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  1. Hi. I put on sale this wonderful electric bass FClef This bass is one of the best jazz bass sounds I've heard These are your specifications - Fclef Classic J4 Vintage with natural gloss finish. - Ash body - Jazz Bass Single coils in 70' location - Maple neck and diapason with lacquered pearl markers. - 34" scale - Duncan pickups - Nut width 38mm, string spacing bridge 19mm - 21 frets - Fodera 2-band preamp: VOL/passive tone (working in both active and passive), blend, treble, bass, active/passive switch Manufactured by the Fodera team - Price £ 1480 or 1700 € - Included shipping and softbag. - No Trades Please.
  2. siso0450

    Sold!!! Sadowsky UV70 RW 3TB 5 strings

    Sorry!!! is Alder, Is already modified. Apologies
  3. Hi. I put on sale this wonderful bass, Sadowsky UV70 on 5 strings Metro. This model of Sadowsky Ultra Vintage bass are very hard to find. Specifications: Body : Alder Fingerboard: Rosewood Body Shape : Fullsized Vintage JB StyleNeck Tuner : Hipshot 5 String Tuner Fret : Sadowsky Standard (Radius 12") Trussrod Nut : Spokewheel Nut Pickups : Sadowsky J5 Preamp : Sadowsky Standard Bass Preamp Control : Master Volume / P.U.Pan / Passive Roll Off Tone (w/Pull Switch for Preamp Bypass) / Treble & Bass Bridge Sadowsky 5 String Bridge Case : Sadowsky Semi Hard Case includded Some marks but in very good condition Approximate weight on bathroom scale: 4,2kg The Sadowsky is in Spain. 1785£ - 2050 € Now: 1660£ - 1906 € (Last price drop) NO TRADES PLEASE. Pics:
  4. siso0450

    SOLD - Modulus Q6 with extras

    SOLD Thanks for All!
  5. siso0450

    SOLD - Modulus Q6 with extras

    The Modulus is in Toledo (Spain), one of the most beautiful cities in the World
  6. siso0450

    Sold - Sadowsky R5 24

    ... And Sold
  7. I put my Modulus Quantum 6 under sale (only) in very good condition. Modulus Quantum 6 SPi #901077 Wenge Top Clear Gloss Finish Alder Body 35" Scale, 24 Frets Phenolic Fretboard Side Dot Inlays Gloss Finish Neck EMG 45P & EMG45J Pickups Aguilar OBP 3 Preamp (I Give de original Preamp EMG 2-Band) Black Hardware "Granadillo" Ramp Kahler Bridge (recently painted by luthier) With Hard Case Its weight is 4.45 kilograms and it has been weighed on a professional scale. It is a very comfortable bass to play, with an extremely low action and with a perfectly straight Neck. The marked price is a low price for this bass and its status, with the intention of selling it fast. The Modulus is in Spain. Hard Case and shipping to europe includded in the price. Price 1780£ or 2070 € ***New Price: 1600£*** NO TRADES Please Pics:
  8. siso0450

    Sold - Sadowsky R5 24

    On Hold!
  9. siso0450

    Sold - Sadowsky R5 24

    HI. I put on sale my Sadowsky Metro R24 5 strings. The Sadowsky is in perfect condition, some tiny mark almost imperceptible Especifications: Body: Alder Finish: '59 Burst 24 frets 19mm Scale: 34" HARDWARE: Chrome PICKUPS: Sadowsky Soapbars (humbucking) PREAMP: Sadowsky Preamp with Vintage Tone Control Aproximate Weight: 4 kg The Strings are new. Included Orignal Case, papers, And Shipping To Europe from Spain. 1620 GBP or 1800 € Cheers
  10. siso0450

    Traded - Ken Smith BT W6TNVE

    Is The Best!!!!