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  1. Gorgeous, I'd go with a lighter relic and a matching headstock, but that looks great
  2. Sent an email regarding a Limelight... Struggling to decided between Shoreline Gold, Sherwood Green and LPB... They all look delightful.
  3. I've just emailed Limelight... Will they do basses in nonperiod colours? I was hoping for a 63 spec in either shoreline gold or LPB... 

    1. ead


      Shorline Gold is certainly on the early 60s Fender colour card.


    2. discreet


      So is Lake Placid Blue.

    3. Kevsy71


      My "62" Limelight is Sonic Blue with maple fingerboard, so anything goes!

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  4. Cool, depends on the wait time if I can order straight away, if not it'll have to be the end of March/start of April before I can do it. But going through the limelight thread there's a lot of groovy basses. This example in this thread is a stunner though!
  5. I'm going to send a cheeky email to them now, you might find some of my basses for sale sooner rather than later though! Email sent about a 63 spec'd bass. Hopefully Lake Placid Blue, I've looked at some of the other bass companies but nobody does a colour like the big F LPB. So hopefully it'll be doable. I'm guessing no here, but would they do one as a 5er?
  6. I'm sure Peter Hook was a big fan of that headstock...
  7. Oooft, that's a lot more than I have right now. Still less than a 63 RI though! However, do they work on a deposit scheme basis?
  8. I've always wanted one of those, what do their prices start at?
  9. I've never found a bass in which I've hated the body shape, maybe some of the things Schecter put out, but I'm really indifferent on them. One thing that I'm not keen on though is singularly black basses
  10. Is it possible to have too many basses? Asking for a friend...

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    2. TheGreek


      Possibly...but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't keep them all.

      Every time I try to downsize I use the freed up funds to buy another bass.:dash1:

    3. discreet


      Yes, the question should be, 'How can my friend sell some of his lesser basses to raise cash for a superior bass?' This way you can pretend you're thinning the herd but you're actually still buying basses...

    4. Grangur


      The way to tell you have too many is when you find each time you go and try one of the basses you've not played for a bit, you find they always seem to need a new set of strings and it feels like you changed the strings the last time you used it.

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  11. I want one of those Little Stubby amplifiers (oooh er misses) 

    1. franzbassist
    2. Fisheth


      So it's UK made then? 

      Bit expensive for what it is though... 

      Like you've got tons of giggable class D options for that.

    3. franzbassist


      Yes, the power to £ ratio isn't good :(

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  12. The HT series was what I was referring to, they marketed them as "all tube" despite having SS shenanigans in them. I've got no idea about the Artisan series
  13. I have mixed feelings about this, it's great that someone from TE is working on them, but over in the guitar world, they've been lying about their amplifiers being "all tube" I find it hard to trust anything this company says or puts out, no matter how good they are.
  14. It would have been James Jamerson's birthday today. So happy birthday to him (RIP) 

    1. discreet


      Such a groundbreaking player. Respect.

    2. TheGreek


      Thanks for the reminder.....respect to the man

    3. Marc S
  15. One of the guitarists in my current band has had numerous mods done to his pedals through Wilf, seems like a good guy. When I recorded at Nemix, I did get to play a bass with his Dirty Dozen pickups in, which had a chorus built into them somehow. Great sounding pickups, I would love a set at somepoint.
  16. I am now an artist with Boult Guitars! Expect a NBD very soon!

    1. Fisheth


      I play for Usurper UK! 


    2. charic


      Are you on Spotify etc?  I'd like to check you out :)

    3. Fisheth


      We're not yet, but we are on FB/Instagram/Twitter.

      We're recording our debut EP right now! 

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  17. I was contemplating going for a USA Lakland next time, as I wanted a five string P. Then they got back to me on prices. Another Jake it is I think...
  18. Could be buying one of these soon due to a potential move next June/September. Looking forward to getting one.
  19. Pics or it's an Encore P bass!
  20. Selling off my Lakland to put towards a 5 string Jake... I was going to get one earlier in the year, but at the last minute I was offered an SVT instead. Hm, might go for something a bit less flashy, like a Red P instead of a sunburst, primarily so I can be low key in musical/band situations when required.
  21. I had a SC, sold it to fund a Retro 210 to power my SVT. Cracking little cabs, Alex know's what he's doing when he builds them, that's for sure.
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