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  1. Top work Dood . Also saved him the indignity of having to join the competition - he he
  2. Not great pictures , but it's sort of blue/green - difficult colour to pin down really . Status Jazz
  3. I can't give you a schematic , but I will say this though . I'm a real Eden fan , but this sort of thing is why Eden has such a bad name . What sort of company doesn't have a schematic , for what was one of their best selling amps? Beggars belief really . On a lighter note - join up on Talkbass , and I'm certain that there'll be someone over there who can help you out - they have a massive user base
  4. The trouble is , is that all of the double Stingray pickup'd basses , all have the rear pickup way too far back - so not getting that 'Stingray sweetspot' . The only mainstream maker that I've seen 'dong it right' (subjective, I know) , is Warwick, with the Doublebuck
  5. As has been said before - that's just lazy sound men (or more kindly , sound men up against it with time / turnarounds etc) . Never the same argument with a Guitarist ; and most Bassists look after their gear far better than Guitarists do - IMO . So why not the same logic with them . 9/10 , you're left with a lifeless plod noise
  6. You're really not doing my gas any good at all with a post like this . I keep thinking that maybe the cost of a build is too much , and could buy two other good basses 2nd hand ; but the lure of these basses is becoming too great . My main bass has always been a hybrid Stingray , with a Modulus Quantum neck ; so know exactly what you mean by even tempered response . I've been waiting for your update on this mate - gonna have to get my finger out and sell some unused gear
  7. Going on holiday tomorrow - doubt this'll be still here when I get back . Ho hum
  8. Really nice trio of Bogarts there . I actually quite like those splattered paint finishes
  9. You're just too greedy with all of the ones you've got - he he Any pictures of them, by any chance?
  10. Yep . I ummed and ahhed on this one each time it's been up for sale , but going to go the headless 5 Bogart route . Been in touch with Stefan albeit last year - just got to sell some stuff first . Never played one , so taking a leap, but almost can't wait to shift my stuff to get one made . Glad you like it mate , as I don't know anyone who has one who doesn't love it to bits
  11. Summer Breeze , then this one
  12. Exile on Main St . Was a massive Stones fan when I was younger - got into them around '83 when I was 14 , and it pretty much started me playing music . I just think it's a rambling mess - 2 or 3 songs aside . I actually love their supposedly weaker albums - Goats Head Soup , Black and Blue , and Undercover . I'm the same up to a point with Jaco . Got his solo album years ago , and just can't listen to it - but I LOVE the Joni album Shadows and Light that he's on - beautiful playing
  13. They should send you a link to your E Mail , so you can sing up It is however , one of the most awkward things that I've had to set up . I fix Broadband lines for a living , yet I found it really frustrating to navigate - might have been me though
  14. Bought a Tech21 pedal from Theo . Great communication , and a straightforward no nonsense deal .
  15. I'll have to admit that I'm not up to speed on vintage gear , but at those prices , it almost makes Andy Baxter's place look like Cash Converters
  16. This looks quality . I'm thinking of going Pre-amp pedal into power amp for my rig . So is there any reason why this couldn't mix 3 Pre-amps if needed ? ie - Sansamp BDDI , Sansamp Q strip , and say another .
  17. This is another one on here that I can't believe is still here . If I shift my stuff , then I'll seriously consider this one . In the meantime - GLWTS
  18. I can't see why this wouldn't drive a power amp though , if the amp in question was 'open enough' on the inputs . I think Dood used to plug into a rack compressor , then into a power amp , and he reckoned that that worked really well .
  19. I think that Sting had his natural Jazz bass with a P neck - or so I was told . An option might be (if you like them) , to get a Status P neck , and screw it on . Surely not much more than a wooden neck?
  20. E sharp


    Bought a pedal off Nash - with my old fashioned payment method of cheque . He was perfectly OK with that , and a smooth deal all round . Thanks .
  21. E sharp

    Show us your rig!

    Thanks mate . The bass , I've had for around 27 yrs , and is a bit of a mix and match . Guy I bought it off , had a fretted and fretless , but the fretted sold . This green one was fretless , and had to find someone to fret it . I was told , that he took all the hardware off two stingrays , and sold the bodies and necks , then got Roger Giffin to make the bodies . Then paid £500 a pop for each Modulus Quantum graphite neck from the States , and then got Giffin to assemble them . I think it may be 35" . The back however is pretty beat up - finish wise . It is unique , and even though I've gone into double figures with the collection over the years , it's the only bass (bar around 4 or 5 gigs) , that I've gigged . Done everything from function stuff to rock . When you've got a keeper , I think you know . The tape is for , as you had - stop the pops . Just did it at the gig , as I'd raised the pickup to act as a sort of ramp , so I could play a bit softer , and it'd make the 3 fingered gallop easier - worked a treat
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