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  1. I enquired with EBMM Customer Service and there's only four of these coming to Europe - one each for Germany, Italy, France and the UK. There's some excellent info on the website from the Project Lead Engineer about the build process. Apparently he spent two years working on it, the attention to detail is amazing, and with the very limited numbers I'm not surprised it's expensive. All proceeds going to charity, so what's not to like!
  2. As drT said, Trans Reds from the '90s are usually over alder and tend to be a bit darker in colour. You can see the difference here: The one on the left is a 1987, the one on the right a 1990. (The SR5 is from 1989.)
  3. OK a bit of unobtainium, just for you... 😀 1988 Peach
  4. No, that one is a 3-band from 1988.
  5. Great basses, too right! 1989 Sunburst, 1990 Vintage Sunburst
  6. Lovely! The best period for EBMM. Classic colour combo, too!
  7. Matching headstocks were standard on custom colour Jazz Basses - with the exception of the Blonde finish - from late 1962 onwards for the rest of the Sixties.
  8. I also saw this when it was at New Kings Road around that time. IIRC they had it up for around £9K - not that bad actually considering the scarcity of the colour! Wonderful bass. Had quite a beefy neck, felt and sounded great. Sat there for at least a couple of years, I think. Definitely went to the right guy!
  9. drT, don't the Sabre pickups have a smaller footprint than the ones for StingRay?
  10. Original finish? Which colour? Got a link?
  11. They do exist. I have a Classic at 8.9 lbs and a Classic 5 at 9.3 lbs. Both my Old Smoothies (essentially Classics with the slab body, albeit alder not ash) are under 9.5 lbs - 8.8 lbs and 9.4 lbs.
  12. Actually, no. There's no logo on the headstock when the chap brings in the guitar. You can see it pretty clearly at 06:45 and also 07:40. Not convinced by the need to do a refret though, the frets look like a fretstone might have done the trick. But that's difficult to say with certainty from images on a TV screen. The neck shave did make me wince, however.
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