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  1. Woo tons of advice, ace. Yeah, I thought as much. To be honest, it's a case of stamina mainly, But the wide neck isn't helping with my hands. But I'll keep practising. I mean, that's always a good excuse to the parents as to why I need another bass Edit: The Marcus Miller basses look pretty tasty, considering the price. Anyone got any word on them? Considering I'm playing more funky stuff lately it's always good to have a backup that doesn't look metalz like my BC rich does.
  2. Going to have a look at those basses now!
  3. Funny, that hadn't actually crossed my mind. What do you guys recommend I should be looking at when it comes to slimmer necks. I currently own a Squier VM Jazz V and a BC Rich WMD Widow V. The Widow is far too thick for me giving my hands cramps and spasms. The Jazz V is almost there though. Was looking at Sandberg and Spector, but the Spector stuff looks way out of my pricepoint. Even on Thommann! The Sandbergs are more in budget though. Double edit: Forgot to mention the bass has to be light, I've just gone through major surgery and I've had known problems with my back too. The Jazz V that I have is a bit too heavy for me, but the BC rich feels about right in terms of weight. No idea if that'll help anyone, but just throwing it out there.
  4. Hey guys, I'm having an on going debate with myself in regards to a new bass and I was wanting some opinions from you knowledgeable folks on Bass Chat. Just to give you some context, I've been a guitar player turned bassist due to a band not being able to find one and I was asked if I wanted to do it, I begrudgingly said yes and found that it isn't as easy as I first thought! Anyway: I predominantly play five strings, so I'm wondering is there any need for me to have a four string at all? Considering I can do much more with the extended range of a five string, than what's available to me on the four. However there are some passages I find tricky due to the wider neck on my five strings than the four's that I have tried. Is it worth getting a four string or is this a technique issue? I've been wanting to try a four for a while as the only four string I have hasn't been played due to an unfixable neck and I just thought it might be worth getting a higher quality one as I've been taking my bass playing seriously lately. So TLDR: Five string user, is it worth me having a four string too?
  5. [quote name='EBS_freak' timestamp='1426627306' post='2720154'] If you are loud onstage, you may find it difficult - you probably won't be able to hear over the drums and guitars. It's hard to tell without knowing more about the gear you are going to be using and the onstage volume. [/quote] No idea on venue stuff yet, but I'm going to be checking the venue this week with my dad to get a rundown. Guitarists will use a Laney IRT 60 and a JVM 410 combined with I'm assuming 4X12's. Drummer cheap 80 quid kit he got from somewhere. Assuming vocal mics will be 57's.
  6. [quote name='EBS_freak' timestamp='1426626877' post='2720144'] Depends how good your FOH speakers are. With subs and decent tops, you are away... presuming you have some monitoring available for you (if you care about such things!) I've gigged for the last 3 years without a bass amp... I actually think it works better without an amp... and you become every sound mans best friend. [/quote] I've got no idea what the monitoring is like, I do have some access to some monitors however, Just cause of my health I don't want to risk anything major. We play Metal, similar to the NWOBHM stuff, but I'm concerned about not getting the feel of the bass through the monitors, or is that just me being paranoid?
  7. Hey guys, sorry to bump this thread if it's a necro but I have a situation. I'm a guitarist turned bassist who's currently undergoing operations and major surgery right now and I'm about to gig next month. My guitarist is hounding me to buy a bass amp, but the thing is I can't lug masses and masses of gear to a gig because of my back and because of safety reasons. Plus with carrying two basses it's already dangerous enough for me as it is. Considering I'm going to be taking trains and things to these gigs and I don't have a car at all. Will I just be able to turn up and plug into the desk using a Sansamp VT? I really don't like to bother anyone if this thread is dead, but thought I'd ask to not create a new thread and find out that I'm in the wrong place.
  8. [quote name='Bloodaxe' timestamp='1406481525' post='2511814'] We need pictures & soundclips [/quote] I wish I had an audio interface to do soundclips, but Pics are a yes!
  9. [quote name='dood' timestamp='1406406330' post='2511323'] It's perfectly safe to run one Hydrive cabinet with the LH1000 in bridged mode but just use your ears - if ian amp is making horrible distorting noises that you're not expecting then back off a bit Why are they so cheap? Well the design is so simple it's genius and therefore they keep the price down. It's a great muscle amp with a great pure tone driven by an effective valve preamplifier. [/quote] What's this bridged mode? Tried to read up on it and wasn't understanding how it works.
  10. Hey guys, new bass amp time (and my very first) and I found this one on Thomman for a good price and hearing some samples across the web it sounds like the kind of thing I'm looking for. Same with the Hydrive 4X10. My question is, is it safe to run just one of these cabs or would I have to pick up two of them? Also, is there any reason to not get this amp? Is the build quality not very good? Why's it so cheap?
  11. I tried the Widow in a local shop! Ended up loving it so much I bought one online from Thomman. Can someone close this thread please?
  12. Off the top of my head... Helloween: Keeper Of The Seven Keys 1+2 Blind Guardian- Nightfall in Middle Earth Iron Maiden- Powerslave/Brave New World Sabaton- The Art Of War Stryper- To Hell With The Devil. Sure I have loads more though
  13. [quote name='Mykesbass' timestamp='1406306746' post='2510483'] Quite a few fans of these on here - especially the original models. I'm sure you could get some very good advice as to modding one to suit the NWOBHM stuff you want to play. [/quote] Yeah, still tempted by that Widow though!
