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Bloc Riff Nut

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  1. I broke my Marshall Super Bass

    I've opened up the amp and see that one of the capacitors had come lose croon the solder joint. I hope this is the reason for the distorted sound. Can anyone date this amp from the pictures? It looks very tidy inside
  2. I broke my Marshall Super Bass

    I checked out Mr Lee's thread on the BGF and it's a great read. And the transparency gives confidence. Thanks for the tip.
  3. I broke my Marshall Super Bass

    Hello, BassBunny, I'm actually living in Holland. I can always check out Basgitaarforum.nl for info on decent amp techs. I was just wondering how badly, and in which areas, I may have messed it up. Cheers, Phil.
  4. After about 3hrs of rehearsal it started to distort. Really heavy distortion. The amp was set to 8ohms and I was playing it through my new barefaced 210 which i thought I'd switched to 12 ohms but after further investigation it was in the 4 ohm setting. What have I broken and is it beyond repair. I'm devastated. It was my favourite of all the amps I've ever played and I've been told(I have no idea myself) it's an original 1969. I'm grateful for any insight you guys can give. Cheers, Phil.
  5. Muting bass alters intonation

    Whenever I place sponge under my strings, at the bridge, it throws the intonation out. I've tried varying compositions of sponge and it always alters the intonation. I'm placing it under the strings of my classic vibe Precision at the bridge ashtray cover. When an in tune string is tuned at the 12th fret it will show 1 or 2 red leds on my Korg Pitch Black tuner. Does anyone else have this issue?
  6. Ive seen plenty on the net but they range from 10euro to 70 euro. Just want to make sure I'm getting what I want and not a silly plastic thing. I'm looking for the brushed aluminium type. It's for a Squier Classic Vibe. The original tort plate is broken. These look wonderful http://basschat.co.uk/topic/245303-fender-gold-anodized-guards/page__p__2552890__hl__anodized%20pick%20guard__fromsearch__1#entry2552890
  7. SOLD *** ACG J Type Fretless bass

    Is it possible to show the wear on the fretboard(from roundwounds)? I have it's 5string cousin and this is giving me an itch I can't scratch. Bump for a beauty!
  8. Marshall Super Bass 100

    Hi guys/gals, Can you tell me where I can get some info on the Marshall Super Bass 100. I've been googling it but can't find the info I want. I have the opportunity to buy a vintage model but want to know a few things first. How do the four instrument inputs on the front differ? There are 2 cab inputs on the rear but they aren't labled. What is the ohmage? All I can find is guitarists shredding their stuff! I'm not the best internet researcher so I appologise in advance if it's obvious and easy to find. Cheers, Phil.
  9. Duck Dunn Isolated Tracks?

    Hi guys, I play a lot of his tracks, and although I'm confident I've got his licks down quite well I was after some isolated tracks so I could really get into his grooove/technique. I couldn't find anything on here or google. Maybe one of you knows something I can't find. Cheers, Phil.
  10. Deck Shorty

    That's awesome, thank god you posted. Love those nobs. You've made a unique instrument. Obviously a sound clip would bring the thread to fruition. You should be proud as punch.
  11. Sold, please remove. Cheers.

    Finally got some of my own photo's up. These are from imgur so the quality isn't fantastic. I can email the originals if necessary. Phil
  12. Sax player dilemma

    Get it out in the open as soon as possible and just be honest. That's all Most of us ask from each other. A bit of a poor do that nothing has been said. Good luck 😀
  13. Motown or Stax?

    muscle shoals?