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  1. So you bought it? Pics or this thread is worthless
  2. I know next to nothing about these, so I'll be taking a great interest in this thread. Nice job, didn't know we had a thread like this on here.
  3. Silly price, I'd jump on it if it's a legit CIJ. I've got two of them and they're super.
  4. Might do a fretless V if/when it goes up on the configurator Played a fretless today and was in love.
  5. Black Spiders, classic 70's styled rock with a great sense of humor. They're on their final tour right now
  6. [quote name='NickD' timestamp='1493662495' post='3289830'] My Elwood wears a 120 and it's fine, it's set up light and low though. My Jake, which is my 'rock' bass and gets hammered a bit more wears a 125 and that's every bit as solid as the 35 inch scale Lakland that it replaced. [/quote] Good to know, I'm using a 35" Lakland as my go to five string for now, so it's nice to know someone has used both.
  7. [quote name='Wilco' timestamp='1493642496' post='3289608'] For fun just configured a 'Geddy' bass followed by a 'Jaco' alike. Then did a 'what would my ideal bass now be?' & got depressed as it came out at €1910........ Like Fisheth's post above, now thinking what to put up for sale........ [/quote] The problem now is I keep playing with the creator, trying to choose between the standard headstock and a matching one is a right pain. A five string Jazz is actually stupidly affordable, especially for US Fender money. What sort of strings should go on a 34" Jazz? Just wanting to avoid floppy B string syndrome.
  8. I did a sparkly Fretless Jazz that came out at a stupidly affordable price. Only nitpick is that the 5 string options don't have 35 as a standard option. Time to sell some excess instruments I think!
  9. [quote name='BassApprentice' timestamp='1493545921' post='3288996'] Question, I really like the Sputnik, but I notice it's always the most expensive model but does anyone know if Adrian could cater for a more budget Sputnik? I guess the price comes from the premium woods used for the Sputnik so do you reckon he could do it cheaper with non premium materials? I'm probably best off emailing Adrian but thought I would ask here too. [/quote] Honestly, I'd probably email him. He'll get you sorted!
  10. [quote name='pierreganseman' timestamp='1493492262' post='3288792'] The customizer will be updated as it goes along as apparently its a proper nightmare to program ..... So worry not , your wallet is in trouble lol , all shapes and models will be possible [/quote] I can imagine it's a pain, it looks far more functional than some of the other ones I've seen, from a quick glance at it anyway.
  11. So, turns out that the customizer on the website will be for the Elwood's only, at least for now. My wallet is safer than it was.
  12. [quote name='pierreganseman' timestamp='1493445715' post='3288318'] i may have just wet myself ..... [/quote] I know you described it as Lake Placid Blue, but I always thought LPB was lighter. Beautiful bass none the less though!
  13. [quote name='BassApprentice' timestamp='1493408664' post='3288209'] Video on Facebook just been put up announcing the configurator goes live on Monday. Credit cards at the ready.... [/quote] As I said on that thread, that's dangerous for my wallet. I'm actually contemplating selling my basses beginning with F (Including my Harris) for one!
  14. It's week twelve of my wait, hopefully, I'll get the email this week!
  15. [quote name='0175westwood29' timestamp='1492949215' post='3284288'] I can switch via the es-8 if needed but to be honest both heads are live all the time! [/quote] Interesting, how do you plug them both in? Been wanting to do a clean/dirty rig for a while now!
  16. Nice rig, how do you change between each head however?
  17. [quote name='Wolverinebass' timestamp='1492885103' post='3283927'] If that configuration tool works like Warmoth, I'm so in there. For days. Weeks. Months. On the plus side, hopefully it'll clear up the "how much does this option cost?" nonsense that is the case now with prices a bit hidden from direct view. [/quote] Good point, it'll make the prices even more attractive!
  18. [quote name='wateroftyne' timestamp='1492804300' post='3283422'] Oh, FFS. I'm going to have to ask Virgin Media to block it. [/quote]
  19. Shame it wasn't a fretless. Would have been all over it if that was the case!
  20. [quote name='ezbass' timestamp='1492699626' post='3282496'] It's been two days since receipt of my new Elwood L and I seem to be more open mouthed every time I play it. This is my first fretted [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Maruszczyk and I'm absolutely knocked out by the quality of the fretwork. I've tried and bought (not all of them) many top end guitars and basses and this is [/font][/color][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif][color=#282828]without doubt the best finished neck and fretboard I've ever played, bar none. As previously mentioned, I've replaced the strings with [/color][/font][color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]EB Cobalt flats and I've just replaced the tone capacitor to my [/font][/color][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif][color=#282828]preferred 1 meg value and I can honestly say that I don't think this bass could be any better now. A massive shout out for the Delano JSBC HE pickups, they're really articulate and clear, but growl nicely when you dig in. I'm seriously considering changing out the Bassculture MM pickup on my Elwood L fretless for an MC-4 HE on strength of these jazz pickups. Suffice to say that I'm a very happy camper and even more of a fanboy than I already was.[/color][/font] [/quote] Just a question about those Delano's how close to a Stingrayish grind are yours? The one in my Flying V is really close to that tonality, but still sounds like a P pickup. Just wondered if the pickups in your Elwood did the same thing for Jazz's!
  21. [quote name='dood' timestamp='1492600461' post='3281496'] Yes a great pick and the first I thought of. This, the Steve Harris and the Mike Dirnt current models all have the slimmer 40mm nut which would be the one I'd go for. Not quite as small as the Jazz 38mm nut but still wide enough to feel like a P. Nate's signature model is crafted on his own favourite 70's P bass. I forget the year, possibly '71. [/quote] Just want to make a point about the Harris, it's got a rather Chunky neck, so if you're not a fan of that style of neck then I'd rule it out. It also depends on if you like West Ham or not
  22. [quote name='BassApprentice' timestamp='1492597263' post='3281456'] In before someone suggests Maruszczyk [/quote]
  23. The wait for mine isn't getting any easier, but it's always great to see other members of the thread getting their NBD's
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