  14. [quote name='Mykesbass' timestamp='1406293307' post='2510272'] Would something like this suit? [url="http://www.gak.co.uk/en/steinberger-spirit-xt-2-black/38803?gclid=CjwKEAjwgMieBRCB3bqB94e9lD4SJABW3sTNarHoRdVjbt-B_Uj-PRkkXJ9T03CZKlDZvVygrNbS0BoCpRvw_wcB"]http://www.gak.co.uk...NbS0BoCpRvw_wcB[/url] [/quote] Maybe, but it's got no head. How would I tune it?
  15. [quote name='Thunderbird' timestamp='1406287982' post='2510171'] Dean Metalman would be good as it is a flying V not sure what the pick ups are like but you could mod it to a great standard with your budget [/quote] Heard some pretty bad things about Dean myself! Anyone confirm?
  16. [quote name='charic' timestamp='1406287541' post='2510156'] Hmm... Due to the size of basses I think any could cause you some discomfort to be honest. You COULD try playing with you bass swung around onto your hip a little bit but it may cause you some other issues. Have you tried having a lesson with a good teacher? They may be able to suggest something you've not thought of [/quote] Funny I've not tried either of those, giving those a try now... The issue is playing long sets (about an hour, well it's long when you've not done it for years! Haha) Yeah, I was gonna go with the widow cause I liked the specs and the cutaway at the bottom so if it gets to much I can swing it on my legs and away I go, the issue is... I've never played a 34 scale length anything before. Always been 25.5/24.75 (Correct me if I'm wrong as I have a Squier Affinity P-Bass right now)
  17. Thanks a lot for the responses ([quote name='Bloodaxe' timestamp='1406254790' post='2509869'] From your list, I'd have immediately said 'Precision'. After all a P was good enough for Harris, Daisley, Geezer & a raft of others - it is the Hawker Hurricane of Rock after all At the risk of prying, however... ...[b]what are the medical reasons?[/b] Basses can be a fine source of all manner of long-term injuries if you don't get things right - back strain (they can be heavy), Carpal Tunnel issues (usually down to bad posture, but the instrument's ergonomics play a part too) & shoulder problems (too narrow a strap + a heavy bass). As far as ergonomics go, the BC Widow looks like it **could** be a complete nightmare, but I've never played one so I'm voting with my eyes & could be completely wrong. I'm sure that someone on here has one though so maybe they can chip in with some facts. Here's a possible: [url="http://basschat.co.uk/topic/239015-aria-pro-zzb-deluxe/"]http://basschat.co.u...pro-zzb-deluxe/[/url] That's a 1984 example; I have an '83 ZZB Custom & can vouch that they're surprisingly comfortable & not at all heavy. Neck is very slim & fast - Fender Jazz profile but 32" (medium) scale; the pickups are hot - wide open it'll venture into Rickenbacker Territory, but the tone can be easily moderated to get a Bluesy 'honk'. No cutaway, so it sits a tad further outboard than most. The biggest problem I've had is finding a gigbag that'll fit. It's longer than a Gibson T-Bird! Gratuitous pics: The more common Blue/Black 'burst finish crops up on Ebay & Gumtree fairly regularly at prices well within your budget. This thread might provide some more food for thought: [url="http://basschat.co.uk/topic/133346-pointy"]http://basschat.co.u...c/133346-pointy[/url] Pete. [/quote] I'm currently living with a colostomy bag and I just find that whenever I play a standard shaped bass (Currently using a squire P-Bass) it gets in the way of that and it's really uncomfortable for me. Apologies for quoting the whole thing, not sure how to quote one sentence. I'll look at the options everyone has mentioned though!
  18. Hey guys, I'm a new bassist and I've got no idea where to start on basses. As a guitarist of seven/eight years, I've learn't many things and one of which was to ask knowledgeable people about their choice of instruments so I can learn and make mistakes, so I can come crawling back and apologize and pass my new found knowledge onto newbies who were once in the same position. So I've been looking around for basses, as a bassist in a NWOBHM/Power Metal band with the influences of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Ozzy, Angel Witch, Saxon, Clovenhoof, Thin Lizzy, Queensryche, and with some Thrashier influences thrown in such as Megadeth, Testament, Exodus and Overkill, but my own personal influences range from Geezer Butler, John Entwhistle and Steve Harris. All the way to Bootsy Collins, Victor Wooten Jaco Pestorius (Spelling) and some other stuff. I'm not really sure where to start as I've been looking around and there's so many things out there and so many brands. I'd like to buy new if possible and I came across this;http://www.thomann.de/gb/bc_rich_widow_bass_5_2.htm and I love the look of it, especially due to the space in the bottom. For medical reasons right now I can't really play a standard shaped bass and that's why with my guitars I've started playing V's instead of the standard shapes I previously had I've got a budget of £400-£550. (Pounds, I'm in the UK) I'm open to standard shapes, if there's a stomach cutaway at the back however. I'm not really sure on specs as I know nothing about Bass's in terms of scale length and the pickups used in the instrument, but I have some guitar related knowledge. So hit me with options!
  19. So here I am on a... Bass... Forum, somewhere where I never expected to be! I'm a twenty year old guitarist by nature and I've been playing that for about seven or eight years now, varying styles from blues and Funk all the way to Metal. I'm majorly into the European scene with bands like Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray, Helloween, Immortal and Stormwarrior being at the forefront, but in terms of Bassists I really love Bootsy Collins, Steve Harris, Dave Ellefson and Victor Wooten. My gear right now as far as the bass is concerned is a Squier affinity P-Bass and a Vintage (Branded) Musicman clone of some description. Not sure what to say on here, so hello and thanks for having me here!
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