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  1. Let's list all the vintage/used bass shops!

    Strung Out Guitars in Glasgow. Got a magnificent Peerless 4 string acoustic in the window at the mo.....
  2. 12" Cab Diary Continued

    Thanks Phil. G.
  3. 12" Cab Diary Continued

    *FINALLY* got to use my converted Ashdown 1x12 at a reasonable volume at a jam last night. Very satisfactory. Playing a Thomann Harley Benson Fan fret 5 string into a MiBass 550 with all EQ switched off except the 'Shape' button. Added a little bass & mids via the 18 volt pre in the bass. Tone was deep, lush with that edge provided by well-defined mids. Absolutely what I was looking for in this mini-rig. Well worth doing. Many thanks to RichardH for doing the crossover and Phil Starr et al for all the groundwork. G.
  4. Overwater bass outputs.

    Point is, if you are doing XLR to jack, it needs to be a stereo jack as the balanced signal has 2 live feeds, one positive to tip (usually) and one negative to ring (usually). So running to mono removes the balance. G.
  5. increasing the output of a bass

    Are you sure they are not out of phase? G.
  6. Overwater bass outputs.

    On my Overwater, I need to have a jack in the main output simply to turn on the pre-amp. This enables the XLR & I can plug straight into the board using that. Take out the jack & no signal from the XLR. XLR to Mono is somewhat defeating the purpose, I think. G.
  7. HRC/ Planet Hollywood Leather jackets

    XL is my size - do you have a pic of that one? G.
  8. Overwater flats

    I currently have EB Cobalts on all 4 of my basses. Quite pliable, defo less tension than Fender and LaBella flats. However a lot of treble on tap. I love them. Depends what tone you like. G.
  9. Yamaha TRB MK!'s

    I've got a Mk1 TRB 5 and it will be buried with me....... G.
  10. EBS preamp valve

    If you like *slightly* less gain, try a 5751 instead of the 12AT7 also said by some to give the best tone of all those types - personal preference obviously. G.
  11. Strings for a fretless

    [quote name='ezbass' timestamp='1507667455' post='3387176'] Ernie Ball cobalts are my current weapons of choice on both fretted and fretless. They sound almost like nickel round wounds to me (just a little less top end). [/quote] ^This. G.
  12. The Fender Bass VI

    [quote name='radiophonic' timestamp='1507618596' post='3386735'] He's miming though. Did he use them for real? [/quote] He certainly did. I saw him with the Graham Bond Organisation in 1964(?) and he was playing one then as well as an upright. G.
  13. What do you own?

    2 x fretless 5 1 x fretted 5 1 x fanfret 5 G.
  14. Epi EB-3 - Varitones and other mods

    [quote name='BigRedX' timestamp='1506680683' post='3380356'] AFAICS none of those circuits include the choke which IMO is an essential part of the Gibson Varitone sound. That's the hard bit to do as it seems for the best results you still need to wind your own. [/quote] The link I included has a bit about including an inductor as a choke, further down the page. I ordered a group of inductors off ebay & used the one which seemed to me to work best. G.
  15. Epi EB-3 - Varitones and other mods

    Build your own - if you can solder its not a great problem. If I can do it........ http://alexplorer.net/guitar/mods/varitone.html G