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  1. I caught the last half of this. Superb. Really hope it will be shown again soon.
  2. Nice! What strings are you using? I've been switching between rounds and flats on mine over the past few weeks. Both work really well.
  3. I'm glad you included The Low End Theory because that was the only one I actually bought on release ... on cassette.
  4. Nice ... Just this month I started listening back to my old Spin Doctors albums. What a great band!
  5. Simple Minds - Live in the City of Light.
  6. I recently bought an Ampeg Rocket 30 which is available for £139 ... it's a great option for home use.
  7. Gutted. One of my very favourite bands. First heard them in the 80s, loved working thru the back catalogue, and bought everything since. RIP Dusty.
  8. It was very nice. Well finished, the pickup sounded great and it was a lot of fun to play. But it was heavier than the jazz I was also trying out. Still love my JMJ 😀
  9. Along with several basses I own one guitar, a telecaster. It arrived with a very small knot about a millimetre in size on the neck towards the headstock. The guitar played beautifully but I still thought about returning it. Then on day two I dinged it (no surprise there) so no more chance to return and it hasn't bothered me once since. I think keep it, so long as it plays well otherwise. It adds a bit of uniqueness.
  10. I've owned and sold a Performer and still own a JMJ. Both are really nice but the JMJ edged it for me with the nitro finish and slightly chunkier neck. The Performer is much more modern feeling and can get a wide variety of tones. But the pickup on the JMJ is great. I've just switched from the stock flats on the JMJ to rounds ... which I didn't think I'd ever do ... but it sounds awesome with the rounds too 😀
  11. I've bought and sold a Mustang PJ and a Performer Mustang, and bought and kept a JMJ Mustang. The JMJ is a little too reliced, but is a superb bass .. fit and finish, playability and tone are great. I'll be trying out a G&L fallout on Friday, so keen to see how that plays out. I'd love to try a Wilcock shortscale, but haven't had the chance yet.
  12. The new bass looks beautiful. Glad you found a good one. I still have my eye on one, but stock locally is low and I definitely want to try before I buy.
  13. Played an lb100 yesterday for the first time whilst trying out a few amps. Was surprised at just how nice it was at this price point. I've always thought that if I want a P bass then I'd buy Fender (and I have so far) but I simply just really enjoyed playing the g&l. I came home with the amp, but now very tempted to go back and check out the lb100 some more.
  14. I used 45-100 Chromes on my mustangs and they were really nice. When using rounds I had to go to heavier 105s.
  15. I've found the same, and won't be changing these on my JMJ. Previously always used D'addario Chromes on my other (no longer owned) mustangs and they worked great too.
  16. I tried one in store recently and the action was too high for my liking and the saddles couldn't go much lower. Didn't want to pay for the cost of a new Pro 2 knowing I would need to shim the neck. Shame because it was beautiful otherwise.
  17. Very nice! I have a 2019 MIJ hybrid jazz 4 string and the build quality is great. GLWTS.
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