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Shuker 5-string single-cut - 2020 deal £1650!
Reading, UK

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For sales - my lovely Shuker 5-sting single-cut. I bought this from John in December last year, and he had just taken it back as a part exchange. It’s a beautiful bass to play, the neck join is exquisite. Pretty wide-range of sounds available from the Aaron Armstrong pickups. I’ve currently got it set as E-C but can put back to B-G if wanted. It’s great either way. Some more details below. 

Happy to ship local and international (buyer pays) and it’s got a lovely Shuker hard-case (made by HISCOX). 

I’ve just bought another bass (Ha!) so don’t really want trade.

Anything that looks like a scratch or a ding in the pictures is just a trick of the light - there’s none! 

I live near Reading in the UK if you want to pop round and have a slap. 🙂 

34” scale

24 frets

Maple / black veneer laminated set neck

Palmwood Fingerboard

Stainless steel medium frets

Black walnut headstock scarf

Laurel Burr headstock facings front and rear

Brass nut

Gotoh GB707 tuners

Two way truss rod, carbon fibre reinforcement

Laurel Burr curvetop and rear facing

Black Walnut body

Polyester basecoat

Polyurethane wet look gloss top coat

Schaller 2000 bridge

Black Hardware

Aaron Armstrong pickups. 

Blackout pre-amp with passive / active select (volume knob pull / push)



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Price drop
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Glorious! Beautiful instrument from a highly regarded Luthier.

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Agreed , Just got my first Shuker and it’s a wonderfully built bass , and your SC looks amazing .. 


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17 minutes ago, djc63 said:

Singlecuts don't usually do it for me but that is a stunning looking instrument! 

It would go very nicely with my own Shuker Singlecut - and like you, it took Shuker to make me like the SC design!

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It has a schaller 2000 bridge, so that gives a string spacing adjustable between 15.5mm to 20.25mm

Which is nice, I could live with that spacing!

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10 hours ago, Al Krow said:

Lovely bass!

Weight? String spacing? 2 or 3 band EQ? 

Thanks. String spacing currently 18mm but as wood in black said - it’s adjustable. Weight is 4kg. 

2 band eq. Knobs are

Volume - with push/pull to deactivate the blackout pre-amp. 

Pickup blend with centre indent. 

Bass boost-cut with centre indent

Treble boost-cut with centre indent

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I’ve quickly put together some sound samples, all finger style (apart from some dubious slapping at the end eek). 

The strings are pretty dead, but you get an idea of tones. 

Order is;

Both pickups, preamp on, full volume, no bass boost or cut

As above, but just bridge pickup

As above, just bridge pickup

Both pickups, bass boosted, then cut. 

Both pickups, treble boosted, then cut. 

Preamp off (volume pull) both pickups

Preamp off, bridge pickup

Preamp off, neck pickup. 

I think. 

Apologies for the sloppy playing, it was cold, I wasn’t warmed up, I haven’t practiced, the dog ate my talent etc. 

I’m going to slap some new strings on it tomorrow then record some slap, and some pick. 🙂 


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Finally got around to putting new strings on and gave it a good slapping. 

First bit both pickups, eq flat. Then bridge pickup flat, then with bass boosted. Finally bridge pickup with treble boost. Noodles to finish natch. 

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      For sale or trade great bass from kristall 2011 model , great condition
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      For sale only, a 2010 Xotic XJ-1T £1300

