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  1. Need to sell on a couple things first, but if this is still here at the weekend (and you'd be willing to talk about postage to Spain, maybe neck-off) colour me interested!
  2. Before I ask you to measure anything ( ) - would you consider postage to Spain (neck-off, natch, and at my risk and expense) if it doesn't prove super-expensive? I'm actually looking to convert my Vintage VJ (which I love the sound, look and 'hang' of) to fretless, so essentially would just be looking to swap necks...
  3. I'm seriously tempted if you'd be willing to post out to Spain (in bits and at my own cost and risk, of course)...provided it's not sold by payday, skint until then!
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. The tappedy-tapping is pretty easily contained within the room, as a couple of people have already noted - to prevent it getting out I've had success with building a quasi-isolated 'drum riser' thing from layers of plywood, Rockwool and neoprene (cost about fifty quid and an afternoon's building, totally worth it in terms of not having to deal with shirty neighbours). Might be a little overkill for your needs, but if you're one of those who likes a bit of a DIY challenge i's actually quite good fun to do.
  7. Very helpful, thanks Bill! EDIT : one of these should do it, right? [url="http://www.duramat.co.uk/checker-plate.shtml"]http://www.duramat.co.uk/checker-plate.shtml[/url]
  8. Slight thread derailment, but rather than start a new one - I'm getting some problems at high levels with my Laney Nexus bass head seemingly vibrating in sympathy with the matching 1x15" cab it sits on a producing a low-level crackling noise with the very lowest notes. I'm aware that it's probably a dodgy joint on a circuit board somewhere but there's a LOT of board real estate in there; do you think that isolating head from cab as muc as is possible (Gramma pad, hockey pucks, rubber feet, whatever) might help? When I can afford to and don't need the head for a bit I'm planning to get it into Laney for a service, but as a stop-gap?
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. Ver', ver' tempting - giggable, do you reckon? I'm liking the idea of this and the matching 2x10 to replace my 'made of lead' 1x15" Trace....
  11. I could be tempted if you're ever Birmingham-way (doubt I'd get this comfortably on the back of a motorbike :/ )
  12. Never sold in the end, this - just found it so BUMP!
  13. In very good nick, used for a dozen or so gigs before I ended up downsizing; 'board Velcro pretty much perfect, and got quite a bit of pedal Velcro to go with it as most of mine had it on already. £30 ONO if you can collect from Birmingham-way, or a couple of quid for postage? Potential for trades, no idea what I want (except for a decent floor-based acoustic preamp) though...
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