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  1. The bitsa looks great, I wobbled over that one too!
  2. What is it? This is now the important detail! 🤓
  3. Personally think the “standard” Zoot headstock doesn’t work with the body’s aesthetic, a modified version of the original reverse one for straight string runs makes more sense to me. I like it, it’s the sort of 80s throwback shape which sells it to me 😄
  4. Yep I was going to weigh in and say that it’s very highly regarded over there. The Faital Pro drivers are hardly cheap and cheerfuI expect.
  5. Agree. Loved his stuff with Buck and Evans (such as the clip in the OP) and would say he’s tasteful and sympathetic to the overall vibe of the music.
  6. I'm still in! It think I might make at least half year before failing, but we'll see...
  7. Great cab, great price. Tempted myself but I don't need it at all, I'm using their Two10 instead
  8. I love a matching bass/rig, that is classy AF.
  9. I’m another lucky one, Mrs Mert has two horses to worry about. If I spent as much as she does every month we would of course be utterly flipped but if I (slightly more than occasionally) fail in my quest to complete a year in the Basschat Gear Abstinence Challenge she doesn’t bat an eyelid.
  10. An update from Fred at Peavey over on Talkbass….: https://www.talkbass.com/threads/trace-elliot-design.1521151/page-2#post-26008218
  11. Merton


    Aguilar Nordstrand Delano Haussel … probably others too, but these are the ones I most recently researched
  12. Merton


    Just wish Lindy Fralin would do a 5 string P eh @Cosmicrain hahaha 😉
  13. That is a fine looking bass, well worth getting sent to the naughty step!
  14. Bass Direct have just posted two new Lionel shorties on Facebook. They are probably the best two I’ve seen and I’ve been tempted by loads already. This 2022 gear abstinence challenge is going to be tough…
  15. @bassfan please add me in too. The bass I’m getting this year has already been fully paid for and I really don’t need to buy anything else so I should do my best to avoid spending money if I can. This can be my support group 🙂
  16. You’ve hit the nail on the head there @glassmoon- it’s the Ashdown sound in a pedal. The tube drive is a bit shite unless you tame it, I’ve learnt that limiting the input gain helps a lot. I keep contemplating the Laney Digbeth preamp pedal but then I use this again and remember why I like it so much.
  17. A 600W Gnome sounds very interesting. It’s essentially what Trace should have done with the Elf 2 years ago. We’re still waiting for their 1200W offering aren’t we!
  18. Ah the MB800? A fine choice sir if so!
  19. Merton


    @Cosmicrain has built a fair few basses with them in, for example the recent Funkmeister P he built for @GreeneKing They may be able to offer some thoughts
  20. Amps are, for once, something I’m quite comfortable with, the Glock has just blown everything else out of the water to the point I don’t feel any GAS for anything else*. But I do feel the need for a tiny back up head - more for the sale of buying something than any real need or fear of the Glock giving up. That’s where I’d put my money on my failure to succeed with this 😃 *unless a blackface Mesa Walkabout head appears. Irrational want rather than need. Is the MK500 not doing it for you?
  21. Winning. I’m still out though. I can feel it in my bones 😅
  22. Likewise mate haha 😆 I’m already out though, I commissioned a new Zoot bass this year which will be making its way home in 2022. Though to be fair it was paid for this year too, so does that really count for my 2021 intake?
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