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  1. If it was mine I'd get in there and check the impedance of the internal speaker. If it happened to be 8ohm then I'd safely disconnect the internal speaker, solder a new speaker lead onto it and run it outside the combo to a jack. That way it'd plug into the external speaker-out when flying solo, and could be plugged into the parallel out of a suitable extension cab to run both together.
  2. [quote name='mcnach' post='1301600' date='Jul 12 2011, 09:08 PM']The only thing that I don't feel sure about is the clip. It's attached by a couple of flimsy looking plastic tabs. I don't use it. I bought a leather Levy's transmitter holder and that's what I use.[/quote] Just for the record, I've always used the clip to attach the TX unit to my strap and have had no problems with it. I think that being polycarbonate, even flimsy looking tabs are quite strong.
  3. Since it seems other people are asking for non-bass band members, I thought I'd join in... After 3 good gigging years our drummer has decided to move on, so we're on the look-out for a competent replacement. We're called Soul Shredder and have a few vids on YouTube to give an idea of what we do. If you know of any friends or acquaintances who are in the Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster, Barnsley, Chesterfield area and are looking to join a metal band that prides itself in offering a bit more than just loud noise, then please let me know! Thanks everso
  4. [quote name='Bankai' post='1299450' date='Jul 10 2011, 11:42 PM']And just to clarify, that time lag is down to time it takes the sound to travel from the stage to your ears. Wireless systems transmit at the speed of light, literally![/quote] Well... yes and no... Line6's own Don Boomer states that the G30 adds "just less than 4ms or about 4 feet" to the latency / perceived distance "while the computer grinds numbers". But I completely agree, what you're hearing is mostly the difference in distance between the amp and your ears
  5. [quote name='Hamster' post='1299435' date='Jul 10 2011, 11:24 PM']I agree these are pretty good. The only thing I don't like is the crappy little plastic latch on the transmitter battery box which is really hard to close with most makes of AA batteries inserted.[/quote] I was worried about that at first, but it seemed to get easier to operate when a few sets had gone through and it'd been worn in. I admit, I don't know if that's due to flattening the springs a bit, taking the edge off the polycarbonate, or just a peculiarity of my particular belt-pack. One of our guitarists is about as ham-fisted as it gets, and he's not managed to break it... yet..
  6. I'm pretty confident you won't be disappointed in the long run. I've used the G30 since it first came out and have converted both guitarists in my band along the way - none of us have ever had a problem with it as a system, even with three of them in use together. You have to get used to the very slight time-lag if you go walkabout off stage like I do, but it doesn't take long to compensate. A pair of decent alkaline AAs tend to last about 6 to 8 hours of constant use depending on brand; have to admit I thought that was either in the manual or the advertising somewhere, but it's true nonetheless. In terms of battery drain over time, the signal stays true until it cuts out from what we've seen.
  7. [quote name='charic' post='1294374' date='Jul 6 2011, 09:45 AM']I seem to be in the minority here that actually disagrees with this [/quote] I'm with you! That white one's on the shopping list
  8. [quote name='dc2009' post='1291010' date='Jul 3 2011, 02:18 PM']He said you need a P bass for police sounds, not for lightweightedness, I'd argue a P is one of the more heavy basses I've played, especially for a 4 string.[/quote] I know what he meant... i was just corrupting it a little.. sorry From having been there, weight isn't the only factor and the P sorted it for me... YMMV etc. but I speak as I've found!
  9. [quote name='mashup' post='1290867' date='Jul 3 2011, 11:32 AM']having really bad back & shoulder problems at the moment[/quote] [quote name='Grand Wazoo' post='1290879' date='Jul 3 2011, 11:40 AM']You need a P bass[/quote] 100% agree - I had (still have) major issues with my neck due to extra growths of cartilage here and there, and I had to stop playing my super long scale, super heavy 5 and 6 string basses as I was in constant agony that only prescription painkillers would touch. I moved onto 4 string Precisions for the weight and also the comfortable body shape and scale length, and although of course I still feel it, I can do a 3hr rehearsal without too much pain these days, where before it would take me the rest of the week to recover. Also means I can still do all the on-stage showy stuff to a certain degree, which is good! My only bit of extra advice would be to make sure you get a good, wide strap, and take some time trying it at different lengths to get it as comfortable as possible - that, coupled with the way a Precision naturally hangs on a strap in the first place, really helped me.
