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  1. siso0450

    Basschip Feedback

    Reuben (Basschip) is a very serious buyer. very fast decision, very fluid conversation and perfect payment. I had a little concern about shipping to USA but there is no problem and the shipping has arrived very fast and perfect so for all of this I highly recommend Reuben as buyer or seller. Here in Spain you have a friend
  2. siso0450

    Feedback for The Bucket

    Max is a serious and determined man. My business with Max for the sale of my Fclef bass was quick and safe. A score of 10 for Max as a buyer. Cheers Alfredo
  3. Lakland 4-94 (Usa Pre Hanson) 34” Scale Maple birdseye fingerboard Maple neck Ash body with flame maple top (extra) Bartolini pickups Bartolini preamp active-pasive Freq. Selector Year 1997 Weight 3,85 kg Original case Mint condition 1850 pounds or 2130€ Shipping included Pics:
  4. siso0450

    Kimal MK5

    Thanks Jerry!! 🍻
  5. siso0450

    Kimal MK5

    K MK-5 - Alder Body with Quilted Maple Top with matching ramp - Five Piece Maple neck with graphite reinforcement - Pau Ferro Fingerboard - Pickups Bartolini Soapbars with an 18-volt preamp - Hardware Hipshot (adjustable String Spacing in the brigde - 35" Scale - 24 frets - La Bella Strings Recently Put - Soft case includedL The Bass is located in Toledo (Spain) and shipping to Europe would be from my account. The price: £ 1.595,00 (The actual price is 1595 pounds, since I made a mistake by indelating the post and I put it wrong.) if you need more images let me know and I will send you my private dropbox link by private message
  6. siso0450

    Sold !!!! Fodera Yin Yang Standard II 4 Strings

    Sold!!! Hi Max. The bass already has its owner, but I think that YYS327
  7. siso0450

    Sold !!!! Fodera Yin Yang Standard II 4 Strings

    Thanks Hugues 😉
  8. I sell my wonderful Fodera Yin Yang Standard II Series brand new, born in 2015. There is not much to say about this bass, I copy the features of the official website of Fodera and also include the page of the own bass. It only has a small touch that does not affect anything and that I detail in a photo. Price 3320 £ or € 3700. I send it to my account from Spain. Fodera Smug: https://fodera.smugmug.com/Newborn-Gallery-Vol-IV/Newborn-1006/
  9. siso0450

    Sold KEN SMITH

  10. siso0450

    Sold KEN SMITH

    Hi, Ped. I make a jeweler 😉 I can consider partial trades with money to my
  11. siso0450

    Sold KEN SMITH

    I put on sale or partial trade this wonderful and new Ken Smith BT6 - 1989 his condition is impeccable, it seems new. It is difficult or impossible to find a Ken Smith this year in this state and 100 % original - Quilted Maple Back and top - Ebony Fingerboard - 2 bands Equalizer preamp Smith, and pickups Smith. - 5 pieces Neck Through - Original Hardcase Smith. - Original Smith Strap. - Gold Hardware Smith - Plays and sounds as it should. No issues here. - The Golden smith emblem is not included, the original black is included. Price: 3370 £ or 3800€ includded shipping from Spain. It's a unique opportunity to get a unique bass in a perfect state Partíal Trades Acepted