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  1. Not really the spec you’re after but a bonus of the mini clubman is the double doors for the boot mean you can lean into the boot with your bass on your back without bashing into the typical boot lid. Makes that one trip load in just that little bit easier.
  2. Holy mother of WTF?!? How, or indeed why, do you use that?
  3. Thank you, we get loads of emails saying a band of our description is being looked for and we apply but no takers. We’re not that bad!
  4. Anybody here use this agency for bookings? We’ve signed up and applied for tons of enquires but are getting no takings. Our promo material is on a par with other acts on there and we have good word of mouth reputation. I would interested if you are successful with them and how you achieve that. Harry
  5. Exactly the same for me. In the middle of a failing transition to in-ears- she wants to hear more of herself whilst hearing exactly (EXACTLY) like it does in the room. 🤦
  6. Good idea, thank you. db cabs are great, my 110 was brilliant last week for a show, find them here- https://www.db-bass.com British too.
  7. The king of the sit and simmer groove. Loosely assemble approximately the right amount of ingredients, stick it all on one pot and leave it on a low to medium heat stirring ever so occasionally. Result, brilliance.
  8. Done 3 weddings and a week long run for a theatre gig. 3 more weddings and a theatre showcase in the next month. The show was a risk but the audience reception on the final night was ecstatic, a culmination of a good show as per normal plus the tension breaking of no pingdemic, no more rescheduling and a full house. Not sure if it’s 100% safe or ethical but it felt very, very good.
  9. Who are you playing for? If someone is paying you to play then looks can be a very helpful tool. A producer/ MD all can be swayed or put at ease at the moment you open the case to get down to playing. They shouldn’t do certainly, but they do. They’ve got more on their plate then worrying about an 18mm or 19mm string spacing. First time I took my asat to the studio the producer could not have been more excited about recording it just on sight. Same with cabs- had a new md this week for a show, the look of relief when he offered to help me load in my gear and I told him I’d done it- I used a db cabs 110, not only did he not have to cart a fridge around he perceived the volume as manageable instantly even though I was keeping up with the drummer no problems.
  10. True, but he’s still ahead of his drummer in places. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but if he’d have been playing for the MD I had this week he’d have got the stink stare (having had it myself for similar misdemeanours! 🤦😉🤟)
  11. How loud do you need to be? What are you prepared to carry/ transport? Does the manufacturer have a reputation for a baked in sound? What does it look like? If it looks like a Halfords bass bin for a Vauxhall Corsa I’m out!
  12. Incredible how unremarkable it is in isolation. Some of it is even slightly scruffy- the first prechorus for example but…. The other version with the bass and drums is a different story, for some reason it’s a powerhouse, even though you can hear JD frequently rushing onto beat 2 compared to the drums. Music’s a funny old thing.
  13. My apologies that didn’t translate in text- my wife has started to have issues with it and is very upset about it despite it being mild. I didn’t mean to suggest you were, but it sounds like you’ll be able to tune it out well enough.
  14. Another long term sufferer here, (hear?) Totally agree about all the above advice but would also recommend not freaking out about it. You can learn to dial it out, focus on other things, essentially forget you’ve got it- whilst of course doing everything you can to protect yourself from further damage.
  15. Use an extension cab placed by the drummer?
  16. Thank you mods for everything you do.
  17. Mrs Scalpy is one of the singers in the band, does all the admin and promo and we balance my appetite for basses and all gizmos musical with her appetite for stage dresses.
  18. My markbass lmt500 has loads of features but the most useful has been the really good sounding di with knob to adjust the level on the front. It’s got me out of a hole many many times, whether live or recording.
  19. Well, that is one scary band. You'll be busy!
  20. Louis Dowdeswell on Trumpet? If so... congrats!
  21. Just listened to this- fantastic Sunday morning music! Fascinating to see Pino play in so much detail and whoever engineered it deserves a medal.
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