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  1. Wago is your best friend. https://www.rapidonline.com/WAGO-221-412-2-Conductor-Splicing-Connector-with-Lever-Lock-32A-21-5763?IncVat=1&pdg=pla-425822067587:kwd-425822067587:cmp-757438067:adg-44804851896:crv-207912323492:pid-21-5763:dev-c&gclid=CjwKCAjwqqrmBRAAEiwAdpDXtN3dN0DJTLzpjHvBBIE_VryGE0_J5U0xYmY3CypTSuTwpc3Er6-hYhoCeYUQAvD_BwE Honestly, chock block got binned many moons ago when i discovered this stuff. Absolutely perfect for testing purposes like yours. Equally good for splitting your live & earth's on the motorbike for aux appliances off of one relay.
  2. Really? Personally i'd find 8ms of latency really really annoying.
  3. Below is a screen grab from the 2016 price list. Then we have the 2017 price list. The whole 7 series jumped from whatever "MK" they were on to MK4. In 2016 the 3 series were all on MK3 then jumped to MK4 in 2017. The 2018/19 both series are all on MK4. Hope that can give some clarification. I'm unsure as the why you're receipt would say MK2 EBS_FREAK
  4. All the time. The only problem with 5 strings is they’re missing the C string 😜
  5. Completely understand ☺️ I sell this stuff for a living and from personal experience, having a customer with a budget in mind makes things far easier to find the best solution for them.
  6. This. this is the most important answer to your question. Naming manufacturers as recommendations is pointless. People say “Yamaha” but is that a £150 MG series or a £10000 CL series.
  7. Small world. That’s my uncle Paul on keys 👋
  8. Not mine per-say but i racked & wired it!
  9. [quote name='Mudpup' timestamp='1468527860' post='3091632'] I use the Gator bags, they're very good. Just buy one with an extra unit and stick a vented blank panel above your amp. [/quote] I'm not entirely sure about this. Generally the air flow technology is designed to permit multiple amplifier racking without spaces between. Normally, amps draw fresh air in the front and exhaust hot air out the sides or the rear. If vented panels are fitted between the amplifiers, then pre-heated air inside the rack will re-cycle through the front. If you feel more comfortable with spaces between amps then use solid panels - not vented ones. If you are running into an overheating problem then vent the hot air OUT of the rack at the rear.
  10. I know a few composers with these type of scores. They all use Adobe Illustrator for them if that helps.
  11. So this has been doing the rounds on FB so i thought some of you guys may appreciate it. [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0r25f6Ezro[/media]
  12. His playing on Col Bruce Hampton & The Aquarium Rescue units first studio album, Mirrors of Embarrassment is just sublime. Definitely check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkWZfnoF5EA
  13. Never seen the point of specific cable ties, they're over priced and easy to loose. Electrical tape is the industry standard. Cheap as chips too.
  14. A quick snap from rehearsals this week.
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