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  1. Peavey Cirrus 5 string

    Problem with that is that the pickups are not standard size - you won't actually get an identical fit. Also they are active pickups - active pups with active preamp. I tried a John East with mine but it didn't work well. Very trebley. If you can afford it go for the USA - different pre - most say it's better. G.
  2. Need a new preamp

    John East, check out his site. www.east-uk.com/ G.
  3. Peavey Cirrus 5 string

    Must agree - I had a BXP and it was the nicest neck I've ever played. Sorry - never played a USA model, but from everything I've read, they are well worth it. G.
  4. Shuker contact details

    Could be they are still snowed in up there, in which case you'd probably get him via The Yorkshire Bridge Inn as he can walk round to it. G.
  5. EADGC tuned acousic bass guitars

  6. 15" + 12" cabs

    I have a custom built cab with an Eminence Deltalite II 2515 and I recently upgraded an ashdown MiBass 12 cab with the Beyma SM212 and replaced the tweeter with a 1" compression horn. I'm desperate to use this combo in earnest with my Ashdown MAG400 given a bit of wellie. Unfortunaly I'm in hospital about to have a triple bypass and won't be doing any heavy lifting for at least 3 months. G.
  7. Nickel allergy

    I haven't that level of allergy, but my skin turns black with nickel strings. I always use stainless steel these days. I hope this move works for you. G.
  8. 4 string BEAD?

    I used this technique about 10 years ago in a Blues band who's singer tended to sing in D and G. It proved most effective. I had to widen the slots of the nut a smidgen and take off a bit of tension on the truss rod as there is less pull with these strings. I had no probs going back to EADG either. If it works for you, then why not? G.
  9. Let's list all the vintage/used bass shops!

    Difficult, as the last entry I suggested maybe falls into this category. I think he had 6 basses in, but at least 3 - a Gibson Money bass, the Custom Fender, a 5 string Warwick (and maybe a Fender Mustang) fell into the genuinely interesting category. G.
  10. Let's list all the vintage/used bass shops!

    Just found Tommy Twangs Guitars 251 Dumbarton Road Glasgow. Some interesting & genuine stuff including a beautiful quilted Maple Fender Custom Shop Jazz (£2000-ish). Loads of Gibsons - with the odd rarity (2 pup single coils Melody SG body) etc. Well worth a look if you are in the area. Tiny shop. www.facebook.com/TOMMY-Twangs-Guitars-117060202027621/ G.
  11. How old is too old to play bass?

    I'll b e 71 in a couple of weeks & I'm still working with 3 different sets of musicians. G.
  12. EADGC tuned acousic bass guitars

    Alex, I bought one of these asa a Deko: https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_hbb35ntfl_5string_akustikbass_fretless.htm?ref=search_rslt_acoustic+fretless_180199_0 and managed to make it playable (bit of an 's' shaped neck). My impression of it otherwise was pretty good - pretty good fit & finish - & if you're looking for something to firkle with, it may be the very dab.
  13. NAD - Ashdown Toneman 600 (tips for good tone)

    I have a UK built MAG400 (465w @4Ohms - red front). For my ear and depending on which cabs I'm using I usually boost the low & high mids a bit and reduce the Mid-mids (if you get what I mean...). This works for me. YMMV. G.