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  1. Hi Denzel, nut width is 47mm I have a soundclip from the previous owner. I will try to send it. yes a stagged low / hi boost but also an ordinairy tone knob.
  2. That's right, I believe it was already replaced in the summer of ‘97 😊
  3. For sale or trade a beautiful Fodera I don't really need to sell it because I love it. Just recently bought it here on BC The B string is amazing !!! BUT....It's only for sale because my eye fell on an Alembic. So for trade only maybe for an Alembic... just try me otherwise just for cash. Fodera NYC 5 deluxe first generation body : Alder Top : Quilted maple neck : 3 piece flamed maple Fingerboard : rosewood Pickups : Lane poor Preamp: sadowsky vol/ bal / stacked bass and treble/ and tone scale : 35" String spacing : 19mm Price €2900,- / 2500 GBP IMG_6274.heic
  4. Robbass


    Great seller, nice bass Harry. GLWTS
  5. Okay Thanks but I prefer the 19mm GLWTS
  6. Nice bass, I also like to know the string spacing.
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