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  1. [quote name='chris_b' timestamp='1322788649' post='1456022'] [size=4]If you like Markbass I'd also look out for an MB 410 cab.[/size] [/quote] Completely agree - the Standard 104 HR is quite modestly sized and weighs very little for a 4x10, and it reaches incredible levels of volume with my LMII whilst still managing to sound 'classy'. Not cheap, but worth every penny.
  2. Machine Mart do a decent range of wheels, as well as ready-made dolly boards. Worth a look if you want to actually walk into a shop and handle stuff to get a feel for what's going to work best, rather than ordering online. They do some that whilst small and solid, are a bit more of a rubbery compound and work better when you hit rough and uneven surfaces.
  3. I've always found Gator and SKB very solid, and have just picked up a Swan Flight sleeve that appears to be very well built. Boschma are supposed to be good, though I've never used one.
  4. Had the same with Silverstone myself. The cover did eventually arrive and it was decent for the money, but by that point I'd been fobbed off so many times I really didn't care!
  5. Why not just get a rack power amp? It'd let you use your BDDI as a pre-amp and give you exactly the tone you already know you like.
  6. I've noticed that the browser back button behaves strangely when viewing on my iPad - sometimes it's fine, but more often than not I have to press it exactly three times to get back to the previous page. Not that I'm complaining - the navigation links are there for a reason and they work just fine.
  7. I like the sound of Sennheisers, but sadly I've never found any that are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time - the ear pads seem to be quite small and rest [i]on[/i] my ears rather than going [i]over[/i] them, which means that in half an hour I'm in pain. Maybe I'm just a big-head I do, however, swear by a pair of cheap AKG K-55s that I bought just to bulk up an order from Thomann and get free shipping a few years ago. They're big and old-school, and comfortable to the point where you forget that you're wearing them. They also handle some serious volume and bass frequency, even though they're marketed as HiFi, not studio. So yeah, AKG would be my vote!
  8. [quote name='LawrenceH' timestamp='1322220933' post='1448074'] Isopropyl is indeed a better general solvent, as is acetone! Not entirely straightforward to get in quantity unless you happen to work in a lab though.[/quote] Have a look at a place called "Shiny Hardware" [url="http://www.shinyhardware.co.uk"]www.shinyhardware.co.uk[/url] - they specialise in PC cooling products, but will sell you industrial grade IPA, acetone and butanone in anything up to 25 litre bottles. Really aint that expensive, either.
  9. Personally I'd always use a dedicated DI box rather than anything built-in, no matter how good it is. That way, if your amp develops a problem / gets its plug pulled etc. you don't lose the DI signal to FoH, just your rig on stage.
  10. ...or, if you wanna buy new and have a warranty etc. then pushing the budget another few quid would score you something like the [url="http://www.soundsliveshop.com/p/Gallien-Krueger_Backline_115_Bass_Combo_Amplifier/GK-BL115"]GK Backline 115[/url] which would probably do you quite nicely. I borrowed one on a gig a while back and was rather pleasantly surprised.
  11. [quote name='Graham' timestamp='1321696377' post='1441984'] Why not just swap the pre out for an Aguilar / East / Sadowsky etc? Then no need to get work done as the pick-guard, battery compartment and cavity are all there and presumably you wanted an active pre-amp when you first bought it? [/quote] Good question.. and sadly I must admit the answer lies mostly in vanity! I wanted the colour (trans wine red), wanted it to be a US Fender P-bass (not a copy or custom build), and wanted it to be new in original colour (not a refin). The active pre-amp and the J pickup at the bridge were bits I thought long and hard about and eventually decided I could either get rid of or ignore. So, because I'm strange, stripping out the active bits and fitting a simpler pick-guard would be cheaper, and actually get it closer to what I originally wanted
  12. My only gripe is with the pre-amp. I affectionately know the pre in my 2010 Deluxe P as the 'Fender DFA', because it Does F*** All. The pan isn't a pan (as already covered) and one of the dual stacked pots should have come labeled 'high pitched electrical noise', which you can elect to dial in or out of your overall tone as you see fit. Unless, that is, you're near fluorescent lights, and then it's there irrespective ...so I leave it on passive all the time! Don't get me wrong, the bass itself is absolutely great and the pickups in passive mode are as good as any big name equivalent replacement that I've tried. But eventually it'll be this deluxe's destiny to have a new pickguard made with only holes for volume, tone and either a proper pan or a three-way toggle, and all the active stupidity stripped out and stuck in a box.
  13. Personally, given that you already have a small, powerful amp head that you know how to get a decent sound out of, I'd go for the small cab option. Maybe have a look at the Eden EX110 or EX112 (about £200 and £250 respectively). I've got the EX112 and find it perfect for exactly what you describe.
  14. Bass solos are great when it just so happens that the bassist is playing the solo in a song instead of the lead guitarist - I've done that a lot, becuase everybody I play with knows I'm also a lead guitarist and can just treat bass as a bigger, badder version What I don't much care for is the thing where everybody drops out and leaves you to noodle aimlessly; something I prefer to be reserved for a 'line check'.
  15. Ed_S

