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  1. Oh, er. It's been ages since I was last here. Just changed strings on my 62 RI and it sounds lovely now. 

  2. Oh er, these stories have given me qualms about ordering another Jake.
  3. I'm wanting a 5 string Jake to compliment my Lakland J-Sonic, what colour would be a good compliment for Gold chaps?
  4. I'll hopefully be ordering another Jake in April... We'll see!
  5. The Gig with Dream Tröll was a massive success, we almost hit the venue cap. Made tons of cash and paid every band and I'm 80 quid up. A fantastic night all round. 

  6. Where can I get one in the UK?
  7. Playing a show with one of my favorite bands next week! Dream Tröll from Leeds!  Very excited! 

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    2. Kevsy71


      Just checked them out on Bandcamp - wow, they're ace! Enjoy the shöw :)

    3. Fisheth


      I'll try Kevsy! 

    4. discreet


      @SpondonBassed That comment really gets my goat.

  8. Nothing wrong with a Mexican Fender, I had a Harris Fender that was Mexican and if it wasn't for the weight I would have it now!
  9. Tempted to sell my SVT, I quite fancy a VBA-400 or a Orange AB200 

    1. mart3442


      Owned 3 valve svt's, all great in their own right..... You won't be disappointed with the Orange, especially when you lift it!

    2. discreet


      I've owned an SVT and Orange all-valves, they're both good. if I had to choose I'd go for the SVT - just to annoy you and plant a seed of doubt. ;) But it doesn't matter, they're all good amps, you can't go wrong.

    3. Lozz196


      I liked the idea of the VBA400, right to the time I saw it took 2 people to lift it on top of an 810.

  10. Sorry to hijack the thread a bit, I've had numerous bits of gear back from Martin, he's been spot on and reasonably priced everytime (Especially when my SVT burned it's caps out) Very interested in the TE discussion as they're now back.
  11. My new pointy bass could be ready next week...

  12. They certainly do punch above their weight. Great cabs and I'm happy to be a user for 3+ years.
  13. Got some pictures of my custom Boult... NBD insanely soon I think! 

    1. Marc S

      Marc S

      Please share the pics :)

    2. discreet


      Yes, I desperately want to see this Boult.

  14. I didn't expect a response from Ashdown in the thread. That's what I call customer service!
  15. I should have clarified, I was after anything that contradicted the all-tube claim, I can't find any schematics or anyone discussing this, sure there looks to be SS stuff in that picture, I just want to know what they've put in it that's SS. I think I have an idea but just want some clarity on it
  16. In the guitar world a company did exactly this, Ultimate-GUitar found and the end result was an entire forum no longer recommends that company for anyone. I find it hard to recommend them also. I can't seem to find anything on this on BC or on the wider web about it. Got a link?
  17. A bit too expensive IMO, but I don't really know what the prices are like these days
  18. Decent for practices I would have thought, not for a rock band though, you'll run out of power.
  19. Andertons says that they'll have some in at the end of April
  20. 499? I'm nabbing one of these at that price I think.
  21. How does anyone make a VBA 400 sound bad? 

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    2. itsmedunc


      And play some jazz!

    3. discreet


      Give it to Jeff Berlin?

    4. Ghost_Bass


      Use it with a P-Bass to drive a 8x10"... :ph34r:

  22. It's going to be either LPB or BM for me, but the green is ooft. So it could still win out
  23. Yeah, when I said that I couldn't decide on my FB people were mentioning "purple" It doesn't look that purple, does it? I'm slightly colorblind so I can't really tell, haha!
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