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  1. Need 3 x single plus 2 x stacked knobs for John East 5 pot pre in black or black chrome (if they do them). I have a gold set if a swap interests you. G.
  2. geoffbyrne

    Help with an Overwater truss rod..

    I had a truss rod prob with my Perception & drove it down from Glasgow to Carlisle where Chris fettled it personally. Top bloke. G.
  3. geoffbyrne

    Hipshot Ultralites

    Thinking of buying a set of chrome Ultralites in 4x1 format to replace the full sized cloverleaf type. Could someone advise me which model I need & maybe a good place to buy them? Ta. G.
  4. geoffbyrne

    Overwater strings

    I believe they may have been Picato strings which has now gone out of business. I may stand corrected. Seemingly Strings & Things have 'em: https://www.guitarstringsandthings.co.uk/21_picato G.
  5. geoffbyrne

    Jazz fretless signal boost needed

    Easiest way is to use an outboard pre. I have an MXR MX80+. Works great. As mentioned above an EQ pedal would also work as most have a volume boost. The real answer is to splash the cash and fit a John East J-Retro Pre. That'll fix it. G.
  6. Making a bitsa. Looking for a 3 layer, preferably tortoise but black's fine. Not white. Watcha got? G.
  7. Putting together a bitsa. Looking for a P bass pickup - nothing special, anything recently replaced will do. Watcha got? G.
  8. geoffbyrne

    Lights......but no sound

    Fair 'nuff. Any other cut-off sockets? Headphone socket faulty? G.
  9. geoffbyrne

    Lights......but no sound

    Have you looped the Effects In/Effects Out if there is one? G.
  10. geoffbyrne


    Looking to upgrade pre in my Ltd. 5 holes, so looking for a John East U-Retro (DeLuxe) with 5 pots - Volume, Blend, Treble, Mids/Sweep, Bass. Would be interested in other brands but prefer East. Let me know what you have. G.
  11. geoffbyrne

    No Sound From A String on bridge pickup

    I had this kind of thing a while back. It turned out the young owner had taken a string from an acoustic bass & put it on his electric. Put a standard electric string on and all worked fine. G.
  12. geoffbyrne

    ESP-LTD B-204FM

    I have a B-206FM as above and agree with the comments above about the pickups & pre. However, I put some firm foam under the pickups and moved them much nearer the strings. While not an absolute cure - I think replacing the pre is necessary, it has improved the tone substantially - enouch to gig it anyway. G.
  13. Check John East preamps - the J-Retro is the one you probably want. www.east-uk.com G.
  14. geoffbyrne


    What would you trade it for? G.