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1965 Fender Jazz - OMG!


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He does get some great stock. He advertised recently a 65 L series matching headstock Jazz in the same colour but very worn & faded  at £10k. I emailed to say I'd be prepared to pay that price, but it appears a number of people had beaten me to it. 

The one advertised currently is just eye-candy. Might struggle getting£22k past the chancellor, though!

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The guitarist in our band has a 62 strat, gigs it occasionally. Everyone thinks it’s a reissue unless they really know what they’re talking about. Re finish so slightly different rules compared to the bass above.

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54 minutes ago, Woodinblack said:

There is the other thought - its 53 years old and it is mint condition. Was it really that bad that noone wanted to play it in 50 years?

That’s a good point! 

It’s obviously a lovely looking thing, but it’s all about the condition and it’s scarcity than playability I guess. 

Personally, I don’t really like the colour!

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