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  1. Just permanently deleted my Facebook account. It had become pretty much an ads only platform and was of little value to me anymore. So far this feels like a relief.

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    2. carlsim


      That's good to know. Might have to delete mine as well!

    3. bassbiscuits


      I did it a few years ago mind so the process might have changed a little. I was prompted by an article online telling you how to do it.

      It isn’t obvious because FB don’t want you to do it. I was worried my info would be floating round out there forever after but it does seem to have disappeared, based on none of it coming up if you Google me. 

    4. ClassicVibes


      That's the standard for a lot of websites nowadays. They make the account inactive but don't delete it. That way it looks like a higher membership than there is. Got to keep those sponsors happy! 

  2. Stolen bass... Today I was given some old gear from a coworker who sold his house and is abandoning his studio.

    Among it is a hand built precision from the Netherlands. I had never heard of the builder so I searched google and found the man's Facebook page. I noticed he had 2 mutual friends. Posted him photo's of the bass asking if it is from his hand and it was indeed.

    I had also posted 3 pics of it on FB, stating I was handed this bass and I did not know the brand. It did not take long for the rightful owner to recognize his custom made bass which had been stolen from his rehearsal room more then 25 years ago! He showed me pics to prove it, and some social media posts from 2017 of him searching for his lost treasure.

    Today, I found him his bass and soon as I noticed it is his, I rang him up and gave him my address. Tomorrow he will pick it up. That will be quite a moment for sure!

    Happy days.


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    2. DiMarco


      Just imagine how you'd feel if your favourite bass was nicked from your car or rehearsal room.
      I did the only thing I could really. The original owner is one happy chap right now!


    3. jimbobothy


      nice one, they'll be very chuffed for sure 😊

    4. Big Rich

      Big Rich

      The burning question is...how did your co-worker come into the possession of the stolen bass?  I'd watch him if I were you.

  3. So does this forum have a dark Theme I can switch to? The white background hurts my eyes on 34" ultrawide.


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    2. Sibob


      As a moderator, I raised this. We're due a forum software update soon, and we're hoping that a dark theme will be implemented as part of that.
      More details soon hopefully.

    3. Balcro


      As a temporary expedient - ( and using Firefox - can't speak for the other browsers ) go to -
      Menu - Settings  ;  scroll down to "Language and Appearance" and under Fonts & Colours, select Colours.  On the Background option, click the rectangle and the colour palette appears. Select a tone that suits you and lighten it with the side strip. Save your choice.

      Under "override the colours" select always.

      It's far from infallible, but it works on Basschat and the BBC. If you see some features or text disappearing elsewhere, then you'll have to cancel the setting.

      With Windows 10, Go to Settings - System - display - & turn on the night light slider. If you click on Nite-Light Settings there are more options.

    4. Sharkfinger


      Balcro's idea is good, I always have the 'Night Light' on Win10 turned on with the 'blue' dialled down to 66%.  Much kinder on the eyes.

  4. On the night of christmas eve, the house of one of the neighbours adjacent to our back yard caught fire and burned out completely. The lady living there (43yo) did not survive the burning.

    Later that night, the man of the house - a heroin addict with repetitives episodes of psychosis in the past was arrested by the police in our city center. The man had locked his girlfriend in and burned her. This murder took place 50 meters from here, and we were aware the man was a danger to himself and his environment.

    The neighborhood has called police a number of times and he would get 'help' but after a day or two he would always be returned to his home.

    Now the woman has burned to death and there was nothing we could do to prevent it.

    I have not slept since. 2020 is the worst year ever.

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    2. Taylor Bitch-blues

      Taylor Bitch-blues

      Well,  I've read your account,  and I'm really sorry for your upset and stress,   I don't think I understand people that well anymore ,  my neighbours,  or your neighbours.   I could tell you about a woman I know who had a Nov 5th bonfire party locally, thirty people attended.   Said woman died of covid within three weeks,   thank goodness for the Basschat Cats thread,  look after yourself. 

    3. prowla


      That's unimaginably awful - take care.

    4. DiMarco


      Quick update: The guy is still in custody. Neighbours been interviewed and all.
      I hope they lock up that bastard for good.


  5. Bored stiff. Shall I buy more gear? We're at 9 basses and 3 amp stacks oh and 3 combo amps.

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    2. andybassdoyle


      Early days I'd say

    3. Marc S

      Marc S

      If you have the space, and the cash - it's your hobby... there's no right or wrong - if you take it in turns to play each one, that's fine.
      Having said that, I've been on a mission to reduce my collection lately - and recent movements have been 4 out, 2 in - and that sort of "feels" quite good, and perhaps very disciplined for me anyway. So many guitarists & bassists I know seem to have a bigger collection than they need. Oddly enough, it's the professional musicians I know, who have the least gear

    4. ProfJames


      Are you married?

  6. Rich seems incredibly active in the past few days 🙂


    1. TheGreek


      or he's upset his wife and she has...

    2. SpondonBassed


      He must have all his ducks lined up.

    3. Rich


      sorry about the caps lock
      before they come to get me again.

  7. If the same question gets asked over and over again on a forum... Does that make the question stupid?


    1. Fingul


      Not if the answers are different!

    2. hiram.k.hackenbacker


      The thing that really annoys me is people asking the same question repeatedly. It seems bit daft to me. What do you think? 


    3. DiMarco


      @hiram.k.hackenbacker that's kinda my point. There's a pretty good search functionality on this forum and when you type one of those often asked questions into google you also can't help but end up here or on TB. In my opinion you're doing something wrong if you can't find the answers to those often simple questions.

      That said - no question is ever stupid, the road some people choose to find the answer is. 🙂

      There's also questions that can't really be answered like:

      • Which is better Jazz or Precision?
      • What's the best bass for metal?

      But questions like that always seem to be followed by people posting pictures of their own gear, possibly in an attempt to be confirmed their own choices were well made.

      Us humans have funny ways sometimes. Maybe it is a thing we should all cherish.



    1. MuddBass


      Now now, no need to shout 😂

  9. Dutch government just fell. Great timing in the middle of a pandemic and trying to get vaccinations going! Yay. I'll just play my basses and stay away from politics as much as I can...

    1. Happy Jack

      Happy Jack

      At least you're not in the USA ...


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