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  1. geoffbyrne

    2 Way Truss rod

    If your truss rod is 2 way, can you replace the adjustment nut? G.
  2. The old Dimarzio J pickup was a dual coil in a jazz shell & could be switched parallel or Series, but, as far as I can see there is now no 5 string equivalent. G.
  3. OK no prob - offer's there. Good luck. G.
  4. I'm in Wishaw & could lend you a 5 string fan fret Thomann Special if you could get near enough to meet. G.
  5. geoffbyrne

    Let's list all the vintage/used bass shops!

    Tommy Twangy's Guitars has closed.
  6. geoffbyrne

    Help with WinISD, please?

    Hiya, No prob. Jono Bolton is looking for a cab locally and I am ready to let this go, so pulled it up for him to look at, thanks for asking. G.
  7. geoffbyrne

    Help with WinISD, please?

  8. geoffbyrne

    Black residue from D'Addario NYXLs

    Many of us have a reaction to nickel which turns our fingers black - some even have an extreme reaction and end up with lesions. Never had this before? G.
  9. Anyone managed to compare then yet? G.
  10. geoffbyrne

    Westone Thunder Bass

    I owned the unmarked fretless version of this - how many of those do you think there are? - and it was a proper excellent bass in every way. Fit & finish were superb and once you'd sussed the controls it was really flexible. One of the switches turned both pups from series to parallel, another put them out of phase and somewhere you could switch it fro active to passive with a passive tone control. One of the ones I am sorry to have had to sell. G.
  11. geoffbyrne

    Shout out for Andertons

    Just to top off this thread, I received an email a few days later telling me the bass had been repaired and when would I like it back? Gave my preference and when I got home after the weekend it was waiting for me on my front door (inside secure entrance - neighbour let it in). Seems to ba at least a different mids unit as I marked the original, although it may ne a full pre replacement. Whatever. It now works great. Thanks Andertons. G.
  12. Pack out with washers?
  13. geoffbyrne

    Tom Robinson Band

    They were ALL aubergine at one time .. I remember looking down at a motorway trafficjam running through the centre of Glasgow and at least 9 out of 10 cars were aubergine. G.
  14. geoffbyrne

    Chowny Bass Updates

    No prob, just making a wish. G.