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Oh Dear. Another Greatest Bassist poll


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[quote name='skej21' post='967863' date='Sep 25 2010, 06:36 PM']There is absolutely NO way that Cliff Burton should be ahead of Jaco[/quote]

Agree totally from a bass players POV, but these polls are always just a popularity contest at the point in time of the poll, and JP played in a genre that never really entered the consciousness of the wider record buying and poll voting public.

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What a waste of time.

Any magazine's favourite way of filling space, engaging readers and creating spinoff debates, and all they have to do is recycle a paragraph of two of biog for each player who gets a mention. That's why every bloody magazine has about ten of these kinds of "reader polls" a year.

Why not write about something of actual interest instead of going "Ooh, Flea's better than Claypool" for the 100th time.

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This is only a poll of who is most popular, or to put it another way, bassists that most of the music public are likely to have heard off!

Myung at number 1# eh? Don't make me f***ing laugh, the guys not even in the same league as half of those mentioned in the list.

Absolutely no mention of Tony Levin who is by far the most versatile bassist on the planet and who I'd put first each time and every time. He spans every genre imaginable and does each properly like a true musician should. Only a handful of players on that list can even come close to him. Most of the players, while technically superb, are one trick pony merchants - Wooten, Claypool, Flea - they play well, but only do one or two things well. Versatility is the key. It's all bollocks!

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I especially like the comment by a Geddy Lee fan:

"Go on YouTube and pull up a live Rush video and try to compare anyone else to the best bass player Geddy Lee - he plays more notes in a song than half these people in a whole record."

Apparently more notes = better music!

Still at least Phil Lynott was ahead of Mark King, they at least got something right!

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[quote name='chaypup' post='991959' date='Oct 18 2010, 09:15 AM']Why can't we just have a Bass Player World Cup?

Invite every bass player in the world, pitch them against each in a series of comps and then the eventual winner can be undisputed.[/quote]
There may be slight logistical problems involved with getting John Entwistle, Jaco Pastorius, Bernie Edwards, and James Jamerson involved.

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