  10. [quote name='nottswarwick' post='1284713' date='Jun 27 2011, 10:25 PM']Paperback version? Not sure I follow... How did you settle on this speaker? I only ask as I seem to think that it's all to do with what speaker matches what box size, ports etc? Sorry to seem picky, I am interested but want to be sure...[/quote] Heh, paperback version = the short version of the story / not the hardback version! No reference to the speaker lol I'd love to tell you that I did all the maths when deciding on the speaker, but the truth is that I didn't - I bought it based on brand name, price and availability, and it's a happy accident that it actually sounds really decent in this box - much better than the original. I quite understand if that's not good enough as an answer, but it's the truth. It's a snappy and responsive cab that can take 500W and hang with a power metal band on its own.
  11. [quote name='nottswarwick' post='1284623' date='Jun 27 2011, 09:12 PM']What is the spec on the cab? Ohms and handling please?[/quote] It's this exact speaker if you want all the tech info: [url="http://professional.celestion.com/bass/pdf/BN15-400S8.pdf"]http://professional.celestion.com/bass/pdf/BN15-400S8.pdf[/url] But the paperback version is 8ohm, 400W. To buy both the cab and speaker would still cost you about £450 new, so all I'm asking is a token gesture and my floor-space back! Cheers, Ed
  12. Now willing to split, £100 each bit. Bump!
  13. I bought one of the new Boss TU-3 tuners and really like it. It tracks notes much faster than the old TU-2, and in my experience at least, faster than the DTR-1000. I've done a few setups with it and the accuracy has been fine. It's not true bypass, but that's about the only downside.
  14. Ed_S


    [quote name='umph' post='1282927' date='Jun 26 2011, 12:11 PM']haha thats the shop down my road, They people who run at are fully douche bags. Offer them a reasonable price for something and you run the risk of getting into a fight![/quote] Heh, aye! I rang up to ask what they'd charge for a USA Fender Precision when I was buying mine, and the guy quoted me about £400 too much. I asked why it was so expensive compared to anyone else, and he told me that he had a contact at Fender in the US who would go to the warehouse, unbox a few, pick me the best one, set it up and ship it over. I said that was impressive service... considering their warehouse is in the Netherlands! He put the phone down on me
  15. I've just put a little bung of money in the hands of a nice guy called Alex at Barefaced, so in order to make a bit of space and free up some cash, I'm offering my mini-rig up for sale. It comprises of a Hartke HA2000 head and [s]modified Ashdown ABM-115 Compact cab.[/s] SOLD[s]The ABM-115, although modified and gigged, is in great condition with only a few scuffs to the covering and corners - no rips or serious damage. The original Sica Blueline driver exploded on me, so I bought it a Celestion BN15-400S (8Ω) Orange Label neo driver, which although it doesn't have the power handling and excursion of a delta/kappalite etc. is a solid driver that sounds really punchy and articulate in this particular box. As well as the Hartke, I've also gigged this cab with my Little Mark and Orange Terror, and both suit it very well. I've fitted heavy duty rubber feet to the side of the cab to allow it to be used end-up on its own, as well as in its intended orientation along with other similar cabs. On its own it's a very capable cab, and with its new driver, weighs in at only 18Kg! [/s]SOLD The Hartke is likewise in great condition with just a couple of very minor scuffs from rack-mounting. Owned from new, it was my main amp about 8 years ago, then became my backup, and the last two years it's been my rehearsal amp and has soldiered through 3 hours of playing every Saturday in temperatures ranging from freezing to boiling without a single complaint. Upon inspection, it's hardly even accumulated any dust! I'm only letting it go because I also have its big 500W brother to take its place at the studios. I'll include the mains lead, a basic but functional speaker lead and the rack ears (which are silver as they were bought more recently). It's currently stored at our rehearsal studios in Sheffield, and collection from there would be preferred. [s]£200 together, or[/s] £100 for the head[s], £100 for the cab.[/s] [attachment=83495:Hartke_Ashdown_1.jpg]
  16. [quote name='Rich' post='1282113' date='Jun 25 2011, 01:34 PM']Really?? How? Do tell, this sounds fascinating/horrifying [/quote] Not that exciting, really.. My girlfriend was getting her mobile swapped under insurance as it'd conked out, but she works for a university medical school on site at a hospital and was told by O2 that their couriers wouldn't deliver to either type of address. I work in a school, but that was apparently fine for some reason, so I said she could have it delivered to me and I'd do the swap for her. The City Link guy arrived, but despite O2 having my name and number, the package was for the attention of my lass, so the receptionists had to tell him they weren't signing for it. Apparently he blew up about it and got really shirty until they suggested he leave. Compare that to FedEx, who managed to deliver a parcel to me that only had my name and the first half of the post code still visible on the label... or Business Post who offer to ring their drivers and get them to alter the route to get stuff to you before early closing in the holidays... even PostalFarce who've been regularly getting my PF48 packages unmolested to their destinations well within 24hrs in the past few months.