    Hartke HA3500

    Nicely done! Might give that a go with my 5500 if it's not stupidly expensive.. like the one I've just ordered for my Peavey Classic 60, which should be a big improvement at 24dBA, but is costing me the best part of £40 just because it's a 230V model..
  16. "Arch Enemy - Tyrants of the Rising Sun" is an absolute masterclass on being a tight metal band, and "Ozzy - Live at Budokan" is likewise for lone guitarists.
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  18. Ed_S

    Hartke HA3500

    Are we all absolutely sure that the fan speed actually varies according to temperature in the HA series? I've had three of them as I said before, and have always believed the fan speed to be constant... still do!
  19. Ed_S

    Hartke HA3500

    I had a HA2000, sold it on, realised I missed it and bought another, then followed that up with a HA5500 for good measure. All three sounded like A/C units straight out of the box! Edit: Also had two LH1000s pass through my hands, come to think about it, and they weren't in any way quiet either.
  20. I'm actually just putting my slightly old school Peavey based home practice rig together at the moment; a 'TB Raxx' preamp into a 'Classic Series 60' power amp into my Eden 112EX. Put it together for the first time this evening and it sounds absolutely great.
  21. If it sounds fine out front, get yourself out front :-) Granted you need either wireless or a fair length of cable, but the latter ain't expensive and the audience will just enjoy the showmanship!
  22. About time this had a bump... If anybody would be interested but require it to be posted (expect it to cost at least £30ish) rather than collecting from me, then give me a shout and I'll see if I can pack it up.
  23. I've been happy with my rehearsal rig for quite a long time now; a Hartke HA series head and an Ashdown ABM 410t cab. Absolutely cracking rig, but not so expensive, desirable or easily nickable that I worry unduly about leaving it in storage at our rehearsal studios. The head used to be the HA2000 but got upgraded to the HA5500 (which is exactly the same, just bigger bunches), whilst the cab is nothing to set the world alight, but I've played it in for so many hours that it's at that 'old friend' stage now, and with the 5500 is capable of effortlessly being quite unreasonably loud. I'd be completely happy to use it live if I had to, but it's just so bulky and heavy compared to other stuff I've bought since that I'm happier to leave it where it is!
  24. How about one of these... [url="http://www.soundslive.co.uk/product~name~Markbass-MB1000-Bass-Power-Amp~ID~16140.asp"]http://www.soundslive.co.uk/product~name~Markbass-MB1000-Bass-Power-Amp~ID~16140.asp[/url] ?
  25. Ed_S


    I know it's not strictly a bass pedal, but their TO800 'Vintage Tube Overdrive' is a brilliant Ibanez TS808 clone. I've had them side by side, and as part of a live setup, you wouldn't know the difference. Well.. until you came down too hard on it and broke it, that is
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