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  1. Yes, sorry if I sounded a bit peremptory - I have a Sire M7 with that kind of switching. I use it, mainly, in parallel mode and never in single, switching only to series when I need the extra mids. It not being played much since I got my Tanglewater (Overwater by Tanglewood). The Overwater pickups seem to be in parallel, both on the above bass and my fretless and that seems to suit me very well.
  2. Series and parallel are both humbucking. Single coil is not and it isn't really "tapping" either. I have a couple of really old DiMarzio Strat single coils which have a coil tap coming from roughly half-way through the wind. This can be switched in and is the only true "tapping".
  3. There's an Artec pickup of that shape although I have no idea how it sounds - might be worth a look? artecsound.com - neck end & special bass - EBC4-CR
  4. Last time I gigged I was 73, a year ago. I'll keep going as long as I can. G.
  5. I spent a week with Jon Shuker and built one fro scratch. The cost of staying in a hotel/inn/pub made it quite expensive, but I ended up with a lovely instrument.
  6. I have a Mk1, and as far as I can figure, the tones are pretty much identical - same pickups/preamp. Since unexpectedly getting an Overwater, it's not getting played very much though. G.
  7. Is it roundwound or flatwound, Jezza? G.
  8. Whilst respecting his writing, I lost all other respect for him when I discovered he was on stage with PF holding a bass while Guy Pratt stood in the wings and actually played the music...... G.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. I have a couple of reverb coils (2 coil and 3 coil) whaich may be had for postage. If you need more info PM me. G.
  11. Yes, but currently no pics - a 5 string Overwater & a 5 string custom build - Gibson RD body, Fender-style neck, MM pickup in the sweet spot and SD 2 band pre. G.
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