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  1. Last time I gigged I was 73, a year ago. I'll keep going as long as I can. G.
  2. I spent a week with Jon Shuker and built one fro scratch. The cost of staying in a hotel/inn/pub made it quite expensive, but I ended up with a lovely instrument.
  3. I have a Mk1, and as far as I can figure, the tones are pretty much identical - same pickups/preamp. Since unexpectedly getting an Overwater, it's not getting played very much though. G.
  4. Is it roundwound or flatwound, Jezza? G.
  5. Whilst respecting his writing, I lost all other respect for him when I discovered he was on stage with PF holding a bass while Guy Pratt stood in the wings and actually played the music...... G.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. I have a couple of reverb coils (2 coil and 3 coil) whaich may be had for postage. If you need more info PM me. G.
  8. Yes, but currently no pics - a 5 string Overwater & a 5 string custom build - Gibson RD body, Fender-style neck, MM pickup in the sweet spot and SD 2 band pre. G.
  9. When I was getting my fretless tended at Overwater, Chris got a standard allen key and ground about half of the short end off as it would have been too long to fit into the slot. You might try that. G.
  10. I did exactly that and came home with a unique instrument - Gibson RD-style body, 5 string fretless fender-style neck, and an alnico 5 pole pup in exactly the Stingray position. I'm not living at home (where the bass is) so I currently can't put up pics. G.
  11. Nip over to Jon Shuker's for a week & build a 5!!!!!! 😁 G.
  12. For me, it's my technique. Although I had a couple of 4s when I started, I've almost always played a 5. Now, when I play a 4, I find I'm zooming up & down the neck like I was pumping up bicycle tyres. I play across 5 strings and am most comfy doing that. G.
  13. I have a complete set of those - invaluable. G.
  14. Another neck on a neck through might prove difficult...... G.
  15. Nickel strings turn my fingers black, fake or not. G.
  16. I'd phone Overwater & talk to Chris. You'll need a new nut too. That could change the whole feel. G.
  17. Well, a few years agi I had a good copy Jazz bass (bass type not actually important here) that had the passive EMG Hz pickups. I spent A LOT of money and bought a set of Joe Barden pups. These promised me to reproduce the "authentic, original sound of the early Jazz pickups". So I put them on and played. Nobody noticed. Nobody said "Gee, how wonderful your bass sounds now that you have spent large amounts of cash on your pickups!" I kidded myself for a while, imagining I could hear more top, deeper bass, more complex mids, but sooner or later I realised I was probably kidding myself. I went back to looking at the EMG Hz pups and discovered the blurb which said the would give the "authentic, original sound of the early Jazz pickups". Yeah. I re-installed the EMGs and - guess what - nobody noticed. Draw your own conclusions. G.
  18. I'm still using a curly lead (for practice) I bought in the '70's, although it has had new jacks on more than one occasion. G.
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