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  1. THe last time I played in a field we used a generator to power everything (supplied by the venue). As the gig was in the late afternoon we didn't end up packing up until late evening. By then quite a heavy dew had settled and everything was just lying on the grass and dripping wet - the generator itself, all cables, extension leads and all the lighting rigs. We ended up switching everything off and packing up by car headlight. Just something to be aware of. On that occasion a bit of forward planning and organisation could've avoided the risk of sudden death by electrocution.
  2. I bought Jas' Roland Micro Cube. We did the deal on Sunday and it was in my house on Tuesday in absolutely brand spanking new condition. A pleasure doing business with him
  3. [quote name='Lozz196' timestamp='1390169417' post='2342314'] That said, a Markbass 104HR sounds great with those amps - and not too heavy a lift either, in fact a good one-cab solution. I was using a Precision/Markbass Little Mark Tube which is essentially a Little Mark with a bit of warmth into the 104HR doing punk, great set-up all round. [/quote] Oh yeah, that reminds me. This setup was the supplied backline at a gig I played and it did indeed sound very good
  4. One of the Schroeder 1212Ls in the for sale section? The LM2 and 1212 are supposed to be very good match although I've never used them together myself
  5. Sorry I've only just seen your post. I haven't been keeping an eye on this thread. Yes it's sold
  6. Bump for a beautiful guitar and a very good deal
  7. This is a 2013 MIM 1970s reissue Strat. Olympic White with Maple board and neck. Mint condition and I mean mint. Absolutely as new. Comes with standard gig bag and all the original bits and bobs. I'm looking to trade for a Precision or Jazz. MIM reissue, or MIJ or MIA. I've valued this at £400 so I'll make up any difference in value in cash plus I'll throw in a Vox VT20 combo and a Vox Amplug headphone amp, both as new condition. [attachment=147971:Stratocaster 064.JPG][attachment=147972:Stratocaster 055.JPG][attachment=147973:Stratocaster 051.JPG][attachment=147974:Stratocaster 049.JPG].[attachment=147975:Stratocaster 040.JPG][attachment=147976:Stratocaster 052.JPG][attachment=147977:Stratocaster 065.JPG] [attachment=147979:Stratocaster 063.JPG][attachment=147980:VOX 055.JPG]
  8. [quote name='simonc61' timestamp='1353104146' post='1871787'] Perhaps explains why Steve Hackett has endured so long and is still making great music to this day while Genesis faded away. One of the stand-out tracks on SEBTP IMO. [/quote] Absolutely. Of all the ex members of Genesis his solo output is consistantly my favourite, but at times I find listening to it rather frustrating, as if in places it seems a bit Genesis Lite. I can't help wondering what it would sound like with Gabriel singing, Collins drumming and Banks and Rutherford adding their influences and unique sounds and styles. Steve Hackett leaving was definitely the beginning of the end for Genesis although they still managed to crack out a couple of damned good albums before they really went downhill. Not many musicians have produced creative and original music for 4 decades. Top marks Mr Hackett After The Ordeal?!! I LOVE that song
  9. 15 watts, 1x8. It's got Clean, R & B, Rock and Grind channels and Filter, Octaver and Chorus effects as well as a Compressor. Excellent, well looked after condition. Great little practise amp with some fun tones and effects. These are £89 new so £45 seems reasonable. At this price it's not worth posting so collection only but I don't mind meeting halfway within reason. I'm north of Portsmouth and work in Guildford
  10. I've never used GK gear but the logical choice would be the matching GK cab (Is it the 115RBH?) Unfortunately that's way outside your budget so you are left with looking at used cabs. It's difficult to predict how a cab from another manufacturer is going to sound so I think it's a case of trying whatever you can pick up S/H and if you don't like it move it on. The advantage of buying used is you won't lose a lot on the deal if you have to sell it again. I would suggest that you'll get better results with another 15 rather than 10s but some people will disagree with that. Ultimately it's how it sounds to you that matters and if it sounds good, it is good. There is no right or wrong, as long as it's 8 ohms and will handle a couple of hundred watts you should be ok. If you can pick up a decent condition TE 1153 you won't be disappointed. Well within your budget and they are as good as any of the modern cabs in their price range. EDIT: AFAIA no other cab manufacturer makes cabs that'll allow you to use the Bi-amp feature. Is the high amp 50W? If it is it 's not practical to buy a cab to just use in Bi-amp mode so you'll be better off just sticking another full range cab on the main output.
  11. [quote name='Happy Jack' timestamp='1343670529' post='1753476'] Excellent news! Now available for less than a hundred ... [url="http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=180937552506"]http://www.ebay.co.u...em=180937552506[/url] [/quote] Sold for £102. Oh dear
  12. [quote name='GetYourFunkOut93' timestamp='1343405583' post='1750341'] So much hype about barefaced cabs... Not too impressed tbh [/quote] Is it the appearance? They do sound good, but I have to agree about TC cabs and heads. They are designed to work together.
  13. [i]Has anyone got an idea of the weight of these?[/i]
  14. Thanks for a smooth transaction. Top geezer
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