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NGD - vintage Yamaha content

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I've wanted one of these for a ridiculously long time. Big fan of Yammy SGs in general but I've always loved this particular model - the unadorned front & visible through-neck make seem it less of a Gibson variation than most of the rest of the SG range.

This is a Yamaha SG1500, dated 1984 according to the pickup codes. What's interesting, unlike any other SG I've seen, is that it has no serial number on the headstock or model number on its truss rod cover - according to the guy I got it from, its previous (first) owner got it direct from Kemble Yamaha when the Kemble piano factory closed, so it presumably sat around for a long time after the model was discontinued. As Kemble was Yamaha's UK distributor I can only assume it was a not-for-sale sample that sales reps would have taken around their dealer network - I've heard of similar not-quite-retail models being used in this way before.

Anyway, it's fairly well-gigged and has a few knocks & bumps, but also has been well looked-after, plays perfectly and is 100% original. Sounds immense, too. :)

And did I get a bargain? Oh yes, I think I did... B|








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Nice find. The Yammy SG's are excellent guitars, always fancied one, but never owned one, played a few and they were great. These and the Ibanez Artist's were real Les Paul killers (owned a few Artist's over the years, want another).

Doesn't that have the push/pull pots for coil tapping?

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6 hours ago, Skybone said:

Doesn't that have the push/pull pots for coil tapping?

It does - in fact they're push/push, just to be flash! Very versatile it is too.

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On 05/01/2019 at 00:03, Manwithvan said:


I sold an MSG in the late 1990s. Everyone told me it sounded fantastic.

I hate myself sometimes.

I have two at the moment.  One has a set of Armstrong 57 PAF's in and it's very hard to tell the difference from a LP.  It makes some nice jazz noises on the neck pickup too.

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4 hours ago, Kiwi said:

I have two at the moment.  One has a set of Armstrong 57 PAF's in and it's very hard to tell the difference from a LP.  It makes some nice jazz noises on the neck pickup too.


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Just now, Manwithvan said:


No, go and look again - it’s spelled “guitar” not “grrr”. 3 out of 10

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      Fernandes The Revival RJB-75 Jazz Bass
      Great copy of a 60s Fender Jazz, made by Fernandes in the first half of the 1980s. This is the higher RJB-75 model. It looks great with its matching headstock:

      This bass plays and sounds great. Hardware and electronics work like they should (it has the reverse tuners) and the neck is straight. The frets are in great condition as they were levelled and dressed a few months back. There are some (minor) damages to be found, though overall this bass looks great for its age. There is a little what seems to be glue remnants near the nut. 
      It is fitted with Fender flatwound strings on the pictures, but now has rounds on it. Not sure what brand. 
      Adjusted price again: €630,- / £570,-
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      1988 Thumb bass, transition era (already has the 2 pieces bridge but still has the tilted tuners of the early ones).
      Thin neck, good action, good frets, stock pickups (EMG) and preamp (MEC 2 bands). No cracks, no repairs, no failing glue joints. Medium weight, I think it's around 4.3 but my balance's battery's gone.
      It's got some wear and in some spots you can see and/or feel the wood moved a bit, creating the usual "gap" between different pieces.
      They might be easily removed but this would imply a refinish, that would take away the patina. Easy to do, though, if you want it in mint conditions.
      Comes with non-original teardrop case, fresh strings and good setup. The battery cover is missing the tooth (as always happens) but it's pretty cheap to replace.
      I can personally guarantee about the conditions. You're not going to receive an unplayable, dirty or poorly set-up instrument. It will arrive ready to play. I'll do my best to replace the battery cover before shipping, needs nothing else.
      The bass has a big sound, the first time I played it thru my 18" I thought the lows were boosted... but they weren't. Also very bright. It's one of the "good ones", if you know what I mean.
      I ship by UPS, £50 within Europe, takes 3 working days. I have feedbacks here and on other platforms (eBay, Talkbass, even the Warwick Bass forum Bass Arena). Payment by bank wire transfer or paypal (normal, not friends/family payment).
      Not interested in trades, I'm heavily downsizing as I basically only play 15 minutes a week, just for my own pleasure. No band, no gigs. 

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      I have made a decision to sell everything I am not gigging or at least using, and although i have gigged this live and love it, it is missing a string for me, I pretty well only play 5 strings. I have always had comments when I have done a gig with this, it makes a statement and certainly stands out. Strangely, mostly positive.
      Bought it on here at the beginning of last year, knowing I only played 5 strings but was really wanting an iceman.
      This was ibanezes attempt to make an iconic shape after they got a bit kicked by gibson in the 70s. The guitar is still made, they only rarely make the bass, and almost always in black, the guitar gets more love. Its a nice bass to play although it is a little head heavy as the body weighs nothing and the neck is quite long. The strap pin has been moved which helps a bit. I don't know what the pickups are but they sound good. I have made it active with bass and treble as it needed it as I don't like passive basses. 
      Has a scratch on the back that I did somehow and some damage along the bottom which was there when I got it, unfortunately the shape of the iceman means that if you stand it on the ground it is going to take a lot of force there as there is a point. It is also not going to balance well
      Looking to sell rather than trade as I am reducing my numbers down. The only thing I would be interesting in trading for would be a 5 string iceman.
      Can pickup from Yeovil, or I can deliver for a reasonable distance, often go to Bristol / Bath / Exeter etc or can meet in the middle somewhere. 
      Could post though that depends on the other basses I am selling, I currently lack boxes.

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      Sounds great on bass or Moog bass for that fat 80s sound!
      Currently sat with me in Cardiff and I'm happy to post within the UK at buyer's expense.
      Pics can be found here:
      FINAL PRICE Before ebay!!: £45