      Full working order. A lovely player for those moving from 4 to 5 string because of the (adjustable) string spacing.
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      Nut: 47mm
      String spacing: 19mm, adjustable Xotic A-type bridge
      22 frets with luminlay fret markets - activate with a torch or other light source, and they glow on a dark stage.
      Chrome pots: Volume - Blend - Passive tone Black pots: Active bass/mid/treble Switches for mid and treble centre frequencies Push/Pull Volume for active/passive Push/pull passive tone for Hum Reduction Inducter (a $150 add-on option which works brilliantly!) For other details see here: http://xotic.jp/instruments/basses/xj-series/index_e.html
      (this explains the bass was designed in California, built in Japan, and finished in California!)
      "The production of each high quality Xotic bass guitars begins in our Los Angeles, CA shop where the wood, shape, color, hardware, pickups and all other features are precisely designed for each instrument. Every model goes through an extensive process of R&D to determine which wood, construction and electronics will best serve its envisioned use.
      These exact specifications are then sent to T’s Guitars in Japan. T’s Guitars has an enduring reputation of producing exceptional hand quality instruments in Japan and Xotic has a long and ongoing relationship with them.
      Great attention is paid to picking the finest woods for our bodies and necks and each piece is hand selected.
      Seasoned builders blend old world craftsmanship with modern CNC technology in building each instrument with each step in the process supervised up to Xotic’s meticulous specs.
      Guitars are then shipped to our California shop where our Master Luthier will inspect each instrument. Fretwork is finalized with a fret dress that addresses every facet of the fret surface. Additional setup includes string height, truss rod adjustments and fine-tuning of pickups and electronics. Particular attention is giving to the instruments playability, tone, fit and finish."
      Also see the spec sheet in the photos.
      Excellent condition, I can't find any body marks that would show up on a photo. A few minor scuffs and dings on the headstock.
      I bought it a few months ago in Camden, it appears it has been previously sold on Basschat: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/328027-sold-xotic-xj-1t-5-sold/
      Moving on because I've just bought a Ken Smith and this is far too good for a backup!
      Comes with
      A generic, shabby but operational black hard case
      Manual, stickers etc. per photo
      Payment, collection , delivery
      Payment by BACS please - collection from Tonbridge, Kent (J15 M25) or UK courier at £15.
      Thanks for looking, my feedback in my signature
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      Fodera Emperor Elite II from NAMM Show 2003. Probably the first Fodera with a Holly top, which is now faded into a wonderful Butterscotch Blonde.

      Ash Body with solid Holly Top
      5pc Maple Neck
      Birdseye maple Board with Abalone Blocks
      Pope Preamp
      Black Hardware
      Aero Dual Coil Pickups in Holly covers
      35“, 19mm string spacing adjustable
      Weight 4,94 kg
      Non-original Case

      Some dings here and there from regular playing. Everything works perfect. A typical deep and strong sound with a nice snap in it. Recently plek'd by Fodera and has a nice low action.

      Asking 7.500 EUR plus shipping from Duesseldorf / Germany.

    • By nige1968
      More pics Turns out I really need £350, and how is this German-built five-string two-pickup bass not worth such a paltry amount? Rhetorical question, btw.
      Anyway, AYMBA, before the Rockbass thing, Warwick produced these entry-level passive Streamers in Germany. This one is the 5-string, 2-pickup model, built in September 2000. The body is carolena (pine, apparently) and the neck is ovangkol. Natural oil finish and one-piece bridge. Sounds very nice too, though the output seems a bit quieter than most basses -- I understand that's down to the pots used on this model, but haven't got around to replacing them. Proper solid chunky wood, hence 4.2kg / 9.26lb. Comes in a Warwick gig bag ('proudly made with RokTex©'). Some wear and tear to the body if you look closely. Strung low E to high C.
      Sorry, no overseas postage. Sensible offers entertained. Not keen to post, but might.
    • By Ash121987
      For sale is my Sandberg California VM5 Supreme which I have owned from new and which comes with a Gator hard case.
      The Supreme versions of the VM5 have the additional features over the base models:
      -          - Matched headstock
      -          - Pearl block inlays
      -          - High gloss finish
      I also ordered mine with a 3-band preamp instead of the usual 2-band.
      More info:
      Very good, there are a couple of tiny marks on the headstock and one near the input jack.
      The bass was my main gigging bass for a few years until my Shuker took its place, since then it’s mainly just been used as a backup, sitting on a stand.

      Cash, PayPal or bank transfer please. I live in Sutton-in-Ashfield, north Nottinghamshire, UK and would be willing to meet part-way if collection in person is preferred (also my preferred method). Alternatively I can ship this.
      Thanks for looking.

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