quietly sits there, delivering exactly what you want. Unassuming, confident quality.
  22. This has just arrived from Bass Direct: My god it’s lovely. Only had a brief play as need to get my son from school but the flat tone is just spot on. All the controls are solid, the amp operates supremely quietly and I can see the EQ has huge versatility. Cannot wait to get it out in the wild and really get to know it properly.
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