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  1. I'm intrigued to find out. If anyone is local to Bradford id be keen to use Meyer Sound's SIM to measure one of these cabs to see what's what when they're built
  2. After lots of deliberating, i think i'm settled
  3. Bassist available, 29. Can sight read & improvise. Own gear & car. Cover/Functions > originals.
  4. Well, nothing has changed in the last 3 years i don't think. But this was the first purchase of 2019 and i couldn't have been happier with it. Cost a pittance as i believe it was advertised well under its value. Musician Serling 34, Bartolini pickup. Official gig bag including original pickup, truss tools & paper work for the professional defret. Less than a week ago came an Epifani UL310 with an EBS HD350 awaiting collection. For me, this year has been a complete best scenario.
  5. All i know about them is that they may or may not have been last produced some 10 years ago and they may or may not have found some stock in a damp warehouse and may or may not been sold to PMT for a pittance to flog on. However, for the money, they make some incredible cabs for the money. We have a cabinet in our service department at work that was a pre production unit that i have tried and failed on numerous occasions to buy from our service engineer. That thing is stupendously good.
  6. There will be cancellations behind this cab though whether they want them or not.
  7. Until you set up subs in a cardioid set up to try and ‘control’ low end frequencies that are inherently omnidirectional. I believe this is what this Berg design in trying to do. That rear facing speaker is going to create cancellations making the volume behind the cabinet quieter and in turn in front louder. At the next big you go to, take a look at the sub arrays and see how there are units facing backwards!
  8. Picked up this beauty for sub £300 which I think is a bargain. My first Stingray although it is a Sterling. Came with an official gigbag, fitted Bartolini, strap locks, strap & thumb rest. inside the gig bag was the original pickup & an invoice for a £150 de fret, £50 service & set-up. Happy is an under statement
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. Wago is your best friend. https://www.rapidonline.com/WAGO-221-412-2-Conductor-Splicing-Connector-with-Lever-Lock-32A-21-5763?IncVat=1&pdg=pla-425822067587:kwd-425822067587:cmp-757438067:adg-44804851896:crv-207912323492:pid-21-5763:dev-c&gclid=CjwKCAjwqqrmBRAAEiwAdpDXtN3dN0DJTLzpjHvBBIE_VryGE0_J5U0xYmY3CypTSuTwpc3Er6-hYhoCeYUQAvD_BwE Honestly, chock block got binned many moons ago when i discovered this stuff. Absolutely perfect for testing purposes like yours. Equally good for splitting your live & earth's on the motorbike for aux appliances off of one relay.
  11. Really? Personally i'd find 8ms of latency really really annoying.
  12. Below is a screen grab from the 2016 price list. Then we have the 2017 price list. The whole 7 series jumped from whatever "MK" they were on to MK4. In 2016 the 3 series were all on MK3 then jumped to MK4 in 2017. The 2018/19 both series are all on MK4. Hope that can give some clarification. I'm unsure as the why you're receipt would say MK2 EBS_FREAK
  13. All the time. The only problem with 5 strings is they’re missing the C string 😜
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