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  1. Andytre

    New bands first EP

    https://weareoursouls.bandcamp.com/releases My new punk band released our first EP a few weeks back, we recorded for free in a ballet shoe factory (pretty punk rock yeah?) and i did the mixing and mastering so grand total it cost us £0 though it may aswell put on here!
  2. Andytre

    Trace Elliot, tell me about it

    I've recently picked up an series 6 AH200 for £100 and it is a beast, currently preferring it over my Genz 12.2, something i never thought id say, its heavy but i make up for it with 2 light weight genz 1x12's so best of both worlds! i might keep my eye out for a 500 now I've seen this thread!
  3. Andytre

    Strap with some grip

    thanks for the offer but its a bit out the way for me! and thanks to every one else for input! i think my issue with the leather straps and comfort style straps is the width, find anything wider than the 2" irritates me around the neck, also find that it can get quite sweaty underneath them. I've manged to borrow a cotton and a denim strap as well as i thin leather strap to try if any work. if all else fails its time for light weight machine heads but seems quite the expenditure on a bass that cost me about £30 to build!
  4. Andytre

    Another “accidental” deko purchase

    the only one i got that had an obvious issue was a PB50 which had a jack socket you couldn't get a jack in, 5 min job and the bass only cost around £23!
  5. Andytre

    Strap with some grip

    I've recently really started enjoying the tone and play-ability of my mongrel precision MM bass, the only issue is due to the light weight body and heavy neck/ tuners its suffering from severe neck dive! any know of any straps that are pretty grippy? i usually use Ernie Ball poly straps that are 2" wide and nice a long. i'm not a massive fan of leather straps or ones that are thick or padded. what materials am i looking out for denim? cotton? unobtanium-nickle-oxide alloy? any advice would be great!
  6. Andytre

    Crackling amp pots. Repairable?

    I use colclene PCS at work to keep 10+ amps from crackling (some about 25 years old), on the back it says its for missile guidance systems so gota be good!
  7. Andytre

    Trace Elliot AH200

    Behringer are quite bad, especially with their power amps, Inuke NU6000 is suppose to be 6000watts, but its about a quarter of the volume of our Crown macro tech 1200. i suppose its just to get people all excited with the big numbers! not sure if Bugera are also fudging the books with their watts
  8. Andytre

    Trace Elliot AH200

    used it first time in anger yesterday for a practice, sounds bloomin lovely, only had it turned up to 3 against 2 guitarists and a loud drummer playing some raucous punk rock. need to get a rack sorted soon as it might become my main gigging amp!
  9. Andytre

    Trace Elliot AH200

    cheers for that! i'll have a look! and cheers everyone for demystifying the mythical trace watts! especially that video, haha. cant wait to get me mits on it now!
  10. Andytre

    Trace Elliot AH200

    after GASing for a Trace Gp12, I've picked up one of these from eBay for what i think is a good price, id like to rack mount it and have a little draw below for my compressor and overdrive to make it all neat and tidy, i know that they are rack mountable but the one i'm getting doesn't have the rack ears, does anyone know if i can pick up some generic ears that will do the job (even if it means re-drilling or modifying them in anyway) or even if there's another way to mount the head? I'm also curious what everyone means by trace Watts vs (insert brand name here) Watts is there mathematical formula!? is it all just nonsense!? i mean is 1 trace watt is 1.2 (insert brand name here) watts or something. anyway looking forward to getting it and turning it up nice and loud!
  11. Andytre

    Be quick!!

    i nearly bid but Leeds is just too far away for me, otherwise i'd of swooped it up!
  12. Andytre

    Thomann delivery times

    once took them 10 days to get a 32 channel mixing desk to us, and that includes the lorry being in a accident that destroyed the first order, which if where honest is not too bad! we put a massive order through every year and never wait longer than 5 days for it to turn up. all my personal orders also have also come through in 3-5 days
  13. Andytre

    Floppy Hercules microphone stand legs

    i was given a mic stand with said 'flaccid leg syndrome', i fixed it by putting small rubber washers between the legs and the section they connect to. i'm not sure if the Hercules stands have an Allen bolt you can undo and remove the leg. id hope you would be able to as even the dirt cheap studio spares stands have this. once the washers in tighten up and gives that extra bit of grip to hold them in (dont over tighten as it will just cause the rubber to rip)
  14. Andytre

    Win A Free Set of NYXL!

    currently using Thomann home brand 45-105 for £5 a pack, i think the NYXLs would probably be quite the step up.... only one way to find out!
  15. Andytre

    Best Budget OD/Distortion?

    i love the ultimate drive, went through a period of trying all the cheap and cheerful OD and this worked out as my fav. but i also have the MojoMojo still, and the orange burst by Caline as my spares (Mojo in my gig bag for using at practice and the orange burst at home in case one goes nipple north) there all good pedals i think the ultimate drive is the best for me. i also got it back when they were about £20 something a real bargain.