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  1. geoffbyrne

    Marcus Miller 5 string or Ibanez SR505?

    I have an MM M7 and love it. G.
  2. geoffbyrne

    Why does Ashdown MAG 300 combo sound so bloody good?

    I still have one - it's great. Although I have a Bugera 2000 I still use this for big gigs.
  3. I understand that these cannot be cut. They may be too long. The bass is a Marcus Miller M7 with a 35" scale but can be strung through the body, The 40" may turn out to be too long, thanks. G.
  4. geoffbyrne

    15 year old son looking for help with used bass amps

    . .Look for a Peavey TNT 130 - it'll last a while. There's a current thread about it. Shouldn't be expensive either G.
  5. Lovely. Case is original. I had a 62 V3 and, apart from a different guitar the case was pretty much identical. Paper over pine, but looks good. G.
  6. geoffbyrne

    Peavey TNT 130 vs Ashdown electric Blue 180

    Peavey = advantage - nuke proof = disadvantage = weighs about the same as a small planet.
  7. geoffbyrne

    Andertons, Guildford

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only on Basschat!!!!!!!!!!!! G.
  8. Interested if you still have these. However note that Bass Direct are offering 5 string Extra Long at £52, therefore I'd offer you £42 posted. G.
  9. I had a Stinger on a Sub - treble was vicious. There was a fix - swap pos. of white and yellow wires, if I remember. Well worth checking. G.
  10. geoffbyrne

    Inspired to try

    Don't mess around, Jon - give it to us straight......... 😁
  11. geoffbyrne

    Yamaha vs Schecter vs Sandberg

    I don't know why the Sire M Series never gets a mention here - I know it's not PJ but with twin humbuckers in series/single/parallel switching, active/passive and that great Marcus Miller pre, it's defo worth a look. I have an M7 and it's my goto fretted. G.
  12. geoffbyrne

    2 Way Truss rod

    So why make the nut out of soft metal? a right bu**er. G.
  13. geoffbyrne

    2 Way Truss rod

    If your truss rod is 2 way, can you replace the adjustment nut? G.
  14. The old Dimarzio J pickup was a dual coil in a jazz shell & could be switched parallel or Series, but, as far as I can see there is now no 5 string equivalent. G.