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  1. I have a complete set of those - invaluable. G.
  2. Another neck on a neck through might prove difficult...... G.
  3. Nickel strings turn my fingers black, fake or not. G.
  4. I'd phone Overwater & talk to Chris. You'll need a new nut too. That could change the whole feel. G.
  5. Well, a few years agi I had a good copy Jazz bass (bass type not actually important here) that had the passive EMG Hz pickups. I spent A LOT of money and bought a set of Joe Barden pups. These promised me to reproduce the "authentic, original sound of the early Jazz pickups". So I put them on and played. Nobody noticed. Nobody said "Gee, how wonderful your bass sounds now that you have spent large amounts of cash on your pickups!" I kidded myself for a while, imagining I could hear more top, deeper bass, more complex mids, but sooner or later I realised I was probably kidding myself. I went back to looking at the EMG Hz pups and discovered the blurb which said the would give the "authentic, original sound of the early Jazz pickups". Yeah. I re-installed the EMGs and - guess what - nobody noticed. Draw your own conclusions. G.
  6. I'm still using a curly lead (for practice) I bought in the '70's, although it has had new jacks on more than one occasion. G.
  7. OK this is what I was told many, many moons ago. If you stop down any of the strings between the 1st and 2nd frets you should only just be able to slide a cigarette paper between the string and the 1st fret. Alternatively if you tap the stopped down string over the 1st fret you should be able to hear the 'ting' as they come together. No 'ting' then the nut is too low - and you've blown it! G.
  8. Use a 5 string & stick to standard tuning. G.
  9. I bought one about 3 months ago and found it extremely nice and flexible. It can be eq'd to do almost anything with the serial/single/parallel switch. Fit & finish good too, although mine is the duller blue original finish. Excellent in the studio. G.
  10. I must admit, in passive mode you have to listen carefully to hear the difference when passive tone turned down. More like a '22' than a '47'. Otherwise the pre in these (I have an M7) is pretty damn good. G.
  11. Click on the link you have provided and pan down a bit. You'll find a diagram of the controls. G.
  12. Yup. Messrs Black & Decker fixed the problem. G.
  13. So, Which knob is best for metal? Aw c'mon!!!! Somebody had to say it......!!!!!!
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