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  1. Recommend a mixer stand

    +1 for the K&M use it for our small powered soundcraft desk which is pretty weighty, the stands stable as anything
  2. https://www.thomann.de/gb/thomann_e_bass_gigbag_premium.htm always liked the look of these for the price
  3. yesterday i bought a set for £9 from Amazon they've gone up by £3 now but still cheap! just click on the medium box under size name! https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B000VTMSQ4/ref=twister_B01L3JPJK2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  4. Thomann - delivery times

    Sometimes they're surprisingly fast, ive had a large head delivered in 3 days, i dont think iv ever waited more than week.
  5. Its actully been converted into a head, so that should help with the weight issue
  6. Anyone know if the BLX80 was any good? One near me for £50
  7. Nut cut too low

    i have shimmed a nut before with a bit of business card, just cut to size put under the nut and restring. it was only by a small amount and on a cheapo bitsa but i havent noticed any issues with it slipping. theres probably better ways to do it but it worked for me!
  8. Anyone feeling flush?

    if you can wear a old school 'safari' hat and not look ridiculous you make one of these look good, personally i'm not a fan!
  9. Please tell me about Schecter basses

    i picked up a diamond Jazz bass for £200 probably the best jazz I've ever played, hipshot hardware (or very good copies) EMG pups and a great preamp. finish and build quality was amazing. but unfortunately i don't really like jazzes so i got rid. really want to try a diamond P bass or Model T. the new model T basses look amazing in my opinion.
  10. Genz Benz Focus cabs.

    i want another 2 1x12s so i can use both channels on my Shuttlemax 12.2 at 4ohm! not that i'd ever need that much power but i can dream haha!
  11. Genz Benz Focus cabs.

    I have 2 1x12 focus cabs and i love them, light enough to carry 1 handed and i think they sound great, prefer them over all other cabs I've used (which include trace, TC, Orange, barefaced, ampeg) and they only cost me £100 each!
  12. Harley Benton pb50 pickups

    my college bought a left handed HB Jazz that was one of the first i knew of with the Rosewell PUPS, they seem pretty comparable to the Wilksinson i have in the bridge of a PJ bass. also looking forward to seeing the red version its been teasing on the Thomann website for sometime now! along with a LH PB50.
  13. Cheap vs Expensive

    I've got a Peavey Microbass 20 and i love that tiny thing!
  14. Squier Jaguar HB, where did they go?

    £116! Now that is a bargain!
  15. NBD: Boult Galaxy

    i like that! how much did it cost if you don't mind me asking?