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  1. So I finally got my Elwood custom! It was a long 16 weeks but wow is it worth it - everything about it exactly as I wanted! Some specs 32"Medium Scale Haussel pickups Series/parallel switch Seafoam green with matching headstock And of course, here's a picture
  2. Thanks for the replies guys! Just to let ye know, this would be the seafoam green and not the surf green, found it hard to tell the difference on the site but this is exactly what I wanted
  3. COUCH PIC!! I am absolutely ecstatic, does anyone know how long shipping is to Ireland?
  4. I finally have something to contribute! Just paid the deposit on my Elwood 4p Custom. Some specs 32" Medium Scale Ash body Birdseye maple neck and board Seafoam Green with matching headstock Haussel pickups with bridge humbucker
  5. So I've actually started to lean towards this colour, Green Valley Metallic, but I'm unsure whether to go matching headstock or not 😅 Here's some specs: Alder body 32" inch scale Haussel pickups Passive with mini switch
  6. [quote name='TheGreek' timestamp='1503928615' post='3361599'] Is this going to be a forever bass? If not you may want to consider the re-sale potential - how many people will want to buy an orange or yellow bass? Most popular colours are likely to be red/ black/ white then probably natural - I'm a green freak personally and know that selling green basses in the past has been an issue. [/quote] The plan would be to keep this bass for a very long time, not that I'm particularly fond of selling any of my basses 😂
  7. So I've been looking for a new bass to help me through my final year of college, and I've settled on a Maruszczyk Jake. The only problem is I can't decide on the colour! I'm thinking I'll go with either orange or yellow, which looks best? Also, if anyone who has one of these basses has any recommendations for other customisations, let me know!😁
  8. [quote name='BigRedX' timestamp='1499175183' post='3329691'] What is more important in a Fenderbird? The fact that it has a "Fender-style" neck (in which case which one because there are at least 2 different ones) or that fact that's a bolt-on neck as opposed to the through neck of the Thunderbird? [/quote] A fender style neck for me, particularly maple. It's all about the aesthetics 😉
  9. [quote name='Grahambythesea' timestamp='1499123380' post='3329432'] Check out JOW dirty bird. Loads on this forum about them, well thought of. [/quote] I've never seen them before, that's a great price! Do you know if they offer any other colours/fingerboards?
  10. [quote name='Cosmo Valdemar' timestamp='1499120681' post='3329415'] Cataldo. I've got one, it's superb. [/quote] I've seen them and they do look great. I'm worried about paying duty on then though 😢
  11. So I've been seriously GASing for a Fenderbird recently, and came across the Bach version, but they don't seem to make them any more. Due to my inexperience with woodworking, I'd rather not go the DIY route. Does anyone actually produce a Fenderbird style bass?
  12. Bought a barefaced cab from Rich, he was very helpful throughout the process and it arrived as described in an extremely prompt manner and very well packed! Fantastic seller, would definitely recommend 😊
  13. [quote name='chris_b' timestamp='1492346179' post='3279539'] What were you using before? [/quote] I was using an Ashdown little giant 1000 with a different 400w cab and it was fine, getting 300w at 8ohms but that amp seems to massively overestimate it's wattage
  14. Thanks for the reply! I'll see can find one, but amps across the water are always hard to find 😅 do you find the 200w enough?
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