  17. [quote name='Anvil' post='1281822' date='Jun 25 2011, 08:23 AM']At least you didn't use sh*tty Link (City Link)[/quote] Yeah, the last one of those that came to work managed to threaten our entire reception team! UPS are a guaranteed train-wreck in my experience, too. Maybe we should get these guys... [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcG0oIpt1ew"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcG0oIpt1ew[/url]
  18. My tip for the audition itself is be sure to record it so you can all listen back and find out how good your would-be stars actually are. If you have a 4-tracker or similarly equipped laptop and can have the vocal mic on its own, a mic or processed DI on their guitar and then maybe a stereo pair for everything else, so much the better. Aside from helping you to decide, it also helps the singer perform in that you can play up to normal volume where they can really sing-out. If a singer doesn't like the idea of being recorded at an audition, then that's an instant 'no' anyway - you can't be a shrinking wallflower fronting a rock band.
  19. I play in a metal band and I play Precisions. Two of them are white, and one of those even has a white guard and maple board! Tell you what, though.. if you check the photos afterwards, it looks epic under the lights. Seriously, if a band turns you down at audition because you play the 'wrong' bass, they're going to be more hard work than they're worth - wish them well and find a different band.
  20. Maybe see if you've got any small recording or voiceover studios around you. A lot of independent producers probably wouldn't mind you sticking a fiver in their tea and biscuits fund in exchange for letting you play in their live room while they're just mixing / mastering stuff in the control room. Lot cheaper and quieter than a dedicated rehearsal room.
  21. Anyone subscribe to the seemingly quite common thinking that the original black-panel models are somehow better than the newer silver ones? I have a black HA2000 from years ago and a recent silver HA5500, and I've honestly never been able to tell anything between them apart from the volume. That said, the 5500 hasn't had enough use to judge reliability. Mainly wondering for the sake of the OP if hunting down a 2nd-hand original is better in more ways than just the price...
  22. I have the Eden EX112 and use it for the same things as you're suggesting. I personally really like it as a compact practice rig with my Little Mark II or Orange TB500, and given the volume it throws out I'd have no issues taking it out to play an acoustic gig. The only bad point is that it has a single very heavily recessed jack socket for hooking up - I'd have preferred a plate with at least the option of a speakon. The other thing to note is that due to the design of the speaker itself, we found it very difficult to get a pleasing close-mic'd sound from it when I took it into the studio; we eventually gave up and used a different cab. I never tried the 110, as I was naughty and bought the 112 sight-unseen from Germany as they just weren't readily available in the UK at that point, but aside from lacking a bit of low end of the 112, I'd expect it to be decent.
  23. I had a Warlock NJ5 with P/P pickup configuration, and it sounded amazing... which is why I'm so unimpressed that they've put them on a Jazz body. I really aint a J fan. The Precision might be a good one to run BEAD if those pickups are as solid as they look, though.
  24. [quote name='spaz91' post='1267372' date='Jun 13 2011, 03:06 PM']I've considered getting a modelling/digital amp but I have to queries: 1. Is the modelling any good? As in does it sound close to what it's pretending to be? And 2. Does including digital effects in a low price amp mean that they skimp on the other parts?[/quote] I always just think of modelling amps as providing a number of voicings rather than specific sounds, even if they profess to offer them. Reason being that I've probably not played the 'classic' in the first place so I wouldn't know if they'd got it right, but I know there's rarely a time that with 5 voicings from clean to progressively more dirty, an EQ and a bit of compression, you can't get at least a useable tone. As for digital effects built into cheap amps, I mistrust them too!
  25. Maybe have a look at a Line 6 Studio 110 - they're not bad for about that money.
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